Stay connected to Online Portals during GE 13!


Don’t expect neutrality in news coverage: It’s the General Elections!



The following is NOT a genuine site!

There is a 2 after freemalaysiakini.

That is a rogue site. It is not Malaysiakini. That one is run by a pro-umno person to steal our stories. When we do corrections/ amendments, they don’t. So please don’t use it and don’t recommend. We’ve made complaints to McMc many times already. Sigh. (sent by a Malaysiakini reporter)

This is the real site. There is no 2.


*The Malaysian Insider

*Malaysia Chronicle | Facebook

*Malaysiakini | Facebook

*Free Malaysia Today


On election night, Malaysiakini will be bombarded with traffic. There may also be some funny matters going on between the user and Malaysiakini. Below is a full list of sites that will be carrying the live results. Please keep this email handy and share this email with friends who will be following the live results. Note some of the channels have https in them, these are secure channels.



Free Malaysia Today

How to stay updated for GE news

FMT Staff | May 2, 2013

Online portals are facing continuous cyber attacks but here are some ways to continue reading FMT in the run up to the GE.

1. Visit FMT at (notice the “s” after http). We have made this automated but some old and or stubborn browsers might not redirect correctly.

2. Follow FMT on Facebook

3. Follow FMT on Twitter

4. Follow FMT on Storify

5. Follow FMT on Youtube

6. Follow FMT on Flickr

We also encourage public to make complaint to SKMM/MCMC if they experience difficulty accessing Internet. []

We would want draw our readers’ attention on ways to use proxy browsers and on ways to bypass Internet censorship.

You can learn more here:

Using online proxy browser (bypassing Internet censorship)

Using Tor Browser (bypassing Internet censorship)


For Malaysian Insider, if you are blocked, go to their Facebook Page.

The Malaysian Insider

The Malaysian Insider


If you can’t access Malaysiakini, go to the Facebook Page.

Malaysiakini | Facebook

The big question remains whether access to independent news sites would be barred when vote counting begins on Sunday.


China-style censorship blocking KiniTV videos
4:30PM May 2, 2013

Access to KiniTV videos have been restricted by local ISPs in what some technology experts have described as ‘China-style censorship’.

The two videos on the interview with A Santamil Selvi, the widow of private investigator P Balasubramaniam, on the events relating to the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder, are not available when accessed through most local ISPs.

Two independent investigations – one by Rizvan R and another by Sinar Project – have shown that the censorship that occurs when one accesses YouTube servers, which are likely to be hosted by TMnet.

However, the videos can be watched via YES YTL and Time Internet without a problem. Malaysiakini has alerted TM of the problem and are awaiting their response.

Stay out of politics, ISPs warned

CEO Premesh Chandran again warned ISPs today to serve their customers without any political interference.

“In line with official government policy and the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, telecommunications providers such as TM have a duty and obligation to ensure that their systems are not used to censor the Internet,” Premesh said.

“This is the second time we have been able to show that such censorship is taking place,” he added, referring to the restrictions faced by Malaysiakini earlier this week.

China-style censorship blocking KiniTV videos


Malaysia Chronicle

Malaysia Chronicle | Facebook


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