Did your name DISAPPEAR from the SPR roll ONLINE? Call 0124289476.


To check on your Voter status: Go to http://daftarj.spr.gov.my and input the Mykad numbers.

Is your name still there? Good!

If it is GONE, call 0124289476.


Karpal Singh

Karpal Singh · 18,788 like this

about a minute ago ·(Thursday, 2 May 2013: 6.35pm)

URGENT!We have received many complaints recently of voters names not appearing online although they were registered long before and their names had previously appeared online.PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO VOTE IF YOUR NAME PREVIOUSLY APPEARED ONLINE BUT DOES NOT NOW. KINDLY ENSURE YOU DO SO REGARDLESS OF PEOPLE INFORMING YOU THAT YOU ARE UNABLE TO VOTE.

For further information, kindly contact us at 0124289476.


Borneo Post

Many claim names missing from electoral rolls – DAP

Posted on May 2, 2013, Thursday

PENAMPANG: DAP Sabah said it has received many complaints from voters in the state claiming that their names have gone missing from the electoral rolls.

Its candidate for the Likas state seat, Junz Wong, told reporters that DAP had also received numerous complaints from those who have found out that there are discrepancies in the spelling of their names on the electoral rolls.

“Then, there are those who have never registered as voters before but were surprised when they checked the electoral roll out of curiosity, and found that their names were on it,” he said during a press conference at the DAP headquarters here yesterday.

Junz said the Election Commission (EC) has a moral responsibility to explain why this had happened. All these discrepancies are giving weight to talks that this 13th general election is going to be the dirtiest one so far, he claimed.

On the spelling discrepancies of voters’ names in the electoral roll, Junz said that it was unacceptable and is a serious matter that needs to be resolved immediately.

Although the identity card numbers match, the names are either wrongly spelt, or have added alphabets or alias added, he pointed out.

“So this means that the person will not be able to vote on polling day and maybe a phantom voter would be doing it in their stead. So we urge all those who are in this situation to just go and try to vote on polling day.

“If their attempt fails, then seek assistance from DAP agents at the polling centres as they would have been briefed about the situation. The agents will try to ensure that they get to vote or that any attempts by another individual to vote using the name on the electoral roll will be prevented from doing so,” he said.

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Malaysia Today

Can anyone verify this?

Dear all,

Penang finished liao.
Noticed from my 3rd sister in law yesterday that her sister and her friends’ s name all disappeared from PRU (daftarj.spr.gov.my) after submitting their ic for RM1 concert ticket.

This morning get to know that my 4th brother in law together with his wife and mum went for BN food fair and gave ic for lucky draw. Immediately I check their voting status and the result is as follow:

His name gone (GE12 vote PAS)
Wife name gone (1st time voter)
Mum name remain (GE12 vote UMNO)

High chances that Penang will falls back to BN as many Pakatan supporters will be eliminated…

Pls dont go to their event any more.!!!
God bless Malaysia.

It is confirmed that those who gave their ic for the Han Chiang concert and Michelle Yeoh PKFZ dinner are not able to vote. Their names have been removed from the electoral roll. Nothing is given for free. Najib said before that he will take back Penang and Selangor at all cost. Please spread the news around and get those involved to quickly check and lodge complaint immediately. That includes the petty traders who had taken their goodies. The dirtiest election ever.
from my friend ! read this
Just confirm from my staff … Her aunt took money n give ic to set up hawker stall to give dinner every nite for BN … We just chk her ic at spr n confirm her name was took down … Pls spread the news to all the ppl who gave ic to BN … N ask them chk their ic … So dirty … Voter Status Gone? – Malaysia Today


1Malaysia Concert: Widespread Messages About Voters Removed On SPR

aa aab


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