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FAIL! Jamal Yunos and his Ampang Rally against the Selangor Government

— Jamal Yunos insisted that there would have been 5,000 people if it were held at Spectrum Mall in Ampang. They never made it to the Spectrum Mall. Nobody wanted to go. — Jamal, the last speaker at the gathering, … Continue reading

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Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Najib financed street rallies in his support!

— Petaling Street 926 Rally: Did Jamal Yunos ‘promise’ a riot? RED SEPTEMBER 16! The Red Shirts held Himpunan Rakyat Melayu Berani Bersatu on Malaysia Day 2015 — 26 September 2015 Najib, government behind ‘red shirt’ rally, says Mahathir TODAY ‏@TODAYonline 2h2 … Continue reading

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Petaling Street: No 926 Rally but…

— 29 September 2015 WHEN SILENCE IS GOLDEN… Traders prefer silence as life goes on in Petaling Street Koh Jun Lin     Published Today 6:27 pm     Updated Today 7:23 pm ‏@malaysiakini 45m45 minutes ago After spending … Continue reading

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Taylor’s University: Boycott by MARA over Red September 16

— Red September 16 was clearly an UMNO rally. For Taylor’s University to cancel its contract with Wawasan Sutera because the latter used a bus bearing the university’s logo to ferry participants to the red shirt rally, is to thumb … Continue reading

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Red Shirts. Stalking Bersih. In Penang! Where will they turn up next?

— Has someone opened Pandora’s Box? Or released the Genie of the Red Bottle? — 18 September 2015 … Mikelarry and 1 other retweeted Praveen Nagappan ‏@icekacangpanas 10h10 hours ago Red shirts arrive at forum pasca Bersih4 in Penang #kitalawan9 … Continue reading

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Red September 16: Videos

— Standoff between police and protesters at rally in Malaysia Straits Times — Elaine Wee ‏@AshaNoriko 7m7 minutes ago The usually vibrant Petaling Street (China Town) turned into a very silent Ghost Town in fear of the Red Shirts today … Continue reading

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Sundaily: Video of red shirts circulating on social media old footage

— Misleading report by STOMP, Singapore: Violence in KL as men smash gate and assault members of public in lead up to rally — The video that went viral again today is seen as an attempt to fuel tension with the … Continue reading

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Malaysiakini LIVE report on RED SEPTEMBER 16

— Click on: … — ‏@malaysiakini 16m16 minutes ago LIVE REPORTS: Convoy of 11 buses from Gua Musang … — ‏@malaysiakini 17m17 minutes ago Don’t miss our LIVE reports today on #merah916 here: … — ‏@malaysiakini … Continue reading

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Deputy Education Minister, P Kamalanathan, and the distribution of red shirts for the Red September Rally

— He says he does not support any rally or gathering that incited any race or ran foul of the country’s laws. — and 15 others follow MyWatch ‏@My_CrimeWatch 2h2 hours ago MyWatch lahir rasa kesal tindakan YB Kamalanathan … Continue reading

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Misleading report by STOMP, Singapore: Violence in KL as men smash gate and assault members of public in lead up to rally

— Click on link for report and videos: — STOMP ‏@stompsingapore 13m13 minutes ago Violence in KL as men smash gate and assault members of public in lead up to rally  Stomper Yvonne sent two videos documenting violence … Continue reading

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