Did you know there is an extra charge for being too long inside each PLUS Highway stretch?

Question: How long is too long inside the PLUS Highway?
Sorry, they don’t even have this question, let along the answer.

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13 Oct 2016

Taking too long a trip on PLUS highways may get you fined

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 12 — Operator PLUS Malaysia Berhad confirmed yesterday that several motorists have been penalised with long journey time (LJT) fine after spending too long to complete their trip on highways under its maintenance.

The operator explained that the fine was based on a certain algorithm, and is one of its attempts to deal with increasingly rampant transit card manipulation by motorists on PLUS highways.

“So, we charge a LJT fine if the time of entering and exiting a highway is suspicious based on a calculation formula that has been set,” it said in a statement on its website.

It said that the LJT fine can be imposed on motorists based on an estimated travel time between one toll booth to another toll booth, taking into consideration the speed limit on the route.

The fine also takes into account traffic congestion, accidents, vehicle breakdowns, all which can contribute to motorists exceeding their set travel time.

“However the penalty will only be imposed if the motorists fail to produce reasonable evidence or excuse for exceeding the set travel time when asked by the toll booth staff upon exiting the highway,” it added.

– See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/taking-too-long-a-trip-on-plus-highways-may-get-you-fined#sthash.UmsegATi.dpuf

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Lepas ni kalau drive kat highway rasa mengantuk, engkorang jangan mengada nak berhenti kat RnR. Drive je sambil tido. Biar mati


Apparently If You Take Too Long To Exit The PLUS Highway, A ‘Long Journey Time’ Fine Will Be Charged


Recently a highway user’s Facebook rant about how he was charged three times more that the required toll because he stopped too long at an R&R went viral.

Damar Wulan had posted his toll receipt on Facebook complaining that his journey from Gurun to Pendang in Kedah on 8 October should have cost RM3 but was charged RM9.40 instead.

“This is crazy…I am not allowed to take a break at an R&R,” he wrote about his experience.

Damar claimed that the fine was imposed after he had spent more than 90 minutes at the Rest and Recuperation Area (R & R) in Gurun.

The highway user later contacted the PLUS customer service department by telephone after getting unsatisfactory response from the toll booth attendant and was given an answer which angered him even more.

“I told them that I was tired and slept for a while at the RnR but the toll supervisor said that sleep isn’t approved on the PLUS Highway as there are no hotels,” Damar recounted his experience with disbelief.

PLUS Malaysia has since responded to Damar’s complaint to clarify the matter.

PLUS Malaysia said that the Long Journey Time (LJT) penalty could only be imposed if the user fails to provide a valid reason or evidence to the toll attendant after exceeding the set time limit during the trip when making payment at the exit toll plaza, The Sun Daily reports.

Yesterday, Damar posted an update on his Facebook that PLUS has agreed to refund him for the penalty while also notifying KPDNKK about the incident.


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