Video: Photo shoot of Muslim bridal wear in a Christian/Catholic cemetery: Where’s the respect?


Bridal boutique owner apologises for Batu Pahat graveyard fashion photoshoot after social media storm

Some of the comments from social media users who were upset over the images. ― Screengrab via Facebook/Nur Amirah Mohd Amiruddin

“I uploaded the images for fun and had no intention of ridiculing other religions,” she said when contacted last night.

The Kluang native also denied that the photos were taken for marketing purposes to promote her business.

She has since deactivated her Facebook account to alleviate the situation.

“I want to make it clear that the pictures were not taken for marketing purposes and I will not use them it in this way because it will be the same as killing myself.

“I accept any criticism from the public with an open heart because I admit I’m the cause of the mistake, please don’t blame the models,” she said.

Among social media users who expressed their disappointment over the photographs included PU Amin, a religious preacher who earned his title from the Astro reality series Pencetus Ummah.

In an Instagram post, PU Amin spoke about the importance of respecting other religions and that the cemetery was a place for grief and death, not fashion poses.










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