Muhyiddin versus Mahathir over the sacking of Marzuki Yahya as Bersatu Secretary-General…



In a letter to Muhyiddin today, Mahathir cited Articles 13.9 and 16.3.3 of the party constitution stating that although the president had the power to appoint the secretary-general, treasurer-general and information chief, the chairperson must be consulted.

“The meaning and application of the word ‘berunding‘ (discuss) in this context does not mean that the president (only has) to inform the chairperson.

“It must be a thorough discussion between the party president and chairperson on the matter of appointing these officials,” wrote Mahathir in the letter.

He said although the party constitution did not state the mechanisms for dismissals clearly, he argued that the same consultations with the chairperson must apply.

“In Marzuki’s dismissal as secretary-general by Muhyiddin, there was no discussion whatsoever with me as the party chairperson. This clearly violates Bersatu’s constitution.

“I hereby state that the Marzuki’s dismissal is null and void and shall be set aside,” wrote Mahathir.

According to Mahathir’s letter, Muhyiddin had proposed Hamzah Zainuddin as the new secretary-general.

The secretary-general is a key party position in charge of administration. The secretary-general also plays an important role in the upcoming party AGM and internal leadership elections, which must take place this year.


Muhyiddin tightens grip on Bersatu, sacks sec-gen

Hariz Mohd & Yasmin Ramlan
Published 2:09 pmModified 3:24 pm

Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin has tightened his grip on the party by sacking secretary-general Marzuki Yahya.

According to a source, the senator received his termination notice yesterday. The letter was signed by Muhyiddin and dated March 18.

“Muhyiddin cited Article 13.9 of the party constitution to terminate him as secretary-general without any explanation,” the source told Malaysiakini.

Malaysiakini has sighted a copy of the letter.

Marzuki, when contacted, confirmed he received the letter from Muhyiddin and that he was not told of the reason for his sacking.

The source said it was unsure if Marzuki’s removal was valid as the constitution suggested that it had to be discussed by the supreme council and approved by the chairperson.

Bersatu’s chairperson is Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is at odds with Muhyiddin. Marzuki is a staunch Mahathir loyalist.

The secretary-general is a powerful position, tasked with implementing decisions made by the supreme council.

The secretary-general also plays a role in administering the divisional AGMs, which are scheduled to take place in April, culminating in a national AGM and election.

Asked if Mahathir was informed of Marzuki’s termination, the source replied: “Of course not.”


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