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In case we forget: The Disastrous Flood at the Cameron Highlands November 2013…

— Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia (JOAS) — November 2013 — EXPECT ANOTHER DISASTER WHEN THE RAIN POURS DOWN CONTINUALLY OVER SEVERAL DAYS! This reservoir, a man-made lake, is too small and too shallow to contain all the water when several … Continue reading

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The ‘Uncle Maniam’ flavoured vape liquid: Trolling Health Minister Dr S Subramaniam.

— E-cigarettes: NOT BANNED in Malaysia but… — 9 November 2015 Malaysiakini Special Uncle Maniam vaping juice for Subramaniam Malaysian Vape Business Council secretary Ridhwan Rosli, however, clarified that the ‘Uncle Maniam’ flavoured vape liquid did not really exist. Contacted by … Continue reading

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Cameron Highlands Year End 2015: More landslides, floods…?

— In case we forget: The Disastrous Flood at the Cameron Highlands November 2013… — 9 November 2015 IT HAS STARTED. A landslide at first, and then a few more, all small for the time being. The Rakyat Post Landslides occur … Continue reading

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You have to admire Jackie Chan. Video: Jackie Chan learns Shaolin techniques from a little boy.

— 9 November 2015 — Never too old or proud to learn. … Published on Oct 22, 2015 The boy monk teaches Jackie Chan Shaolin techniques on the set of the film “Shaolin”. — STOMP ‏@stompsingapore 13m13 minutes ago Watch … Continue reading

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BTN and Perkasa say Indians and Chinese are ‘pendatang’. And wouldn’t Perkasa love to have BTN teach everyone about this?

— Najib may have told Gerakan that the Chinese are not pendatang, or the MIC that Indians are not pendatang, but do his own people listen to him? Even the BTN director defies the PM! … 15 July 2017 Malay … Continue reading

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Isn’t that insulting? Nancy Shukri, Law Minister: Bumiputera will steal if left unaided.

— 8 November 2015 Klop Pow and 30 others follow MangroveMomma ‏@VersedAnggerik 1h1 hour ago Kuala Kuantan, Pahang Nancy Shukri just insulted the Bumis, didn’t she? … LITTLE HANTU ‏@LittleHantu 23m23 minutes ago @khalidkarim they can also resort to stealing … Continue reading

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Halal School Canteens…

… 25 November 2018 .. … .. That's segregation. None of d schools in Msia serves non halal food in d canteen. Is this how we want our children to grow up to? https://t.co/GScx1owVKd — domycw (@domycw) November 25, 2018 … Continue reading

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