Sundaily: Video of red shirts circulating on social media old footage

Misleading report by STOMP, Singapore: Violence in KL as men smash gate and assault members of public in lead up to rally

The video that went viral again today is seen as an attempt to fuel tension with the impending “Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu Demi Maruah Melayu” rally that will take place in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow.


Men in red shirts threatening couple – YouTube

Video of red shirts circulating on social media old footage

PETALING JAYA: A short video circulating on social media showing two men in red T-shirts threatening a couple with a cleaver was actually old footage.

The video is seeing its rounds on social media and women were warned to be cautious of “red shirt” protesters going amok in Petaling Jaya.

The video carried a caption that reads: “Ladies, be alert! The red shirts have reached SS2 area. This morning, five bikes with 10 youngsters smashed my friend’s daughter’s windscreen when she was in the car, about to start the engine.

“Luckily they didn’t harm her. They are everywhere now, roaming around,” it added.

The video was apparently an old footage of a criminal intimidation case that occurred in Cheras earlier this year.

It was a case of two foreigners who worked as garbage collectors embroiled in an argument with a resident in Cheras.

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