BTN and Perkasa say Indians and Chinese are ‘pendatang’. And wouldn’t Perkasa love to have BTN teach everyone about this?

Najib may have told Gerakan that the Chinese are not pendatang, or the MIC that Indians are not pendatang, but do his own people listen to him?

Even the BTN director defies the PM!

15 July 2017

Perkasa moots fundamentals of Constitution as new school subject

SERI ISKANDAR, July 15 — Non-governmental organisation Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa) has proposed that a subject called ‘Asas Perlembagaan’ (Fundamentals of Constitution) be introduced and taught in schools.

Its president, Datuk Ibrahim Ali said this was to create awareness among the students to respect the privileges of the Malays and bumiputera, and to respect Islam as the official religion of the country since many students were still not aware on the importance to elevate the Federal Constitution.
Ibrahim also said the National Civics Bureau (BTN) should play its part in instilling understanding on the Constitution among civil servants and the public at large. — Bernama

Umno Baling MP and Tabung Haji Chairman, Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez, is the ‘BALIK TONGSAN’ and ‘PONDAN’ Man!

Assistant Principal, “Balik India! Balik Cina!”

Principal who told students, “Balik India dan Cina!” apologizes..

11 November 2015

Kit Siang: Abolish BTN rather than cut Suhakam’s budget

3h3 hours ago

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Rather than cut the budget of the Malaysia Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) by half, DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang has called for the National Civics Bureau (BTN) to be abolished if it continues to remain ‘unrepentant, negative and divisive’.

Lim, who is also Gelang Patah MP, said Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak was being unsympathetic to the democratic and human rights of Malaysians when he cut the 2016 budget for Suhakam from over RM10 million this year to RM5.5 million next year.

This compared to BTN’s budget of RM50 million for 2016.

The veteran DAP leader noted that even the G25, a grouping of former top Malay civil servants, has condemned BTN of being ‘ultra Malay-racist’.

“The unrepentant, recalcitrant and anti-national mindset of BTN was again illustrated by the BTN director Raja Arif Raja Ali’s defence of the derogatory reference term for the minorities in the country as pendatang when some of them may have been in Malaysia for several generations,” he said.

4h4 hours ago

‘Pendatang’ label – ‘BTN’s Raja Arif cannot defy PM’

‘Pendatang’ label – ‘BTN’s Raja Arif cannot defy PM’ |

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National Civics Bureau (BTN) director Raja Arif Raja Ali should not openly defy Prime Minister Najib Razak by tagging Malaysians of Chinese and Indians descent as pendatang (immigrants), said Penang MCA.

The party’s youth chief Michael Lee Beng Seng today said that Malaysia was a multi-ethnic country with all ethnic groups involved in the founding and the struggle for independence for the country.

“We are all Malaysians, regardless of whether we are Chinese or Indians. If someone was tagged pendatang, it will hurt them very much,” Lee said in a statement.

“No Malaysian can be called pendatang,” he said.

“How dare Raja Arif, a government official, openly defy the prime minister? It is inexcusable,” Lee added.

Lee said Raja Arif may be the director of BTN but his thinking was ‘very extreme and racist’.

He proposed that Raja Arif himself undergo training, designed from SPM school leavers under the BTN.

He reminded Raja Arif that Najib had already announced – at MIC’s annual general meeting on Nov 6 – that the Indians were not immigrants.

Similarly, Najib had also declared on Oct 8 – during Gerakan’s national delegates meeting – that the Chinese were not immigrants.

‘Founding members’

Lee asked: “So how dare Raja Arif say that it is not wrong to describe the Chinese as pendatang?

9 November 2015

Like it or not Indians, Chinese ‘pendatang’: Perkasa

1h1 hour ago

Like it or not Indians, Chinese pendatang: Perkasa |

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Like it or not, the Chinese and Indians of the country were pendatang to then Federation of Malaya, said Perkasa.

The Malay rights group’s information chief, Hassan Basri Muhammad, was reponding to MIC president Dr S Subramaniam who, in his speech at the party’s annual general assembly on Nov 6, had asked that the government ban the use of the word pendatang.

“(In asking this), it shows how shallow he (Subramaniam) is and that he is only trying to change the history of the pendatang,” Hassan said in a statement today.

Hassan reminded that history would always remain as history.

“This is why we are taught to learn from history,” he said.

Hassan believes that the issue cropped up because there are those from the Chinese and Indian community who were supposedly trying to champion their race and religion.

“That’s why they question the things which have been stated in the country’s (federal) constitution. Their rudeness is clearly hurting the feelings of the Malays.”

Hassan said this contrasted with how the Malays had never questioned their rights.

Free Malaysia Today

‘Pendatang’ an abusive word, says MCA

November 9, 2015

Ti Lian Ker says politicians who use it in bad faith must be taken to task.


PETALING JAYA: MCA today blamed politicians for turning the innocent word “pendatang” into a term of abuse against minority races in the country and called on political parties to rein in their errant members.

Ti Lian Ker, who heads MCA’s Religious Harmony Bureau, said the word, when uttered by politicians, was often used in bad faith.

Ti was commenting on a recent call for the word to be banned and the subsequent explanation by the National Civics Bureau (BTN) of why it should not.

Speaking to FMT, Ti said “pendatang”, a term used in reference to non-Malays who came to Malaysia from China and India in search of work, was innocent enough but the context in which it was sometimes used could be deemed insulting to some.

He blamed politicians and political leaders for the prevalent use of the term in its derogatory sense and said the respective political parties should resolve the issue once and for all.

Parties should have internal guidelines drafted and have disciplinary action taken against leaders who make statements that may hurt or alienate a segment of society, Ti said, adding that failure to do so could lead to a “loss of votes.”

“We have had one too many of these people who use the term and it is hurting our image and hindering our national progress,” he said. “These perpetrators must be taken to task or put in their place. They create discord and are irritants to racial harmony.”

7 November 2015


Nothing wrong with word ‘pendatang’, says BTN chief

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National Civics Bureau (BTN) director Raja Arif Raja Ali said there is nothing wrong with the word pendatang (immigrant), often used to label the country’s minorities.

“There is nothing wrong with the word, the issue is on how it is used,” he told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today.

He was responding to MIC president Dr S Subramaniam who yesterday called for the word to be banned as it had often been used as a slur against the country’s minorities.

However, Arif said the historical origin of the various races in Malaysia should not be denied.

“Chinese (and) Indian Malaysians, Iban, Kadazan are Malaysian citizens, but when we learn about their origin, it cannot be denied that their countries were from there (elsewhere).

“Even Bangladeshis who come here also have their history. Don’t deny history,” he said.

6 November 2015

The Rakyat Post

Subra wants the word ‘pendatang’ banned


SERDANG, Nov 6, 2015:

MIC president Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam has called for a ban of the word “Pendatang”.

He said this word should not be tolerated anymore as it hurts Indians and Chinese who are called it.

“This must be viewed very strongly by the leadership of BN and agree that it will not be tolerated anymore.

“This word should be outlawed. These Indians and Chinese being called outsiders have been here for six generations.

“In the event of such statements coming from people within our system and outside our system, they must be very effective enforcement of the laws of our country in a fair manner and that people be taken to task for saying the word, without taking into account their political or social standing,” he said during his presidential address at the MIC 67th AGM here today.

He said MIC would form a Malaysian Indian Consultative Council to bridge the party and the community.

“We are disappointed that the Indian community has been fragmented in its political representation.

“We want to have a platform for open dialogue with other political parties.”

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