Anti Japan, pro China propaganda by a non existent Singapore ambassador to Japan?


As soon as I received a message via WhatsApp attacking Japan and supporting China, this was my response:

πŸ˜‚ Purportedly written by a former Singapore ambassador to Japan. Lai Ching Phu.
1 Is there such a person?
2 Was he former ambassador to Japan?
3 Did he write this?

This is the list of Singapore’s ambassadors to Japan. There is no Lai Ching Phu.


Propaganda received via WhatsApp


As a Chinese, its a long read but worth knowing, you must*
Don’t be so happy
Abe falls down
There are thousands more, Shinzo Abe
The following web article is the former ambassador of Singapore to Japan
Lai Ching Phu Posted in Friends circle of alumni studying in Japan

This is on Japanese BBS
The translation version of the amazing PO text
It is the declaration of the national dream of the current Japanese politicians

Ever heard of snake swallow elephant?

original. Not a word changed
Due to Japan’s special geographical location and lack of resources, the ultimate form of my country’s development is determined to be: start a war! “

I always think that our Yamato nation is the best nation in the world. A strong sense of urgency and realism is the source of the spirit that supports the continuous innovation and development of the nation. This is the unique struggle spirit of the thrifty and intelligent Yamato people.

However, the world is so unfair to us. Some inferior nations occupy a large area of ​​fertile land, but cannot make full use of these precious resources. We have advanced technology, mature experience, and will to unite, but we can only keep the Staring at the barren land.

The latent crisis makes us realize that in the world, a modern forest with limited resources and full of cruel competition, only by maintaining strong fighting spirit and appropriate wildness can we exchange for the fundamental survival of the nation. reality faced by people.

The fate of the island nation will eventually perish at the bottom of the sea, and the lack of resources will lead to the cut off of the nation’s forward momentum. Our only way out is military expansion, using the bravery, wisdom and spirit of the Yamato nation to conquer Asia and the world. To wash away the stigma of the unsuccessful jihad decades ago, and use the excellence of the Yamato nation to control the inferiority of other nations, thereby promoting the progress of the entire world.

This is the mission entrusted by the emperor to the Japanese people, and this is a holy war to maintain the noble dignity of the Yamato nation!

In the jihad that attempted to conquer the world decades ago, we draw two lessons:

The United States should not be provoked until it has completely conquered Asia and consolidated its position. In the new century, the United States should be a very good partner and helper for us to conquer Asia, although he will be our enemy in the holy war to conquer the world.

When destroying a big country like China, you should not be too anxious to eat it in one bite, but eat it piece by piece like sashimi.

China is different from Japan. It is a multi-ethnic country with many contradictions. It should take advantage of their internal differences and differences to split the country, and then eliminate them one by one. Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Ningxia, Manchuria, etc. should all become independent and independent The basis for dividing these regions is their unique nationality.

This is the “Seven Pieces of China Theory” spread by the outside world, and we specifically refer to it as the “Split China Plan”, which is part of our conquest of Asia, the destruction of China, and the jihad.

In China, only the Han people in the east have the ability to hinder us, so if China is divided into seven or several countries, the power of the Han people will be greatly weakened, the room for their strategic maneuvering will be greatly reduced, and China’s demise , the revival of the Japanese Empire is not far off!

And as long as China is conquered, we have also obtained the foundation for conquering Asia, and other countries will submit to us following the example of the tameness of the Han people.

Only in this way can we have the capital to crush the United States and dominate the world.

Of course, the western development strategy of the Han Chinese will have certain obstacles to this problem, but we should not give up our efforts to split China! Because waging a holy war is our only way out. If Japan wants to conquer the world, it must first conquer Asia. If it wants to conquer Asia, it must first conquer China. If it wants to conquer China, it must first divide and weaken China.

Japan is a small island country with little room for military maneuver. Only by developing a powerful imperial fleet can the future empire’s needs for jihad be fulfilled. The strategic steps of the “Great Japanese Empire Rejuvenation Jihad Plan”:

Destroy China and conquer Asia.
If we want to destroy China, we must first split and weaken China: Taiwan has been split apart with our efforts, and the next step is to take absolute control over Taiwan. Even in this way, we have only completed the first step of the “plan to split China”. Xinjiang, Tibet, and Manchuria are relatively weak. With the current technology and standards, Japan’s development has reached its limit.

If the jihad is not launched as soon as possible, the Japanese economy without any resources to support it will eventually collapse.

However, in the attempt to split the western part of China, the Chinese government seems to have sensed our plan and formulated the “Western China Development Strategy”, a strategy of national assimilation, which not only has important economic purposes, but also has important This is bound to block our secession plan, but things always have the opposite effect, because with the migration of the Han people to the western minority areas, it is bound to increase the contact between the Han people and the ethnic minorities, assimilation and contradictions, and frictions coexist. , within 5-10 years, the absolute consolidation of the Han people will not be formed. We can just use this opportunity to create conflicts and frictions between the Han people and ethnic minorities. The development of the situation may develop in our favor.

Therefore, the split plan for western China should be resolutely implemented.

In addition, in the plan of trying to split Manchuria, we encountered resistance from South Korea. South Korea still does not allow our Imperial Japanese Army to set foot on the territory of South Korea. This will inevitably hinder my country’s control of the Korean peninsula. Slow down the process of the split between Manchuria and Mongolia.

For South Korea’s boycott, diplomatic means can be used to ease tensions, and when necessary, the United States can be used to suppress it. For North Korea, the United States and South Korea’s military suppression can be used.

It is possible for China to intervene. Since the split is not achieved so quickly, and time does not allow us to continue to delay, we should use the powerful fleet of the Japanese Empire at the right time, and use the Taiwan Strait conflict or the second Korean War to make China huge in one fell swoop. The terrifying fleet is destroyed. The Americans will support the destruction of the Chinese fleet, the Taiwanese will also support it, and the countries around the South China Sea are also very happy.

If successful, using this operation, we can firmly control Taiwan and make it our military base.

Because of the loss of air and sea power, the Chinese people’s response to our suppression of North Korea also appears to be powerless.

The image of the Chinese people will be greatly damaged, the spirit and will of the Chinese people will be greatly affected, they will once again fall into the fear of the threat of the Imperial Japanese Army, and the prestige of the government will be greatly reduced. If we break it and take the opportunity to provoke the ethnic separatist forces in various regions of China to carry out the movement for independence and restoration of the country, then China will become weak without fighting.

And we can rebuild the Kwantung Army headquarters of the Imperial Japanese Army in Manchuria and Mongolia, and prepare for the destruction of the remaining China under Han rule.

Another problem is not to worry that economically impoverished Russia will send troops to intervene, because Russia welcomes a moderate amount of weakening of China.

Through the war in Chechnya, it can also be seen that Russia’s weak military power is unable to support a decent war.

Consolidate Asia’s position,
Dominate the world.

Japan should become a well-deserved leader in Asia after the demise of China. It should use the excellent Yamato national spirit to deter the spirit of the inferior peoples, and eliminate their language, customs and extravagant way of life, that is, the inferiority of the inferior peoples. The existence of the nation, destroy everything they have, and learn everything from us instead, and cultivate Chinese Japanese, Taiwanese Japanese, and Korean Japanese on their land in our way, so that the whole of Asia will not only be unified into one country, And they must be unified into one nation, the Yamato nation.

To achieve this goal, we must rely on the strong joint force of the Yamato nation, superhuman wisdom, and fearless spirit, and completely conquer the aspirations of every Asian from the heart, let them recognize and admire our spirit, admire our forge ahead, and completely surrender to it. At the foot of the Empire of Japan, let them be infinitely loyal to us.

Only in this way, we can firmly grasp Asia, and then conquer the whole world!

To conquer the world, relying only on the strength of the Japanese Empire is far from enough, and some capable helpers and partners are also needed.

The United States is the best partner with us to carve up the world, use the United States to suppress Europe, assist the German German-Fascist party to regain power, and then use the German Germans to conquer Europe.

Facts have proved that in the last covenant signed for jihad, allowing the Italians to join the jihad in Japan was a wrong decision. The descendants of the Roman Empire have lost the spirit of their ancestors’ struggle and become ignorant and inferior peoples, just like The Han and Tang people whom our ancestors admired have now degenerated into inferior Han people, who cannot escape the fate of being ruled.

In the end, when we firmly control Asia, Germany and the United States control Europe, and then work together to destroy the CIS from both sides. The whole process takes roughly 30 years.

If you are a descendant of China
If you love your country deeply
I don’t want to be invaded by Japanese ghosts anymore
After reading it, I also respectfully invite you to widely forward it
Let as many people who love the country and nation as possible
Let more Chinese people know about it!


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