Singaporean Dickson Yeo pleaded guilty to spying for China in the USA…



What will happen to Dickson Yeo?
In the USA, it will obviously be a jail term.

What about back in Singapore?


SINGAPORE: The National University of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) has terminated the PhD candidature of Dickson Yeo Jun Wei with immediate effect, a spokesperson for the school said on Sunday (Jul 26).

Responding to CNA’s queries, the spokesperson said in a statement that this move comes after information released by the US Department of Justice. The statement noted that Yeo has pleaded guilty in the US to one count of acting within the US as an illegal agent of a foreign power.

Yeo enrolled as a PhD student in LKYSPP’s Public Policy programme in 2015. In 2019, he applied for, and was granted, a leave of absence, the spokesperson said.

Checks by CNA showed that while he was a student at LKYSPP, Yeo researched and wrote papers on China’s treatment of small states. He proposed a thesis titled “How does China treat small states of Strategic Value?” According to Yeo’s profile on the Academia website, his thesis proposal was approved in principle by LKYSPP in August 2017. 

The 29 papers and presentations uploaded online revealed that he was also a visiting researcher at Peking University for International Relations and Public Policy. 

On his profile, Yeo also published a “brief note” on US President Barack Obama’s foreign policy. In the paper, he said Mr Obama’s “main goal” was to “re-establish American economic leadership” while “persecuting the war on terror by not alienating America’s friends”. 

In another paper studying US intervention in Afghanistan, Yeo had concluded that the intervention was “primarily dependent” on “obtaining international support for domestic legitimisation of action” following the 9/11 attacks. 

“This arbitrary definition of legitimacy, once obtained, ignored the principles of self determination and non-intervention,” he wrote. 







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