Whatsapp message from a China-lover: Boycott Apple 12 to show loyalty to China (because the USA banned Huawei) πŸ€”πŸ˜‹


Sorry but I don’t love China or the USA…


China’s Huawei is now banned in the United States.

USA Apple 12 is about to launch on the market soon.

It’s time for us to show our loyalty
to China.

DO NOT BUY Apple 12 when release in the market.
It is the face of the United States! !

Let the USA Apple 12 be defeated without a fight.

LET tens of millions of people share this MESSAGE please!

Chinese people must share this message on the Internet and to everyone publicity.

Let us start doing something to promote Huawei is to promote CHINA.

China’s mobile phones Huawei P40 is good to use.

  1. Huawei has a master key.
    You can use the Internet in hotels and other places without having to ask the waiter for a password.
  2. Yes with Huawei, you can log in to 2 WeChat at the same time.
  3. Huawei has a Leica dual-lens photo. The effect is the same as the SLR effect.
    It is a real Leica camera.
  4. Huawei is the world’s first virtual three-antenna.

If you reach an area with very poor network coverage, you will feel good cos Huawei has no connection problem.

  1. Huawei is cheaper.
    2/3 of Apple’s, and much cheaper than Samsung’s. P40, 5G full Netcom is only 5988 yuan, cost-effective.
  2. Huawei is easy to download without ID code and password.
  3. Huawei is fast, P40 is 8G + 512GB.
  4. The most exciting is that Huawei’s mobile phone was implanted with a Beidou chip at the end of June to accommodate the usage of hundreds of millions of users.
  5. With Huawei there is no need to pay for phone calls and data charges for life. FOC for all phone calls.

Because the chip is installed, no card is needed.

  1. Huawei’s chip has stronger link to a satellite, the position is high but the satellite signal is beyond imagination.
  2. Huawei supports domestic products.
  3. Huawei to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation at an early date.
  4. Huawei would be more worthwhile as compared to Apple 12.

Most crucial now is to support Huawei to support China.

United States has been too arrogance by insulting China especially the Chinese and all people around the world who believe in China.

China needs to win this challenge. China wants PEACE and NOT WAR.

Everyone who believe in China.

Please take 2 minutes to share this message no matter how busy you are.


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