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With a neighbour like her, who needs an enemy?

Rezeki tak semetinya datang dalam bentuk duit. Dapat jiran yang baik juga adalah rezeki dari Tuhan. Bersyukurlah. pic.twitter.com/rTinm7rsdV — MyWatch (@My_CrimeWatch) November 26, 2019

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The Malaysian flag with 5 stars: MABA apologizes for its blunder…

MABA and the 5-star Malaysia flaghttps://t.co/Lqha0fTmOz — ComplexSimonThong (@ComplexThong) November 26, 2019 https://m.malaysiakini.com/news/501302 YB @SyedSaddiq. Saya sebagai peminat bola keranjang di Malaysia ingin meminta YB utk siasat kes di MABA atas kesilapan pada bendera Jalir Gemilang kita. pic.twitter.com/NVPMnMbISL — Amric … Continue reading

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Exposed: China’s ruthlessness in its policy on ethnic minorities…

NEW: #ChinaCables is a leak of highly classified Chinese documents that expose the inner workings of mass detention camps in Xinjiang and reveal, in the government's own words, how it manages the day-to-day internment and forced indoctrination of Uighurs. https://t.co/Veoj40IKqBContinue reading

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Anti-terrorism exercises in Singapore: Singapore is dead serious in its preparations!

China, Singapore hold joint military drill on urban anti-terrorism pic.twitter.com/p3qyzKJttT — CGTN (@CGTNOfficial) August 4, 2019 .. mothership First-ever anti-terrorism exercise in S’pore place of worship held in Sultan Mosque The exercise was also held at Republic Polytechnic and Crowne … Continue reading

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The Malaysian who idolises Hitler is stupid! And so are those who support him…


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Did criticism of Zakir Naik lead to the LTTE arrests?

.. Azis Jamman urges politicians: 'Please, stop making such assumptions'. #FMTNews #LTTE #AzisJamman #ZakirNaik https://t.co/okPJ3udRWo — Free Malaysia Today (@fmtoday) November 30, 2019 KOTA KINABALU: Deputy Home Minister Azis Jamman has rejected a DAP politician’s claim that criticism of controversial … Continue reading

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What’s the truth here? African kids under Chinese kungfu training or forced to profess China as their country? 🤔

47k retweets on a blatant lie. These kids are doing wuxing martial arts training. People on this platform spread misinformation so quickly and so uncritically that we've looped all the way back to yellow peril and Brussels Conference colonial delusions. … Continue reading

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Another Iranian Revolution on the way? 🤔

While the internet was blocked this is what was happening in Iran.#IranProtests pic.twitter.com/TNXRsXpkW8 — Ashraf Baloch🏳 (@ASJBaloch) November 25, 2019

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