International Women’s Day Malaysia 2014, Saturday, 8 March


*International Women’s Day 2014 Theme: INSPIRING CHANGE

Women’s equality has made positive gains but the world is still unequal. International Women’s Day celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women while focusing world attention on areas requiring further action.


Listen to Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan, Ivy Josiah and Zainah Anwar.

Video: The Body Shop – Be More Than Beautiful



#StarLive: Q&A with Marina Mahathir and Zainah Anwar

Women of Influence: In conjunction with International Women’s Day, The Star columnists Marina Mahathir and Zainah Anwar answer the top #StarLive questions from netizens on Twitter. Tune in to view their answers!

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the voice of civil society is often drowned in Msia. how to best translate the voice of reason into tangible results?

Zainah: On social media, diverse voices are being heard. The problem we have with the mainstream media, is that they don’t reflect that diversity of voices in Malaysia. This actually then gives a false sense of security to the government that everything they’re doing is right, because if you only listen to and read what one voice says, then it’s no surprise that it only reflects certain segments of Malaysia.

Perkasa and Isma have the right to state their opinions, but so do we (Sisters In Islam and other activists). And now, only one side of the story is being heard. This is unfair and unjust to Malaysians, and it is unjust to the government as well. The media has a right to project the voice of Perkasa and Isma, but it’s also their responsibility to reflect civil society voices about human rights, women rights, demands on the ground. And our voices that challenge these bodies need to be reflected. So the Malaysian public can make a judgement and discussion based on this knowledge, based on several points of view. How do we become intelligent and make wise judgements without the necessary information?

Marina: Again, it’s really about numbers. Civil society has to be movements. One or two won’t cut it, there has to be thousands. Civil society needs to organise itself into movements. Eventually, this all translate into votes. I think, sometimes we forget the power that we have. We vote once every five years, but we have to keep them on their toes. That your vote is not free, you have to earn it. You have to acknowledge and respect what we want. It’s the in-between of elections that matters. Democracy needs to be worked at.

Zainah: The challenge is, how do we make it politically costly for politicians to continue what they’re doing about issues, about human rights etc? It seems that without the political cost, they will not move. This is where numbers and civil society are important. The trend is definitely changing, where people are deciding that their votes matter and that’s really important. We need to do that, speak out, and make it costly for political leaders. So they know there is a political price and cost to ignore our voices for change.


Ipoh Echo

A Walk In The Park

Spreading the message of love, peace and unity, the ladies from the Perak Women For Women Society (PWW), with the support of associates and friends, initiated A Walk in the Park at Polo Ground on Sunday, March 9. Recognising International Women’s Day, which was celebrated a day earlier, the colour purple was adopted that Sunday.

According to PWW President, Dr Sharifah Halimah Jaafar, the walk, themed “We are 1 Family – Let’s stand united, together we move the country forward” was to celebrate the country’s social and religious diversity.

“To fight the lies and hatred, we need to stand up and show other Malaysians, and the world, that we are together in love for our fellowmen and we reject all forms of actions which threaten to tear our family and society apart,” she remarked in her welcoming speech.

True to Malaysia’s multiracial and multicultural population, some 500 people from all walks of life, men, women and children, participated in the morning’s activities, sharing laughter and joy, expressing love, care and respect for each other regardless of colour, race or faith.

A Walk in the Park – Ipoh!


Video: A Walk in the Park Ipoh: The Women Dance! 9 March 2014

Video: A Walk in the Park Ipoh: Ring of Peace 9 March 2014



Friday March 7, 2014 MYT 1:01:57 PM

International Women’s Day: Celebrating women – in pictures

A visual depiction of Malaysian women in their different spheres and roles. 

MARCH 8 is International Women’s Day, and we are celebrating it by visually depicting Malaysian women in their different spheres and roles.

We hope to present positive photographs of women as heroes in their own stories – these are women who are making things happen for themselves and for others. The idea behind this project is that we can change how women are perceived through images.

Jennifer Mira Ofera a/k Sibos
Age 25

The young firefighter has only been on the job for a year but is eager to serve the country. – ZHAFARAN NASIB/The Star


Aunty Mary
Age 75

The former Miss Penang Trade Fair 1963 feeds more than 60 stray dogs in her neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur every day. – K.K. SHAM/The Star

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