“Things go better with Coca Cola, Things go better with Coke!”



Things Go Better With Coke (1960s) – Classic TV Commercial


When you go to the cineplex, and buy yourself pop corn and a Coca Cola drink, if it is cinema sized, does it mean this?


There are 4 sizes: 44 oz, 32 oz, 22 oz and 16 oz.

Cinema large-sized should mean 44 0z. Well, that contains 44 teaspoons of sugar.

When you buy a drink at a take-away place and ask for a large Coca Cola, that means 44 teaspoons of sugar, too.

A ‘small’ cinema serving is said to contain a 23 teaspoons on sugar, while a large contains 44 – ‘each to be consumed in a single sitting.’

A regular can of Coca Cola contains 35g or six teaspoons of sugar.



44 teaspoons of sugar in a cinema sized Coca Cola, confirms Coke executive

November 30, 2013

A COCA-Cola executive has admitted a can of Coke has “unnecessary” amounts of sugar and “things need to change” to reduce serving sizes.

Coca-Cola’s European president admitted that some customers “don’t realise” how much sugar is in the soft drink giant’s drinks.

Speaking on the television program Newsnight, James Quincey said Coca-Cola put in the sugar to please its customers, the Daily Mail reported.

Newsnight occasional host Jeremy Paxman put Mr Quincey on the spot about the extra large Coca-Cola servings in cinemas, the biggest of which contained “a staggering” 44 teaspoons of sugar.

Asked by Mr Paxman what good Coca-Cola did its consumers, Mr Quincey said: “It does have some sugar in it… it has energy, but is it a necessity? No it’s not. But millions of people enjoy it as part of their diet”.

Mr Quincey countered a regular can of Coke contained 35g or six teaspoons of sugar, similar in calories to “a cappuccino or a half a croissant”.

Coca-Cola was “working hard” to inform customers about the calorie and sugar content of its products, but he conceded consumers probably had no idea what they were drinking when they ordered a large serving at the movies.

Revealed: The ‘staggering’ amount of sugar in Coke


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