Fake News debunked (Updated 31 March 2020)…


KUALA LUMPUR: The communications and multimedia ministry has debunked as fake news another list of reports making the rounds on social media.

  1. The Tawau district police chief in Sabah denies claims of an order by the inspector-general of police regarding the movement control order, calling it a false message and out of line with the existing directive by the top cop.
  2. The National Security Council denies claims of a video allegedly showing riots at a supermarket in Johor. It says this is actually a recording of the scenes at supermarkets in several cities in the US.
  3. The National Security Council also denies that anyone who leaves their home to deliver food other than Foodpanda, GrabFood drivers and restaurants with permission will be slapped with a RM1,000 fine.



CORONAVIRUS | False claims that the clothing of Covid-19 victims would be sold in a bundle sale is among the fake news items that the Communications and Multimedia Ministry’s quick response team has exposed.

In a statement today, the Pasukan Respons Pantas said that the National Security Council has denied claims it was to carry out a bundle sale of clothing belonging to victims who had died of Covid-19.

In another debunked item, the Segamat Hospital in Johor denied that its wards were being used to accommodate Covid-19 patients.



By Dawn Chan – March 29, 2020 @ 11:26am

KUALA LUMPUR: The National Security Council (NSC) has dismissed as fake a social media post alleging that the owner of a popular bundle clothing business has died of Covid-19.

In a statement issued by the Communications and Multimedia Ministry’s Quick Response Team this morning, the Segamat Hospital in Johor denied that it will be used to house Covid-19 patients. The facility, however, has been gazetted as a screening hospital for Covid-19 patients under investigation.

The statement also read that Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has shot down a rumour that payment transactions through credit and debit cards have been frozen for non-essential businesses from Friday until the Movement Control Order (MCO) ends.







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