Mat rempit crash at the Kesas Highway, Tuesday 22 September 2015



Things we really don’t know about Mat Rempit crash

Awang Bokcheh     Published Today 3:17 pm     Updated Today 3:26 pm

Immediately after watching the videos, most people probably react in the same way: “Oh my God! Sure mati lah”. Or, “How many people died?”

No, we’re not amused by the number of deaths, but for illegal racers to stumble and fall at breakneck speed, probably between 120km/h and 150km/h, it’s only logical to think that no one would survive.

Perhaps only few of us studied Physics beyond secondary school, but we are not that stupid as not to understand the impact of crash at that kind of speed.

Therefore, I am sure many would feel like a fool when reading the Bernama report that quoted Shah Alam district police chief ASP Shafien Mamat that only one person was injured in the crash. I repeat: Only one person was injured. I didn’t hear the police say anyone got killed. How amazing!

Now, I am sure that most of us who have seen the crash video and still photographs also wonder what happened to the rest of the Mat Rempit who were nastily thrown out of their motorbikes and dragged for metres on the guardrail and tarmac at the crash scene. Are their bodies made of steel and strong, like a Superman?

Berita Harian reported that the police are hunting for five Mat Rempit in the video. This gives the impression that, after the crash (and surviving unscathed!) they must have fled the scene. Again, amazing!

So, who are we to believe?

The question now, are we to trust the social media, mainstream newspaper reports or the police?

Now, can we believe the statement that came from police in this case? For fear of being arrested if I say I didn’t, I choose to believe it. I do not want to say that there is element of covering up either, because I don’t think that any VVIP kids were involved in this crash.

The kids must be coming from some low-cost flats or brought up in a poor neighbourhood. So, I do trust the police that only one person was injured, as the news was reported by the national news agency Bernama, and not Mongolian Daily News or something!

Malaysian Insider

Police hunting illegal Kesas Highway racers

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23 Aug 2014

: Semalam Mat Rempit accident di KESAS Highway,punya bangang “berambak” situ, dah tau KESAS jalan tak rata.

Pd ssiapa yg trima laporan ttg kemalangan kt Highway Kesas pagi smlm. Berita ttg mangsa meninggal tu salah. Cedera je


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