When a female yellow-legged button quail’s loud hoots are mistaken for the roar of a monster…





China mystery: Strange noise causes thousands to flee village over huge earthquake fears

CHINA’S Guizhou villagers have fled their homes in the thousands due to a mysterious sound causing panic.

PUBLISHED: 12:40, Tue, Jul 7, 2020 | UPDATED: 17:56, Tue, Jul 7, 2020

A strange noise echoing throughout a village in China forced many to flee out of fear. Despite the confusion, some residents in the villages in the Guizhou county went in search of this sound with the belief it was a mythical creature. Some described the sound as a dragon growling while others remarked it was more like a tiger’s roar.

Footage of the villagers swarming at the top of the mountain in Xiushi of China’s southwestern province Guizhou began circulating on Chinese social media.

The video eventually reached Twitter where social media users made their own conclusion about the mysterious noise.

Some Twitter users remarked that it could be the sound of fault lines beneath the village, causing fears that an earthquake could be imminent. 

While others considered it could be an animal in the wild, as similar noises had been heard elsewhere in China.

Guizhou officials sent teams of experts to search the area after the video went viral.

Zoologists were able to later confirm the sound was in fact coming from a small bird.

The yellow-legged buttonquail was dubbed the culprit and is only slightly bigger than a sparrow.

Despite their size, the birds have a considerably loud song.

China panic news latest earthquake bird sound

During the breeding season, female yellow-legged button quail’s loud hoots can be heard at a distance as far as 100 metres.

Local primary school teacher Liu Fuqiong claimed to have seen the bird making the confusing call.

He said: “It hummed twice or three times repeatedly every six or seven minutes.

“The sound was very deep, I thought it was quite strange as well.




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