“Ex-IGP, did you arrest the person who offered you RM2m?” In Malaysiakini YOURSAY…

Published 13 Oct 2016, 9:56 am

Ex-IGP says he was offered RM2m a month to ignore crimes


Former inspector-general of police Musa Hassan has claimed that he was offered RM2 million a month to ignore the activities of the criminal underworld.

“When I was there, the syndicates offered me RM2 million per month to allow them to run gambling, prostitution, drugs and loan shark activities unchecked,” The Star today quotes Musa as saying at a seminar on integrity for public servants yesterday.

But the then top cop not only turned such offers down, he went on to clamp down hard on organised crime.

As a result, several high-profile kingpins were arrested during Musa’s time in the force.

Asked if other IGPs also received similar offers, Musa said he did not know.

“I didn’t even accept hampers when I was IGP. We, as senior officers, have to lead by example and show our men the right path.”

15 Oct 2016

Ex-IGP, did you arrest the person who offered you RM2m?


YOURSAY | ‘M’sian civil servants become messiahs of truth and integrity when they retire.’

Ex-IGP says he was offered RM2m a month to ignore crimes

Trueglitter: It is extremely lamentable and disappointing that former inspector-general of police (IGP) Musa Hassan should only now emerge to vehemently glorify his professional integrity and dedication in serving the country during his tenure in the said position.

Clearly, as a former law enforcer, his required responsibilities to unravel all those alleged criminal acts committed, especially by the corrupt members of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), were then surprisingly shrouded in silence and dismal failures to bring them to public scrutiny.

Consequently, Musa’s delayed reaction in bringing these criminal activities to the notice of the general public only now would unambiguously be construed as ‘closing the stable door after the horse has bolted’.

We acknowledge the fact that his contributions, evidently enhanced by his pro-active exposures in combating corruption and crimes and in righting all the wrongs, would be invaluable to the downtrodden rakyat.

Vijay47: Just one quick question, Musa, did you arrest and charge the person who offered you the RM2 million? If so, how come we never heard of it?

Maybe it was an Official Secrets Act (OSA) charge? If you did not arrest and charge him, why not?

The Analyser: Then it follows that the next question should be: “How much are you being paid now to reveal these secrets?”

I will never believe that you have now rediscovered your principles, because life is not like that. You either had principles from childhood. or you didn’t. Clearly, you didn’t.

There is a concept known in the world of crime called ‘dobbing on the competition’. To do so makes the cops look good and gets rid of a crime lord’s competition.

If you are so proud of arresting seven Malaysian gang leaders, why didn’t you arrest them all?

Korkor: Oops, the milk is starting to spill. I wonder what’s the current rate and whether the current offer, if any, had been taken up or once again rejected?

However, it does fit in some jigsaw puzzle pieces on some heavy capital investment for some specialised business such as selling weapons, tanks, submarines, etc.

I am still scratching my head on what’s the current rate. I do believe that some of us Malaysians who are, besides being busy tweeting, would not succumb to such very tempting and generous offers.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Oh please, the typical Malaysian civil servant. They suddenly become messiahs of truth and integrity when they retire.


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