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JD Lovrenciear: Why the MCO is not working (Opinion, Malaysiakini)…

.. Why movement control order is not working? https://t.co/4astzkZ9Lt pic.twitter.com/tCLEMLE9De — malaysiakini.com (@malaysiakini) March 25, 2020 ..

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Are we running out of pet food? No, we can’t let our pets starve!

.. The shelves for dog and cat food are full but cat litter is almost gone. Could MCO extension lead to lack of pet food in Malaysian stores? https://t.co/NKs2aHqwf9 — Malay Mail (@malaymail) March 25, 2020 .. it's already difficult … Continue reading

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Teluk Intan Hospital shuts down some areas: 39 medical staff test positive for Covid-19…

.. Dah selesai.https://t.co/ATSsmSCHXB — Aidila Razak (@aidilarazak) March 27, 2020 .. This comes after a union claimed that cleaners at the emergency department were told by their company not to be screened for Covid-19. #FMTNews #Covid19 https://t.co/Ua9ry75xQP — Free Malaysia … Continue reading

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Prince Charles has Coronavirus: When was the last time he saw his mother, Queen Elizabeth? 😭

.. The Queen and Prince Philip go into self-isolation as Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus https://t.co/GXmnoE7jG9 — Daily Mail U.K. (@DailyMailUK) March 25, 2020 .. MAY GOD PROTECTS U MY LORD ! OMGGGGG ! 😪😪😪 TO READ ! pic.twitter.com/ClPmoBibEB … Continue reading

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Dr Amar-Singh HSS, “Covid-19: The greatest challenge Malaysia has faced.”

.. We need to identify all infected persons by testing them widely and place suspected cases under quarantine to contain the outbreak. #FMTNews #Covid19 https://t.co/byEOh1kmsS — Free Malaysia Today (@fmtoday) March 25, 2020 .. Been busy the whole day looking … Continue reading

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Fake News debunked (Updated 31 March 2020)…

.. KUALA LUMPUR: The communications and multimedia ministry has debunked as fake news another list of reports making the rounds on social media. The Tawau district police chief in Sabah denies claims of an order by the inspector-general of police … Continue reading

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Sorry, drinking warm water or gargling your throat with warm water or salt or vinegar won’t save you from the Coronavirus…

.. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-23/coronavirus-myths-from-around-the-world-busted-by-experts/12054310 .. https://www.jhsph.edu/covid-19/coronavirus-facts-vs-myths.html .. CVS mistakenly sent false information to its staff about how to combat the coronavirus, a spokesperson for the company said. The email, sent by CVS Chief Medical Officer Troy Brennan, falsely suggested that the virus … Continue reading

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Bank Negara Malaysia gives a 6-month moratorium on loans for individuals and small businesses; other arrangements for corporations…

.. BNM's loan relief measures to preserve banking system's stability – RAM – Bernama https://t.co/uPPi2hpQzT — The Edge Malaysia (@theedgemalaysia) March 26, 2020 .. What you need to know on the moratorium on repayment of bank loans. #FMTNews #FAQ #LoanBank … Continue reading

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