Mike Adams: Was the CDC the criminal mastermind behind the coronavirus outbreak? (Mar 25, 2020) *This is a conspiracy theory.


Michael Allen “Mike” Adams is the founder of Natural News.

Natural News (formerly NewsTarget, which is now a separate sister site) is a conspiracy theory and fake news website.[2][3] The website sells various dietary supplements, promotes alternative medicine, tendentious nutrition and health claims,[4] fake news,[5][6][7] and espouses various conspiracy theories.[8] These conspiracy theories include chemophobic claims about the purported dangers of “chemtrails“,[2] fluoridated drinking water,[9] anti-perspirantslaundry detergentmonosodium glutamateaspartame, and vaccines.[2][4][10] It has also spread conspiracy theories about the Zika virus allegedly being spread by genetically modified mosquitoes[11] and purported adverse effects of genetically modified crops, as well as the farming practices associated with and foods derived from them.[12]

The site’s founder, Michael Allen “Mike” Adams, gained attention after posting a blog entry implying a call for violence against proponents of GMO foods, and then allegedly creating another website with a list of names of alleged supporters. He has been accused of using “pseudoscience to sell his lies”.[13] Adams has described vaccines as “medical child abuse”.[14]

Characterized as a “conspiracy-minded alternative medicine website”, Natural News has approximately 7 million unique visitors per month.[15]


Michael Allen “Mike” Adams (born 1967 in Lawrence, Kansas)[16] is the founder and owner of Natural News; the domain name was registered in 2005 and began publishing articles in 2008.[17] According to Adams’ own website, he became interested in alternative nutrition when he developed type II diabetes at the age of 30 and one of his websites asserts “he cured himself of diabetes in a matter of months and transformed himself into the picture of perfect health in mind, body and spirit” himself using natural remedies. However, The Daily Beast found that his recommendation for Amazon Herb Company products in at least eight articles, including a supposed “third-party review…from a truly independent perspective” turn out to be misleading; he has a financial interest in the company, according to non-profit business records in Arizona.[17][18] He is a raw foods enthusiast and holistic nutritionist. He claims to eat no processed foods, dairy, sugar, meat from mammals or food products containing additives such as monosodium glutamate (MSG). He also says he avoids use of prescription drugs and visits to Western medical doctors.[18]

Adams has endorsed conspiracy theories surrounding the Deepwater Horizon oil spill,[19] and those involving Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.[20] He has endorsed Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business, a movie about Stanislaw Burzynski.[21] Steven Novella characterizes Adams as “a dangerous conspiracy-mongering crank”.[9] Adams has also endorsed the books of conspiracy theorist Jim Marrs.[22]

Adams has made music videos expressing similar viewpoints as the articles posted on his website, such as opposition to the swine flu vaccine.[23]



Mike Adams


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