Singapore: All HDB rental coffeeshops to sell budget meals by 2026; residents are happy


Budget meals at newly leased coffee shops must be from two or more different stalls, and are full meal options.

They are not supposed to be side dishes or snacks.

Two of the budget meals must be rice-based, and at least one must be halal.

There must be at least two budget drinks — kopi-o (black coffee) and teh-o (black tea).

The requirement is different for the existing 72 coffee shops that already offer budget meals.

They are required to provide six budget food dishes.

Such fare include economic rice with two vegetables and one meat, chicken rice, fishball noodles and mee rebus.

Budget meals at various estates are usually priced around S$3 to S$3.50.

Basic drinks cost around S$1 or so.

The housing authority said it will offer a rental discount of 5 per cent off the renewal rents for one year, starting from when the budget meal requirement is met.




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