A Chinese in Malaysia writes in praise of Communist China…


About 25% of Malaysia’s 32 million people are ethnic Chinese.


Has China invaded or conquered another country? Yes. Both Imperial China and Communist China have done so…

China has been telling the world that its rise will be peaceful because China has never been an aggressor state throughout its long history. As proof, the Chinese point out that it has never invaded another country in the last 2,000 years. Many people have echoed this narrative.

The historical record, however, belies this Chinese narrative. For over a thousand years, from 111 BC to 938 AD, China repeatedly invaded Vietnam. The tenacious Vietnamese would throw out the Chinese and after a while the Chinese would invade again. In the 15th century, China occupied Vietnam from 1407 to 1427.

*The Chinese in Malaysia who writes in praise of Communist China has clearly bought into the narrative of a peaceful China.


Received via WhatsApp…


The bloody x@!×#! world owes the Chinese an apology.
Well said from a Malaysian. You will never get this from history books👇👇

I’m from Malaysia. China has traded with Malaysia for 2000 years. In those years, they had been the world’s biggest powers many times. Never once they sent troops to take our land. Admiral Zhenghe came to Malacca five times, in gigantic fleets, and a flagship eight times the size of Christopher Columbus’ flagship, Santa Maria. He could have seized Malacca easily, but he did not. In 1511, the Portuguese came. In 1642, the Dutch came. In the 18th century the British came. We were colonised by each, one after another.

When China wanted spices from India, they traded with the Indians. When they wanted gems, they traded with the Persian. They didn’t take lands. The only time China expanded beyond their current borders was in Yuan Dynasty, when Genghis and his descendants Ogedei Khan, Guyuk Khan & Kublai Khan conquered China, Mid Asia and Eastern Europe. But Yuan Dynasty, although being based in China, was a part of the Mongolian Empire.

Then came the Century of Humiliation. Britain smuggled opium into China to dope the population, a strategy to turn the trade deficit around, after the British could not find enough silver to pay the Qing Dynasty in their tea and porcelain trades. After the opium warehouses were burned down and ports were closed by the Chinese in ordered to curb opium, the British started the Opium War I, which China lost. Hong Kong was forced to be surrendered to the British in a peace talk (Nanjing Treaty). The British owned 90% of the opium market in China, during that time, Queen Victoria was the world’s biggest drug baron. The remaining 10% was owned by American merchants from Boston. Many of Boston’s institutions were built with profit from opium.

After 12 years of Nanjing Treaty, the West started getting really really greedy. The British wanted the Qing government:

  1. To open the borders of China to allow goods coming in and out freely, and tax free.
  2. Make opium legal in China.
    Insane requests, Qing government said no. The British and French, with supports from the US and Russia from behind, started Opium War II with China, which again, China lost. The Anglo-French military raided the Summer Palace, and threatened to burn down the Imperial Palace, the Qing government was forced to pay with ports, free business zones, 300,000 kilograms of silver and Kowloon was taken. Since then, China’s resources flew out freely through these business zones and ports. In the subsequent amendment to the treaties, Chinese people were sold overseas to serve as labor.

In 1900, China suffered attacks by the 8-National Alliance(Japan, Russia, Britain, France, USA, Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary). Innocent Chinese civilians in Peking (Beijing now) were murdered, buildings were destroyed & women were raped. The Imperial Palace was raided, and treasures ended up in museums like the British Museum in London and the Louvre in Paris.

In late 1930s China was occupied by the Japanese in WWII. Millions of Chinese died during the occupancy. 300,000 Chinese died in Nanjing Massacre alone.

The people revolution started by Sun Yat Sen, the founder of Republic China, over many years and at the price of millions of lives, against the European and Japanese invasions.

Mao brought China together again from the shambles. There were peace and unity for some time. But Mao’s later reign saw sufferings and deaths from famine and power struggles.

Then came Deng Xiao Ping and his famous “black-cat and white-cat” story. His preference in pragmatism than ideologies has transformed China. This thinking allowed China to evolve all the time to adapt to the actual needs in the country, instead of rigidly bounded to ideologies. It also signified the death of Communism in actually practice in China. The current Socialism+Meritocracy+Market Economy model fits the Chinese like gloves, and it propels the uprise of China. Singapore has a similar model, and has been arguably more successful than Hong Kong. Hong Kong being gateway to China, was riding on the economic boom in China, while Singapore had no one to gain from.

In just 30 years, the CPC have moved 800 millions of people out from poverty. The rate of growth is unprecedented in human history. They have built the biggest mobile network, by far the biggest high speed rail network in the world, and they have become a behemoth in infrastructure. They made a fishing village called Shenzhen into the world’s second largest technological centre after the Silicon Valley. They are growing into a technological power house. It has the most elaborate e-commerce and cashless payment system in the world. They have launched exploration to Mars. The Chinese are living a good life and China has become one of the safest countries in the world. The level of patriotism in the country has reached an unprecedented height.

For all of the achievements, the West has nothing good to say about it. China suffers from intense anti-China propagandas from the West. Western Media used the keyword “Communist” to instil fear and hatred towards China.
Everything China does is negatively reported.

They claimed China used slave labor in making iPhones. The truth was, Apple was the most profitable company in the world, it took most of the profit, leave some to Foxcom (a Taiwanese company) and little to the labor.

They claimed China was inhuman with one-child policy. At the same time, they accused China of polluting the earth with its huge population. The fact is the Chinese consume just 30% of energy per capita compared to the US.

They claimed China underwent ethnic cleansing in Xinjiang. The fact is China has a policy which priorities ethnic minorities. For a long time, the ethnic minorities were allowed to have two children and the majority Han only allowed one. The minorities are allowed a lower score for university intakes. There are 39,000 mosque in China, and 2100 in the US. China has about 3 times more mosque per muslim than the US.
When terrorist attacks happened in Xinjiang, China had two choices:

  1. Re-educate the Uighur extremists before they turned terrorists.
  2. Let them be, after they launch attacks and killed innocent people, bomb their homes.
    China chose to solve problem from the root and not to do killing. How the US solve terrorism? Fire missiles from battleships, drop bombs from the sky.

During the pandemic,
When China took extreme measures to lockdown the people, they were accused of being inhuman.
When China recovered swiftly because of the extreme measures, they were accused of lying about the actual numbers.
When China’s cases became so low that they could provide medical support to other countries, they were accused of politically motivated.
Western Media always have reasons to bash China.

Just like any country, there are irresponsible individuals from China which do bad and dirty things, but the China government overall has done very well. But I hear this comment over and over by people from the West: I like Chinese people, but the CPC is evil. What they really want is the Chinese to change the government, because the current one is too good.

Fortunately China is not a multi-party democratic country, otherwise the opposition party in China will be supported by notorious NGOs (Non-Government Organization) of the USA, like the NED (National Endowment for Democracy), to topple the ruling party. The US and the British couldn’t crack Mainland China, so they work on Hong Kong. Of all the ex-British colonial countries, only the Hong Kongers were offered BNOs by the British. Because the UK would like the Hong Kongers to think they are British citizens, not Chinese. A divide-and-conquer strategy, which they often used in Color Revolutions around the world.

They resort to low dirty tricks like detaining Huawei’s CFO & banning Huawei. They raised a silly trade war which benefits no one. Trade deficit always exist between a developing and a developed country. USA is like a luxury car seller who ask a farmer: why am I always buying your vegetables and you haven’t bought any of my cars?

When the Chinese were making socks for the world 30 years ago, the world let it be. But when Chinese started to make high technology products, like Huawei and DJI, it caused red-alert. Because when Western and Japanese products are equal to Chinese in technologies, they could never match the Chinese in prices. First world countries want China to continue in making socks. Instead of stepping up themselves, they want to pull China down. U

The recent movement by the US against China has a very important background. When Libya, Iran, and China decided to ditch the US dollar in oil trades, Gaddafi’s was killed by the US, Iran was being sanctioned by the US, and now it’s China’s turn. The US has been printing money out of nothing. The only reason why the US Dollar is still widely accepted, is because it’s the only currency which oil is allowed to be traded with. The US has an agreement with Saudi that oil must be traded in US dollar ONLY. Without the petrol-dollar status, the US dollars will sink, and America will fall. Therefore anyone trying to disobey this order will be eliminated. China will soon use a gold-backed crypto-currency, the alarms in the White House go off like mad.

China’s achievement has been by hard work. Not by looting the world.

I have deep sympathy for China for all the suffering, but now I feel happy for them. China is not rising, they are going back to where they belong. Good luck China.


我来自马来西亚。 中国与马来西亚的贸易已有2000年。 在那些年里,它们曾多次成为世界上最大的强国。 他们从未派遣军队占领我们的土地。 正和海军上将五次乘巨大的舰队来到马六甲,而旗舰是克里斯托弗·哥伦布的旗舰圣玛丽亚的八倍。 他本可以轻松地抓住马六甲,但他没有。 1511年,葡萄牙人来了。 1642年,荷兰人来了。 18世纪,英国人来了。 我们被一个人一个接一个地殖民。

当中国想要印度的香料时,他们与印度人进行贸易。 当他们想要宝石时,他们与波斯人进行交易。 他们没有土地。 中国唯一一次超越其现有边界的扩张是在元朝,成吉思汗及其后代奥格代汗(Ogedei Khan),古尤克汗(Guyuk Khan)和忽必烈(Kublai Khan)征服了中国,中亚和东欧。 但是元朝虽然驻扎在中国,但却是蒙古帝国的一部分。

然后是屈辱的世纪。 在英国找不到足够的白银​​来支付清朝的茶和瓷器贸易之后,英国将鸦片走私到中国来给人口带来兴奋,这是一种解决贸易逆差的策略。 在鸦片仓库被烧毁,中国关闭港口以遏制鸦片之后,英国发起了第一次鸦片战争,中国输了。 在和谈中,香港被迫向英国投降(《南京条约》)。 英国人拥有中国90%的鸦片市场,在那段时期,维多利亚女王是世界上最大的毒品大亨。 其余的10%由来自波士顿的美国商人拥有。 波士顿的许多机构都是从鸦片中获利而建立的。

经过12年的《南京条约》,西方开始真正变得非常贪婪。 英国要清政府:
疯狂的要求,清政府说不。 英法两国在美国和俄罗斯的支持下,与中国开始了第二次鸦片战争,中国再次失败。 英法军队突袭了颐和园,并威胁要烧毁故宫,清政府被迫用港口,自由贸易区,30万公斤白银和九龙进行了支付。 从那以后,中国的资源便通过这些商业区和港口自由飞出。 在随后的条约修正案中,中国人被卖出海外作为劳工。

1900年,中国遭到八国联军的进攻(日本,俄罗斯,英国,法国,美国,德国,意大利,奥地利-匈牙利)。 北京(现在是北京)的无辜中国平民被谋杀,建筑物被毁,妇女被强奸。 皇宫遭到搜查,宝藏最终落入伦敦大英博物馆和巴黎卢浮宫等博物馆。

在1930年代后期,中国在第二次世界大战中被日本占领。 居住期间有数百万人死亡。 仅在南京​​大屠杀中就有30万人丧生。

毛泽东从混乱中再次将中国召集起来。 和平与团结已有一段时间了。 但是毛的后来统治时期看到了饥荒和权力斗争带来的痛苦和死亡。

然后是邓小平及其著名的“黑猫和白猫”故事。 他偏爱实用主义而不是意识形态,已经改变了中国。 这种思想使中国可以一直发展以适应该国的实际需求,而不必拘泥于意识形态。 这也标志着共产主义在中国实际实践中的死亡。 当前的社会主义+精英主义+市场经济模型像手套一样适合中国人,并推动了中国的崛起。 新加坡也有类似的模式,而且可以说比香港更成功,因为香港是通往中国的门户,正依靠中国的经济繁荣发展,而新加坡却没有人从中受益。

在短短30年中,中国共产党使8亿人摆脱了贫困。 增长率是人类历史上前所未有的。 他们已经建立了最大的移动网络,是迄今为止世界上最大的高铁网络,并且已经成为基础设施的庞然大物。 他们使一个名为深圳的渔村成为仅次于硅谷的世界第二大技术中心。 他们正在成长为技术强国。 它拥有世界上最完善的电子商务和无现金支付系统。 他们对火星进行了探索。 中国人过着美好的生活,中国已成为世界上最安全的国家之一。 该国的爱国主义水平达到了前所未有的高度。

尽管取得了所有成就,但西方对此无话可说。 中国遭受西方强烈的反华宣传。 西方媒体使用关键字“共产主义”来灌输对中国的恐惧和仇恨。

他们声称中国在制造iPhone时使用了奴隶劳动。 事实是,苹果公司是世界上最赚钱的公司,它赚了大部分利润,只剩下了一部分给台湾的富士康公司,而很少给劳动力。

他们声称中国实行独生子女政策是不人道的。 同时,他们指责中国以其庞大的人口污染地球。 事实是,与美国相比,中国人均能耗仅为30%。

他们声称中国在新疆进行了种族清洗。 事实是中国有优先考虑少数民族的政策。 长期以来,少数民族被允许生育两个孩子,而大多数汉族只允许生育一个。 少数民族的大学入学分数较低。 中国有39,000座清真寺,而美国则有2100座清真寺。 中国每名穆斯林的清真寺大约是美国的三倍。
中国选择1从根本上解决问题而不是谋杀。 美国如何解决恐怖主义? 从战舰上发射导弹,从空中投下炸弹。


就像任何国家一样,中国也有不负责任的人在做坏事,但中国政府的整体表现很好。 但是我听到西方国家的一遍又一遍的评论:我喜欢中国人民,但是中国共产党是邪恶的。 他们真正想要的是中国人更换政府,因为目前的政府太好了。

幸运的是,中国不是一个多党民主国家,否则中国的反对党将得到美国臭名昭著的非政府组织(非政府组织)的支持,例如NED(国家民主基金会)的推翻。 美国和英国无法破解中国大陆,因此他们在香港工作。 在所有前英国殖民地国家中,只有香港人被英国人提供BNO。 因为英国希望香港人以为他们是英国公民,而不是中国公民。 一种分而治之的策略,他们经常在全球的Color Revolution中使用它。

他们诉诸低级low俩,例如拘留华为的首席财务官和禁止华为。 他们发起了一场愚蠢的贸易战,没有人受益。 发展中国家和发达国家之间始终存在贸易逆差。 美国就像是一辆豪华轿车卖家,他问一个农民:为什么我总是买你的蔬菜,而你却没有买我的车?

30年前,当中国人为世界制造袜子时,世界顺其自然。 但是,当中国人开始制造高科技产品(如华为和DJI)时,就引起了警惕。 因为当西方和日本的产品在技术上与中国相等时,它们永远无法在价格上与中国匹敌。 第一世界国家希望中国继续制造袜子。 他们不想提高自己,而是要拉中国。

美国最近针对中国的运动具有非常重要的背景。 当利比亚,伊朗和中国决定放弃美元进行石油交易时,卡扎菲的交易被美国杀害,伊朗受到美国的制裁,现在轮到中国了。 美国一直在徒劳无功。 美元仍然被广泛接受的唯一原因是,它是允许与石油交易的唯一货币。 美国与沙特阿拉伯达成一项协议,规定石油只能以美元进行交易。 没有汽油美元地位,美元将下跌,美国将下跌。 因此,任何试图违反该命令的人都会被淘汰。 中国很快将使用一种黄金支持的加密货币,白宫的警报像疯了似的响起。

中国的成就是艰苦奋斗。 不是通过掠夺世界。

我对中国遭受的所有苦难深表同情,但现在我为他们感到高兴。 中国没有崛起,他们正在回到自己的归属。 中国好运。

中華血涙史,這篇文章最應該 放在中小學的課程里。教師更應介紹參考書箱,讓學生去更多了解自己祖國。


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  1. E Lye says:

    Just to give context, if this video is true, I wouldn’t want to live in China. If you do something bad, the social credit score of your family and friends get affected. You are being held hostage every moment like it or not. That’s why the people support the government. There is no choice, really. You just have a better prison. I am sure the Chinese government knows exactly where our Jho is.

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