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Conspiracy Theories, for better or worse…

___________________________________________________________ OF CONSPIRACIES REGARDING MAS FLIGHT MH370, THERE SEEM NO END.. After 10 theories, I stopped counting. http://www.thestar.com.my —– * THE LATEST CONSPIRACY THEORY: THE PILOT WAS SO UPSET THAT ANWAR IBRAHIM WAS SENTENCED TO 5 YEARS IN JAIL FOR … Continue reading

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Blaming Anwar for MAS Flight MH370 going missing!

_______________________________________________________________ WHO IS TRYING TO DRAG ANWAR IBRAHIM INTO THE DEEPENING MYSTERY OF THE  MISSING MAS FLIGHT MH370? — *The attack on Anwar’s reputation takes a slightly different tack: the pilot is the uncle of Anwar’s daughter-in-law. Zaharie is his … Continue reading

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