Mat Rempit: Violence unleashed! In Kuala Lumpur.

Tengku Adnan’s much-loved mat rempit rams cop in hit-and-run…

11 October 2016

Violent Mat Rempit chase, smash couple’s car in LDP pursuit



KUALA LUMPUR: A couple endured a night of terror as their car was chased by a gang of Mat Rempit, who also smashed their window during a high-speed pursuit along the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP) early Monday morning.
The woman, identified only as San San, relayed the couple’s ordeal via a Facebook posting last night, which quickly went viral.

She said the incident occurred around 2.15am when she and her boyfriend had stopped their Perodua Myvi at an open air car park near the Kelana Jaya lake to enter some coordinates into their Waze app.
A group of bikers suddenly appeared and surrounded their vehicle. One of them tapped on the passenger window and told the couple to get out of the car.
“We felt that something was definitely wrong, so we decided to remain in the car,” she said, adding that there were eight men on four motorcycles.
San San’s boyfriend then reversed the car in a bid to get away from the bikers.
However, the bikers turned even more aggressive and began hitting the car.
Desperate to escape, her boyfriend then floored the accelerator and crashed into one of the motorcycles.
This enraged the bikers even more and they gave chase. A high speed chase soon began, with the bikers pursuing the Myvi along the LDP, headed towards Kepong.
“Throughout the chase, the men kept yelling at us and ordered us to stop. One threw rocks at our car.
“One of the men flung a sparkplug, which smashed the passenger window,” she said.
San San said she called the police, who urged her to make their way to the nearest police station. However, the couple decided to speed ahead after deducing that they would not be able to make many more precise turns due to the condition of the car.
She said the gang of bikers eventually dropped off as the car approached the Kepong toll plaza.

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昨晚凌晨2点15份,我和男友在kelana jaya tasik附近停在停车场使用WAZE,突然间杀出4辆摩托车,每辆各载2人,共有8人都是马来同胞,包围着我的车子,当时我们已经觉得不对劲所以赶快倒车转弯想逃跑,他们不断敲打我的车镜,还踢车子,一直呐喊我们下车,我们已转弯那瞬间就采油把其中一辆摩托车撞倒,然后飞速的往LDP highway跑。可是他们还是骑着摩托车追着我们,其中一个还用很凶的眼神对着我们呐喊要我们停车,其中2两人骑着摩托车拿着很大块的石头,和摩托的铁plug adapter(开摩托用的)碎爆了我的副座车镜,幸好没打中我的头,不过那支铁就到了我男友的手当时他在开车。不料,可能是之前撞到对方摩托的那刻我的轮胎爆了,当时还在LDP highway逃命着,车子已经快不行了,驾驶盘已经不听使唤,如果我们转弯就会失去控制。我们突然踩break,在后面的2辆摩托可能知道我们想撞他,所以就往KDU college跑了。不过还有2辆还在继续追着我们不放。我拼命的拨打999,终于打通了,他们叫我们冷静,警察

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