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Karak Highway Landslide!

— 13 November 2015 … — High drama on Karak Highway: Lorry drivers defy police, crash through toll plaza By HANI SHAMIRA SHAHRUDIN – 13 November 2015 @ 6:30 PM New Straits Times ‏@NST_Online 5h5 hours ago … … BENTONG: … Continue reading

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Ipoh: How did the 3 grenades get there? In an empty house in Bercham.

— IT WAS A HOUSE THAT HAD BEEN EMPTY FOR A VERY LONG TIME. It was put up for auction (lelong) and a man bought it from the bank for RM40,000. He hired several men to renovate the house. After … Continue reading

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Ex Attorney General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali says he has returned to UMNO but did he ever leave?

— An UMNO man back then in the 1990s. An UMNO man now. … 15 July 2018 .. .. Malaysia Chronicle‏ @MsiaChronicle It’s my right to be in Umno, says Apandi Newly appointed Umno supreme council member Mohamed Apandi Ali said … Continue reading

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#Slipgate: Bird Lovers attacked by Man in UNDERWEAR! In France.

— #Slipgate Members of the Bird Protection League went to free chaffinches from traps set by farmers but were attacked. The finch is protected by the French love it. As FOOD. “Slipgate”, as the incident has become known from the … Continue reading

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