Greencity International College: Again accused of ‘scamming’ students but denies this!



According to migrant and workers’ rights NGO Tenaganita program director Glorene Dass, Santoshi, an Indian national, is among 37 students from Greencity International College who have made similar complaints to the NGO.


6:39PM Sep 10, 2014

By Kamles Kumar

College uses us as ‘cheap labour’, say int’l students

Nusetti Santoshi, 23, borrowed money and traveled thousands of kilometers to Kuala Lumpur for an education and a better future, but ended up working as cheap labour.

She said that she was promised free food, accommodation, an internship and a job upon graduation by the Malaysian private college, but is now RM20,000 poorer and does not even have access to her passport.

“The college has been holding my passport for over eight months. I had to refer to the India Embassy to get a special pass to remain here to get my refund (of the fees),” she said at an emotional press conference today.

The foreign students who come from various countries including Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Iran, were allegedly promised a diploma in cruise management, an internship at a five star hotel and upon graduation, a job placement on board a cruise ship.

Greencity, however, denies all claims. It says it does not withhold passports, and the promises were made by foreign agents in the students’ home country without the college’s consent.

A Greencity spokesperson also said that students were placed in jobs at hotels as part of their “hospitality internship” and not as cheap labour.


Tuesday September 2, 2014 MYT 6:42:51 AM

Foreign students not guaranteed jobs, says college

KUALA LUMPUR: Greencity Inter-national College has clarified that its foreign students were not guaranteed jobs on board cruise ships.

Its assistant marketing manager Celine Ong said: “If foreign students come here and their agents tell them they will have a guaranteed job, we cannot control that.

“We sell job opportunities, not job guarantees.”

Ong said students who had passed exams and went through their final interviews were already serving the cruise liners affiliated with the college.

However, she admitted that not all cruise ships hired foreign students enrolled in the college’s short-term cruise management course.

Ong denied that foreign students were interning at pubs and other places, adding that this could have been their own choice.

On the college allegedly not giving the students their passports back, she said she did not know if the college was holding the documents back.


Tuesday September 2, 2014 MYT 6:42:58 AM

Nepalese students stranded after falling for college’s promise

KUALA LUMPUR: Lured by the promise of working on cruise ships, a group of Nepalis spent thousands of ringgit to enrol in a local college but ended up being stranded here, earning pittance as interns.

Most of them feared being arrested as they did not even have their passports, which were supposedly sent to the Immigration Department for visa extensions.

More than 80 Nepalese have become such victims and those who got back their passports have since returned home – without any full refunds on their fees.

Raju, 33, is one such victim. He gave up his job in a pharmaceutical company in Nepal, left his wife and infant son, to enrol in the “exclusive” Certificate in Cruise Operation Management course conducted by Lence Academy.

While in Nepal, he had seen newspaper advertisements guaranteeing jobs aboard cruise liners that paid in US dollars, which applicants could get if they signed up for the course.

Among the advertisers was Oxon Institute & Consultancy, a company that worked with Lence Academy to enrol the Nepalese.

Like the others, Raju who arrived in October last year on a six-month student visa, believed that he would be interning at a five-star hotel or a fine dining restaurant before being hired by a cruise liner company.

Instead, he was sent by Greencity International College – a sister company of Lence Academy that shared the same address – to work in a small restaurant here as a general worker.


Tuesday September 2, 2014 MYT 6:42:47 AM

Agency yet to give course the green light

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Qualifications Agency is processing Greencity International College’s application for its Certificate in Green Cruise Management (MQA/PA02981) course.

However, documents provided to The Star by the college stated that Lence Academy and Greencity received short-term course approvals from the Education Ministry on Feb 22, 2013 and Aug 23, 2013 respectively.

When contacted, Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS), which serves as a one-stop centre for foreign students in the country, said it could not follow up with the cases as it had no jurisdiction over courses that lasted less than a year.

“Short courses and vocational institutes fall under the purview of the Immigration Department and the Education Ministry,” a spokesperson said.

A college in Jalan Gereja, Kuala Lumpur, is accused of scamming 400 students but it denies this.

This Post will leave the college unnamed. However, there are other sources which provide the name. Go to the link below:



Greencity college and former student to meet today

Last Updated: 7:05am, Dec 02, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 2): The management of Greencity International College and its former student Indian national Faheem Khan are expected to have a meeting today to discuss their case.

According to Faheem, the college would be making the due payment, as according to the Kuala Lumpur High Court’s decision on Nov 19, ordering the college to refund RM20,000 in tuition fees that Faheem had paid for a Professional Certificate in Cruise Management.

The meeting would also be attended by a representative from Tenaganita which has last week exposed a case where a group of students from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan have claimed they have been left in a lurch after Greencity lured them to study here, promising a diploma, internship and job placement.

Greencity spokesperson told the only reason it went to the High Court for a judicial review was because of the decision made by the Consumer Claims Tribunal earlier.

For more, click on:

Published on Nov 25, 2013
International undergrads cry foul over non-existent diploma programme.

400 foreign students scammed

Free Malaysia Today

College rejects claims of duping foreign students

P Ramani | November 26, 2013

The college in KL is accused of duping Indian and Nepali students by offering them non-existent courses.

PETALING JAYA: A college in Jalan Geraja, Kuala Lumpur which has been accused of cheating hundreds of India and Nepali students have rebutted the allegations made by Tenaganita yesterday.

Several of the college’s students yesterday had claimed in a press conference held by human rights organisation Tenaganita that the college has allegedly cheated hundreds of students from India and Nepal over a diploma course in cruise management, internship and job placements.

Responding today to the claims made against it, a college spokesperson who was accompanied by a lawyer, denied that it was cheating students.

Responding today to the claims made against it, a college spokesperson who was accompanied by a lawyer, denied that it was cheating students.

The college spokesperson showed all relevant documents and approval from the Education Ministry to run its programmes.

He also claimed that some 60% of its students who had graduated from the cruise management programme have been offered job placements with cruise liners.

They said they were disappointed with the manner Tenaganita had conducted the press conference yesterday without inviting the college representatives.

“We never knew there was such a press conference to be held until we received numerous phone calls from the media.

The Malay Mail



Tuesday November 26, 2013 MYT 1:25:09 PM

400 foreign students scammed

PETALING JAYA: Some 400 foreign students are crying foul over a college scam that saw them lose RM8mil on a non-existent diploma programme.

The students had paid RM20,000 each in tuition fees but later found out that the college did not offer such programmes.

International undergrads cry foul over non-existent diploma programme.


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4 Responses to Greencity International College: Again accused of ‘scamming’ students but denies this!

  1. Ali Hasan says:

    Their teacher Moses Lourdes Micheal(bloody malaysian tamil) and marketing manager Ikramul(bloody bangladeshi) are the master mind of cheating with international students. this two guy make fake promise to students for arrange their internship and job placement in cruise ship and take huge illegal money from students without any money receipt.
    Previously this college was named Orange College but for their illegal activities gov cancel their license later on they start again their illegal fraudulent activities with new name Green city int college!!! be ware of this college.

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Guy, GreenCity Internasional College is a scamming company?

    • Ruben says:

      Moses is big time scammer..he cheated ppl and make lot for false promise. He will promise ur process can be done within a month later once u pay he will not answer ur call .

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