Where did the missing RM107 million from the Ministry of Sports go?

3 December 2017

7h7 hours ago

Just asking ? Anyone knows ?


Rebuilding Malaysia

Mariam Mokhtar

What happened to the investigation into RM107 million which had been embezzled, over six years, from the Ministry of Sports?

Why have we not heard about the outcome of this corruption case from Khairy Jamaluddin, the Sports and Youth Minister? Perhaps he is too busy being a polo champion and taking selfies in the South East Asia (SEA) Games.

The last we heard was that the MACC had arrested a few people. That was in march 2016. After that, the news fizzled out.


RM107 million, taken over a six year period, works out to approximately RM18 million per year. That’s a lot of bungalows, at RM2.8 million each. Or Hermes handbags. Or fine jewels. Or first class tickets to and from New York, via Europe’s best capitals for shopping and culture, for several families and their hangers-on. And a lorry load of Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos.

The RM107 million corruption racket, at the Youth and Sports Ministry, appears to have taken everyone by surprise. How come? The rakyat wasn’t surprised.
In March 2016, the Sports Minister, Khairy, accepted responsibility for the RM107 million corruption racket, by saying. “I did not know”.

So, did he offer his resignation? Will pigs fly?

This Oxford educated man does not know the meaning of being responsible. He is not aware that claiming ignorance, is not the same as “accepting responsibility”.

His predecessor, Ahmad Shabery Cheek claimed the same, “I was unaware that it took place.”

In typical fashion, Najib Abdul Razak said he was disappointed that “… it happened for a number of years, without detection.”

This the quality of all our Umno-Baru ministers.

When the corruption racket was exposed, it was reported that civil servants could continue to work, until they were charged. Khairy said, “According to government procedures, officers are only suspended from duty once they have been charged in court… so the suspect has not been charged in court as of today, he is in remand under MACC, but he has not been suspended from duty.”

That was the last we heard from him.

What is the outcome of the investigation?

So, Khairy, what happened to the RM107 million?

Has the money been recovered?

Who has been punished for stealing this money?

Stop avoiding the issue and do your job for once.


Junior Cycling. No.1: RM30 No.2: RM20 No.3: RM10 Boleh faham. Hari tu lesap RM107 juta. Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara!



Youth and Sports Ministry officer charged in court for graft


KUALA LUMPUR: An official from the Youth and Sports Ministry was today charged in the Sessions Court with 32 counts of misappropriating government funds totaling RM38.4 million and falsifying documents.

Otman Arshad, 57, who is the ministry’s finance division under-secretary, claimed trial to the offences under Section 18(a) and 23(1) of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Act 2009.

He is charged with committing the offence at the National Sports Council office between May 2, 2012 and Nov 18, 2015.

Deputy public prosecutor Amir Nasruddin asked the court to set bail at RM1 million and also have Otman surrender his passport.

However, defence counsel Mohd Farid Abdul Aziz said the amount requested by the prosecution was exorbitant and also that Otman’s accounts had since been frozen and he had no other source of income.

He told the court that his client’s family would only be able to raise RM100,000.

Judge Allaudeen Ismail later set bail at RM250,000 in two sureties while the court also ordered the accused to surrender his passport pending disposal of the case.

The court set April 21 for mention.


Official investigated for RM107 mil misappropriation released on RM10,000 bail


PUTRAJAYA: An Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry (MOA) official remanded for investigation involving the misappropriation of RM107 million in government funds has been released on a RM10,000 bail by the Magistrate’s Court today.

He was detained on March 23 to assist investigations into a case involving misappropriation of state funds and had been remanded for seven days.

The order was issued by Magistrate Nik Isfahanie Tasnim Wan Ab. Rahman here.

The MOA official was formerly attached to the Youth and Sports Ministry.



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