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The Rural Transformation Centre (RTC), Napoh, Kedah (8 am – 7 pm)

____________________________________________________________ The UTCs (Urban Transformation Centers): All links in One —– The RTC has 9 initiatives — tourism, skills training, high value farming, 1Malaysia information kiosk, university partnership, processing of agro food products, agricultural products supply chain, 1Malaysia health services and … Continue reading

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Another RIOT in Singapore! A small one…

_____________________________________________________________ JUSTICE WILL BE SWIFT AND SURE! Some will be deported. Others will go to jail. The unluckiest will go to jail and then be deported. Straits Times Breaking News Rioting in Kaki Bukit dormitory: 14 foreign workers charged   … Continue reading

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Raja Bomoh @ #1MalaysiaBomoh: Man who put Malaysia Bomoh on the world map!

____________________________________________________________ — He will need all his magical powers to get out of this… Free Malaysia Today JAIPk to throw book at Raja Bomoh FMT Reporters April 30, 2015 Perak’s Islamic Religious Department to take action against Raja Bomoh following … Continue reading

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