The Police raid on the office of Sisters in Islam (SIS) that was not a raid…

25 Oct 2016

Police raid SIS office, nab worker over CBT case involving RM207,563

Rozana said once she and their lawyers arrived at the office the police clarified that their investigations had nothing to do with SIS.

“We have been informed that their investigations were more toward what she (the staff member) used to do in her previous work.

“We have been informed that our staff would be taken to the Dang Wangi police headquarters for further investigations.”

Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Zainol Samah confirmed that police from the Dang Wangi Commercial Crime Investigation Department raided the office.

“Investigations are ongoing about a criminal breach of trust case involving RM207,563.”

24 Oct 2016

Police raid not related to Sisters in Islam, clarifies activist

SIS: It was not a raid, just a misunderstanding


Police only wanted to speak to one of the SIS staff members on a separate matter, says Executive Director Rozana Isa.

PETALING JAYA: Sisters in Islam (SIS) revealed that the so-called raid at their office in Jalan Universiti earlier today was a misunderstanding.


Executive Director Rozana Isa said the police had not come to conduct a raid on SIS but to speak to one of their staff members on a separate matter.

She said she was out of the office when she received a phone call from a staff member that the police were at the door.

She then gave specific instructions not to let anyone in until she got there.

That’s when the situation escalated as the police were adamant and started making threats about breaking down the door.

“The staff negotiated with them to wait for our lawyers to come but they got very impatient and told my staff they were obstructing justice,” Rozana said in a statement issued today.

“We were willing to cooperate but wanted to know what the matter was about specifically.

“The communication on this matter was not clear at all.”

She explained that she had given instructions not to let anyone in because she was afraid for her staff’s safety.

“I informed the police that the safety and security of the SIS staff was paramount and my responsibility.”

Rozana thanked everyone who contacted them after the ordeal.

Polis Tahan Kakitangan Di Pejabat NGO SIS, Kata Marina Mahathir: PETALING JAYA – Polis hari ini menahan seora…

Ok, crisis over. Cops calmed down a lot at the end, even asked if can take photos with me. 😬

Rushing to office. For some reason the cops are there trying to break down the front door!!

SISTER IN ISLAM punya geng.. including Marina Mahathir…. Siti Kasim..


Rozana Isa
Executive Director
Sisters in Islam

Sisters in Islam office being raided by cops


2h2 hours ago

Polis serbu pejabat SIS, seorang wanita ditahan


Pengasas SIS Datin Marina Mahathir mengesahkan ia tiada kena mengena dengan badan bukan kerajaan itu, dan pihaknya akan beri kerjasama

PETALING JAYA: Polis hari ini menahan seorang kakitangan Sisters In Islam (SIS) berhubung satu kes pecah amanah.

Pengasas SIS Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir mengesahkan kunjungan pihak berkuasa itu tidak ada kena mengena dengan badan bukan kerajaan itu.

“Kita semua sedikit terkejut dengan serbuan ini, tetapi apa kami pastikan ia tiada kaitan dengan SIS.

“Polis sebenarnya mencari seseorang yang sedang bekerja di sini atas sesuatu kes di tempat kerja lama dia.

“Kami semua akan bekerjasama,” kata Marina.

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