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Ibrahim Ali forms a new political party, Parti Bumiputera Perkasa Malaysia (Putra)…

… … 17 August 2018 .. Ibrahim Ali, president of Malay supremacist group Perkasa, forms Parti Bumiputera Perkasa Malaysia (Putra) with ex-Umno man https://t.co/WV5AeVFDpK He said many Umno members wish to leave, but not for Pakatan Harapan due to the … Continue reading

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Does Ibrahim Ali want the return of the ISA to keep The Chinese from attending Bersih rallies?

… 24 October 2017 .. Toon Seri Anthraxxxx follows  Monday‏ @lamkanahraf 1h1 hour ago Monday Retweeted TheMalaysianInsight Ibrahim “The Toad” Ali still croaking strong despite being irrelevant in today’s political scene. Monday added, TheMalaysianInsightVerified account @msianinsight Jika ISA ada, orang Cina tidak … Continue reading

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Perkasa, caught between Mahathir and Najib, chose Najib. Mistake!

— Ibrahim Ali was Mahathir’s man. He became Najib’s man. Why did Perkasa side Najib against Mahathir? Is it because Perkasa received a bribe? Look at the entries in June 2011 and April 2012 under Negri Sembilan chief Ruslan Kassim … Continue reading

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Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa: Bias against Bumi grads in jobs…

— 23 June 2016 FMT News ‏@fmtoday Don’t blame high number of jobless Bumi grads on Chinese Minderjeet Kaur June 23, 2016 Former deputy higher education minister says Bumiputera graduates should further improve their qualifications, including pursuing professional courses. PETALING … Continue reading

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BTN and Perkasa say Indians and Chinese are ‘pendatang’. And wouldn’t Perkasa love to have BTN teach everyone about this?

— Najib may have told Gerakan that the Chinese are not pendatang, or the MIC that Indians are not pendatang, but do his own people listen to him? Even the BTN director defies the PM! … 15 July 2017 Malay … Continue reading

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PAS and Perkasa: Strange bedfellows!

— SEALED WITH AN EMBRACE  … 10 Jan 2017 Malay Mail Online ‏@themmailonline Perkasa urges PAS to start petition for Act 355 KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 10 — Perkasa has urged PAS to start a petition to get public support for … Continue reading

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Perkasa and the dog in a grocery shop in Kuantan..

— Someone posted a photo on Facebook of a dog in the premises of a grocery in Kuantan. Subsequently, Wira Perkasa Pahang planned a protest outside the grocery. Its leaders claim that they called it off. However, Aw, the owner … Continue reading

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Perkasa: We’ll chop off your heads if you…!!!

____________________________________________________________ — PERKASA: Pancung leher pengkhianat Sultan Selangor … PERKASA MAN TURNS CHICKEN. CLAIMS HE DIDN’T MEANT WHAT HE HAD SAID. Malaysiakini 8:23AM Jun 25, 2014 Chop heads just figure of speech, says Perkasa man Under fire for threatening to … Continue reading

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Former Perak MB Nizar Jamaluddin, having won against TV3 and Utusan, now wins against Perak PAS Commissioner…

… 10 November 2017 theSun‏ @theSundaily Ex-Perak MB wins bid against Perak PAS Commissioner Posted on 10 November 2017 – 05:03pm IPOH: The sessions court here today ordered Perak PAS Commissioner Razman Zakaria to pay RM200,000 in defamation damages to former … Continue reading

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Hunted: Organizers of the International Full Gospel Fellowship Meeting

___________________________________________________________________ THE HUNT BEGINS! — Churches in Selangor will soon receive a letter from JAIS reminding them of a 1988 state ban on the use of ‘Allah’ by non-Muslims. http://my.news.yahoo.com/jais-flexes-muscles-over-non-muslim-usage-allah-011600456.html — YAHOO! NEWS MALAYSIA Jais ‘Allah’ overture unconstitutional, say religious … Continue reading

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