Snatch Thieves: Let’s get them! They are the common people’s scourge!





3 October 2018



The suspect (front), who was caught red-handed stealing a wallet from a hawker, ends up with injuries after the citizens’ arrest.

KUCHING: A man who attempted to snatch a wallet from a hawker here ended up with facial injuries after being beaten up when he was caught red-handed by members of the public at Jalan Semarak yesterday.

In the 8.30am incident, the 29-year-old man entered an eatery, where he grabbed the wallet that was placed inside a drawer belonging to a trader, who was operating an ‘ayam penyet’ stall there, before running away.

The 53-year-old trader shouted for help, alerting members of the public who immediately chased after and caught the suspect.

13 February 2018

31m31 minutes ago

Johor woman stabbed in cold-blood and left on roadside after alleged snatch thief turns violent



A woman was stabbed in cold blood in Batu Pahat, Johor early this morning, after her fight against a snatch-thief turned deadly.

The victim is reported to be 47 years old, and a cook who was returning home from work. She was last reported alive at 1:45am, and police have deduced that the incident occurred around 3am.

Police believe that the unnamed woman tried to fight off two attackers and hold on to her bag, before being stabbed just 50 meters from her doorstep.

Her body has since been taken to Sultanah Nora Ismail Hospital for a post-mortem, and police officers are asking for anyone with any information to come forward.

4 September 2017

Instant justice on two snatch thieves in foiled street robbery attempt

KUALA LUMPUR: Two snatch thieves, one armed with a parang, bore the brunt of an angry crowd who saw them trying to yank a sling bag from a man in front of a shop in Setapak yesterday morning.

One of the suspects sustained a broken wrist, elbow and bruises on his left eye while the other had minor injuries.

The two men were among three who tried to rob the 34-year-old man.

Wangsa Maju police chief Superintendent Mohamad Roy Suhaimi Sarif said the man was walking when three men on separate motorcycles approached him.

“One who had a parang came straight at him and tried to yank his bag away but he fought back as he called for help.

“The suspect tried fleeing but several people who came to the victim’s aid caught him and beat him up,” Roy said.

One of the three men fled on his motorcycle but another was apprehended just as he tried to escape.

7 July 2017


Smash-and-grab incident on the rise, Melaka cops tell female drivers to be vigilant


MELAKA: Melaka police have expressed alarm over an increasing trend of snatch thieves targeting lone female drivers at traffic light stops.

State police chief Datuk Abdul Jalil Hassan said the force would step up effort against the perpetrators, but also urged female drivers to be alert of their surroundings.

“These thieves will first peek through potential victim’s car window to see if the handbag is placed at the front passenger seat.

“If the door is not locked, then they will attempt to open the door and grab the victim’s handbag.

“But if the door is locked, they will smash the car window to get it,” he told a press conference at the state police headquarters in Bukit Beruang here.

Abdul Jalil also advised female drivers to refrain from placing handbags on the front passenger seat to avoid becoming an easy target for snatch thieves.

“Female drivers should hide their handbags underneath their car seat or anywhere that is not visible from the outside.

“We are reminding the public to be cautious because the trend is increasing in Melaka.


Perak man stabbed to death defending wife from snatch thieves


PARIT BUNTAR: A man was stabbed in the abdomen when he tried to stop two snatch thieves from stealing his wife’s gold necklace near a fast food restaurant in Taman Wawasan here yesterday.

He died at the scene.

According to a family member, hardware trader Yeap Ah Kang @ Yeap Bak Seng, 73, and his wife, Teow Siew Gaik, 67, were jogging in the area when two men on a motorcycle appeared and tried to snatch Teow’s necklace.

“A struggle ensued between the victims and the suspects before one of the suspects stabbed the (husband) with a sharp weapon, believed to be a knife.

“The victim died at the scene.

“His wife also suffered injuries to her left arm, as she was (slashed) with the weapon used by the suspects.

“The two suspects managed to take the victim’s necklace and fled,” the family member told reporters at the Parit Buntar Hospital.


5 June 2017

Published on Jun 4, 2017

Two robbers picked up the wrong woman to mess with when her friend gave chase and rammed their motorcycle with his car today morning.



16h16 hours ago

Snatch thieves suffer broken legs after being rammed

KUALA LUMPUR: Two robbers picked up the wrong woman to mess with when her friend gave chase and rammed their motorcycle with his car today morning.

In the 9.30am incident, the woman, 19, who was the victim was waiting for her friend at a bus stop along Jalan Kuari, here was approached by two assailants on a motorcycle.

Cheras district police chief ACP Chong Kok Sin said one of the suspect, who was the pillion rider then snatched her handbag before fleeing on their motorcycle.

“The victim then contacted her friend, whom she was waiting. The friend who had just arrived near the scene decided not to let the matter rest then gave chase, before succeeding in ramming the duo near the bus stop,” he said in a statement today.

Chong said the man who rammed the suspects then informed police about the incident and subsequently lodged a police report.

8 May 2017


PETALING JAYA: A Malaysian sportswear brand has developed the world’s first device designed to mark snatch thieves after they have committed a crime.

Called the Handbag Dyetonator, it can be remotely detonated via an SMS from any phone. It then releases coloured dye and a smoke flare, marking the thief permanently and making it easy for police to spot and apprehend the criminal.

Local sportswear brand, Ash Be Nimble, is collaborating with Ogilvy & Mather Malaysia in promoting this device that can be masked an inconspicuous handbag accessory.

“We’ve always believe in empowering women and going the extra mile. We hope that the Handbag Dyetonator will act as a deterrent to snatch thieves,” Hui Mathews, founder of Ash Be Nimble said.

15 Feb 2017


Polis masih mengesan suspek dan giat menjalankan siasatan berhubung kejadian.


Kota Bharu: Polis menafikan suspek kes ragut yang menyebabkan kematian seorang wanita di Kampung Pak Elong, Tangok di Bachok, pagi tadi ditahan.

Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Kelantan Asisten Komisioner Mohamad Fakri Che Sulaiman berkata, suspek kes ragut berkenaan belum ditangkap.

Katanya, pihaknya masih mengesan suspek dan polis giat menjalankan siasatan berhubung kejadian itu.

“Tular tangkapan suspek di WhatsApp sejak tengah hari tadi adalah tidak benar kerana suspek sebenar belum dapat ditahan,” katanya ketika dihubungi, di sini, hari ini.

Menerusi tular itu, seorang lelaki tanpa pakaian duduk dan dikelilingi penduduk kampung dan polis.

2h2 hours ago

Snatch theft victim dies in pursuit of thief


BACHOK: A woman’s decision to chase a snatch thief ended in death after her motorcycle skidded and hit an electric pole at Kampung Pak Elong, Tangok here, today.

Kelantan deputy police chief SAC Din Ahmad said Siti Rohani Wahab, 54, was riding alone on her motorcycle when a man on another motorcycle snatched her handbag that was placed in the basket in front.

The incident happened at 8.15am when the victim was on her way to work at the Universiti Malaysia Kelantan cafeteria at the Bachok campus here.

“The victim, who was shocked when her handbag was snatched, gave chase before bearing down on the suspect.

“Unfortunately, her motorcycle skidded and hit an electric pole located on the right side of the road,” he told reporters here.

23 Jan 2017

12h12 hours ago

Woman nabs truncheon-wielding snatch thief

A woman not only fended off an attempt by a truncheon-wielding thief to snatch her handbag, but also managed to overpower him in an incident in front of a kindergarten in Taman Seri Emas, Nibong Tebal yesterday.

South Seberang Perai (SPS) district police chief Shafee Abdul Samad said the woman, 47, had just arrived at the kindergarten belonging to her daughter at about 7.30am and was going to a shop nearby to buy breakfast when a man approached and attempted to snatch her handbag.

“The man attacked the woman with a truncheon. The woman fought back and wrested the truncheon from him, forcing him to retreat, but she went after him,” he added.


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Nibong tebal: Satu kejadian ragut di taman seri emas, suspek seorang india, telah di tangkap oleh orang awam dan ahli sukarelawan yang kebetulan melalui tempat kejadian, suspek telah di serah kepada pihat polis untuk tindakan selanjutnya.

Nibong Tebal Ragut Events: one in the park series of gold, a suspect in India, has been arrested by the public and the volunteers who happens through the scene, the suspect in pihat submit to police for further action.

3 Jan 2016

…they managed to pour oil lubricant on the road to impede the motorcycle patrol units and even kicked one of the officers off his motorcycle.

Hunt on for snatch thieves who kicked policeman off motorcycle

A screen grab of a video recorded by the petrol station’s closed circuit television (CCTV) camera, showed two men on a motorcycle riding up to the victim before yanking the victim’s chain around her neck and dragging the victim for a short distance until the chain snapped and they rode off.


SEBERANG PRAI: Police are hot on the heels of two suspected snatch thieves who escaped after kicking a policeman off his motorcycle near Mega Mall Pacific here today.

The incident happened about noon when several personnel from the police motorcycle unit were chasing the duo after receiving a tip-off on their whereabouts.

The duo has been sought after by the police in connection with a snatch theft incident at a petrol station at Lebuh Farquhar on Dec 31, 2016.
“Four motorcycle patrol units were despatched to the scene to block the duo’s path. However, they managed to escape via the bridge and a chase ensued until Mega Mall Pacific here,” he said.

According to Mior, they managed to pour oil lubricant on the road to impede the motorcycle patrol units and even kicked one of the officers off his motorcycle. “They then managed to escape,” he said, adding that the officer sustained bodily injuries.Read More :

5 Dec 2016

Snatch thieves bungle getaway, apprehended by angry members of public


SEREMBAN: Two snatch thieves were caught by members of the public here yesterday as they attempted to flee after yanking away a woman’s necklace.
The incident occurred as the victim – a 49-year-old woman and her 51-year-old husband – were walking in front of a supermarket at Jalan Yamtuan, Seremban at 5.30pm.
“The thieves attempted to speed off, but could not get far, as they lost control of the motorcycle and crashed into a parked car.
“Both men were immediately apprehended by members of the public,” he said.Read More :

25 Oct 2016


Two brothers nabbed after snatch theft video goes viral


SHAH ALAM: Police today arrested two brothers in connection with a snatch theft incident that went viral, where a CCTV recording captured one of them allegedly running over a 56-year-old woman in Kapar, Klang, last week.
The 20-second recording on the incident was widely circulated on the social media several days ago.
Klang Utara police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Yusoff Mamat said a 28-year-old suspect was arrested at his house in Kampung Rantau Panjang while his elder brother, aged 32, was picked up somewhere in the village between 2am and 4 am.
The 32-year-old suspect was believed to be the man captured by the CCTV.
“At the suspect’s home, the police found a motorcycle and helmet believed to have been used in the snatch theft incident. Also seized were several personal items belonging to the victims,” he said in a statement here today.Read More :

8 August 2016

Student rams into m-cycle with 2 snatch thieves

KUALA LUMPUR: Two men on a motorcycle who snatched the handbag of a university student in Serdang last Wednesday did not realise what they had gotten into.

The victim, who herself was on a motorcycle with a fellow female student riding pillion, chased the thieves for 2km from the entrance of Universiti Putra Malaysia and rammed her motorcycle into the rear of their bike in the 3pm incident.

When all four fell off their machines near Flat Ikan, Sri Serdang, the girls, in their early 20s, screamed for help, attracting a police patrol team, said Serdang Police chief ACP Megat Mohd Aminuddin Megat Alias.

“The police arrested the two men, aged 25 and 27,” he told Bernama.

2 August 2016

Woman’s handbag saved after man rams car into snatch thieves’ motorcycle



By TEOH PEI YING – 2 August 2016 @ 4:39 PM
SEREMBAN: Two snatch thieves who had earlier grabbed a woman’s handbag in Senawang were foiled, thanks to the heroic actions of a man who rammed the criminals down with his car.
…A man snatched her handbag and dashed out of the restaurant to an accomplice, who was waiting on a motorcycle. However, another man spotted the incident and saw the restaurant’s workers chasing the thieves.

The man then gave pursuit in his car and proceeded to ram the thieves’ motorcycle. The restaurant workers apprehended the criminals before handing them over to the police.

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31 March 2016

Snatch thieves caught by members of the public in attempt to flee


BY HARIZ MOHD – 31 MARCH 2016 @ 3:35 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: Two snatch thieves were caught by public members in Kepong, here last night in their attempt to flee after snatching a man’s bag.

The incident happened about 12.10am at Taman Kepong as the victim was having supper with his girlfriend at a noodle stall there.

Sentul police chief Assistant Commissioner R. Munusamy said the incident also saw the victim’s girlfriend sustaining minor injuries.

“From initial investigations, the suspects on a motorcycle approached the victim from behind, before one of them yanked the man’s bag and caused the victim’s girlfriend to fall from her chair.

“The thieves then sped off, but could not get far when their motorcycle went out of control and crashed.

“Both of them were immediately apprehended by members of the public,” he said.

The victim’s bag, which contained RM104 cash, MyKad, and driving licence, among others, was recovered at the scene.

One of the suspects was sent to Kuala Lumpur Hospital for treatment for injuries sustained in the crash.

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Salah seorang suspek cedera dan dihantar ke HKL untuk rawatan lanjut.

Suspected snatch thief falls, dies in attempt to jump to adjacent building

Vigilante,”I saw him leap across… but the gap between the hotel and building is too wide. He fell through and landed on his back at the alley.”

By PHUAH KEN LIN – 22 March 2016 @ 12:43 AM
GEORGE TOWN: A mobile phone thief who was being chased by a teenager who witness him in the act, fell to his death from a third floor of a budget hotel here.
The body of the 29-year-old man from Perak landed in a dark alley behind the hotel. It happened at about 8pm.
Police said the man had allegedly stolen a mobile phone belonging to a female Spanish backpacker, who was having a drink at a nearby coffee shop, in Lebuh Chulia.
The police spokesman said the man then hopped onto a motorcycle manned by his 23-year-old girlfriend, who is a local.
Several people who saw the incident, gave chase.
The 16-year-old who identified himself as Imtiyaz, told the New Straits Times that shortly afterwards, the woman who panicked, lost control of the machine and crashed into a concrete structure, next to the hotel.
“The man abandoned his girlfriend who was then immediately apprehended by passers-by.
“I decided to exercise my right as a citizen, to stop the thief from escaping… so I chased after him as he ran up the hotel.
“He then jumped from the fourth floor onto the hotel’s awning… I managed to grab hold of his shirt, but he slipped through,” Imtiyaz…said he continued the chase until the man repeated the stunt and tried jumping over to an adjacent building.

“I saw him leap across… but the gap between the hotel and building is too wide. He fell through and landed on his back at the alley,” Imtiyaz said.

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21 March 2016 | MYT 10:57 PM

Suspected snatch thief falls, dies in attempt to jump to adjacent building

GEORGE TOWN: A 29-year-old man suspected of committing snatch theft fell to his death from the third floor of a hotel here Monday in an attempt to escape pursuers.

In the 8.30pm incident, the man and a female accomplice on a motorcycle allegedly snatched a handphone from a tourist having a drink at a coffee shop near the hotel.

A few members of the public heard shouts from the tourist and gave chase.

The motorcycle went out of control and crashed near the hotel, and the female suspect was restrained by people nearby.

George Town OCPD Asst Comm Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said the man then ran into the hotel and made his way up to the third floor.

“He tried to jump on to an adjacent building which was about 2.5m away, but slipped and fell to the alley below.

There were 365 cases in January. That is 36 a day!

By ZAHRATULHAYAT MAT ARIF – 15 February 2016 @ 7:03 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: A whopping 365 snatch theft cases were reported in the Dang Wangi district last month.

In particular, tourist-friendly areas such as the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), Bukit Bintang and Pasar Seni have become the top three snatch theft hotspots in the city.

Dang Wangi Police chief ACP Zainol Samah said the situation in the district has shown no improvement in terms of snatch theft cases.

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16 February 2016

Cops oblige after snatch thieves ask to be ‘picked up’

KUALA LUMPUR: Police brought down a snatch theft gang which has been terrorising tourists in the KLCC area after the suspects “asked to be picked up”.

Their undoing began after two of them tried to rob a South Korean tourist walking along Jalan Raja Chulan at about 6.30pm on Feb 9.

When the pillion rider grabbed the 28-year-old woman’s purse, she held on to it, causing the two suspects to lose their balance and fall off their motorcycle.

“Passers-by rushed to help the tourist but the suspects managed to run away and left behind their Yamaha 135LC motorcycle at the scene,” said Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Zainol Samah.

“We checked one of their phones and saw an SMS conversation between him and one of the suspects in the earlier case. It told us that they had lost their motorcycle and had asked to be picked up in Bukit Bintang,” said ACP Zainol

Police, he added, obliged the suspects’ request and “picked them up” near a convenience store in the popular tourist area. In their wallets were a stack of foreign currency from Saudi Arabia, China, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

The four suspects – all 19-year-olds – later confessed to several snatch theft cases in the city and have been put under remand to be investigated for gang robbery.

31 January 2016


Lelaki cedera dibelasah orang ramai slps dikatakan ragut wanita di Kajang Pix pembaca

Embedded image permalink
SUSPEK yang cedera dibelasah. FOTO ihsan pembaca

SUSPEK yang cedera dibelasah. FOTO ihsan pembaca

Mohamad Azim Fitri Abd Aziz

Kajang: Lelaki terpaksa dikejarkan ke hospital apabila dibelasah orang ramai selepas dikatakan meragut wanita di hadapan Pasar Semenyih, di sini, kira-kira 8.30 pagi tadi.

Dalam kejadian itu, suspek berusia 38 tahun bersama rakannya dikatakan menunggang motosikal sebelum meragut beg tangan wanita yang dalam perjalanan ke pasar.

Ketua Polis Daerah Kajang, Asisten Komisioner Willey Richard berkata, bagaimanapun anak mangsa yang turut menyaksikan kejadian itu bertindak mengejar suspek bersama beberapa orang awam yang lain sebelum seorang suspek ditahan.

Katanya, ekoran kejadian itu suspek kini dirawat di Hospital Kajang selepas mengalami kecederaan dipercayai dipukul orang awam selepas dia ditahan.

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30 January 2016

He came, he snatched and he was knocked down…

Snatch thief arrested in Jalan Ipoh

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KUALA LUMPUR: A snatch thief was seriously injured when he was rammed by a car while trying to flee from good samaritans in Jalan Ipoh, here, yesterday.

The 11am incident happened when the suspect, aged 29, was running across the road at Batu 6 1/2 after snatching a female doctor’s hand bag.

Sentul police chief Assistant Commissioner R. Munusamy said the suspect sustained serious injuries to his right leg and both arms during the crash.

“The man was immediately apprehended by a group of public members who were chasing him.

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Kejadian 11 pagi tadi.

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25 January 2016


Police saves woman from losing RM21,000 to snatch thief

Police nabbed a snatch thief and recovered RM21,000 that was snatched from a woman in front of a shopping centre at Kubang Kerian today.

Kota Baharu police chief ACP Baharom Abdullah said during the 1 pm incident, a 36-year-old woman and her two children, aged five and eight, had just come out of an automated teller machine at the shopping centre.

“The victim and her children proceeded to the car and she was about to start the engine when a stranger opened the driver’s door and grabbed her handbag placed on top of the handbrake handle,” he told reporters at the Kubang Kerian police station, today.

Baharom said while screaming for help, the victim struggled with the thief but snatcher managed to run off but not before four policemen from a nearby beat overpowered the suspect and recovered the handbag and money.


23 January 2016



By PREDEEP NAMBIAR – 23 January 2016 @ 2:44 PM

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GEORGE TOWN: A German teenager narrowly escaped being mugged by two men on a motorcycle at Love Lane here last night.
In the 9.15pm incident, the lone 19-year-old was walking along the tourist spot when two men attempted to snatch her handbag slung on her shoulder. However, the men failed to snatch the bag as the girl held on tightly to her bag.
This resulted in the duo making away with only a broken strap. The struggle also caused the duo to lose control of their machine and crash into the wall of a shophouse nearby.
Passers-by then performed a citizens’ arrest and handed them over to policemen on patrol nearby.

14 January 2016


14 January 2016

Violent assault causes mum to drop baby

PANG JAYA: A mother underwent a parent’s worst nightmare when a violent assault by snatch thieves in front of her house in Taman Kencana caused her two-month-old daughter to fall to the ground.

A photo posted on the traumatised 28-year-old supervisor’s Facebook account showed the baby with injuries to her face following the harrowing incident.

To make matters worse, the woman’s mother, who was with them during the crime, was also injured on the head and body in the attack.

Based on her police report, the supervisor was about to leave for work when the assault occurred at around 8.15am on Monday.

“I was already on the motorcycle and my mother was handing over my daughter to me.

“Suddenly, two men on a motorcycle sped towards us and tried to snatch my mother’s necklace.

“A struggle ensued and my baby fell out of my arms. I screamed in shock,” the report read.

It was reported that the suspects fled the scene empty-handed.

28 December 2015

Malaysian Insider

Snatch thefts still major concern in Bangsar, say cops

The commercial area around Jalan Telawi in Bangsar Baru is the main target of snatch thieves. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, December 28, 2015.

Police have reminded residents and visitors in the Bangsar neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur to be vigilant against snatch thieves.

Brickfields police chief Sharul Othman said there had been 18 snatch theft cases until November this year. In 2014, there were a total of 19 cases over the whole year, the StarMetro reported.

“Based on our data, many cases occurred during the day, with more incidents on Saturdays and Sundays,” he was quoted as saying.

Sharul said police were taking steps to tackle the problem, including increasing the number of uniformed policemen patrolling the area.

“In addition to plainclothes policemen, we also have a motorcycle patrol unit, mobile patrol vehicles and policemen patrolling on foot in the area.

“After every incident, we will look through all the closed-circuit television cameras in the location to identify the suspect through various aspects, such as their clothes, helmet, motorcycle and the plate number.

Bangsar Baru Residents Association president Datuk George Joseph, however, said residents had not heard of any snatch theft of late.

“The police will update us monthly on crime in Bangsar Baru and I have not received any statistics on snatch thefts in the last two months.

“Bangsar Baru residents are connected through a WhatsApp group that was created two years ago to keep all residents informed about the crime in the area.

“So, if any snatch theft took place involving the residents, we would have known. As far as the residents are concerned, the safety situation is good at the moment,” he added.

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Police nab eight “Myvi Gang” members

23 December 2015 @ 1:49 PM

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KOTA KINABALU: Police crippled a gang responsible for at least 23 snatch theft incidents here and Penampang within the last six months.
Eight people including two women aged between 18 and 50 were arrested between Dec 20 and 22 for investigations into the cases where all of the snatch theft victims were women.

Known as the “Myvi Gang”, the group used cars to prey on their victims especially those walk alone on the streets,” he said, adding that investigations are being carried out under the Penal Code.

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20 December 2015

Malaysian Insider

Enraged community leaders, public demand action on snatch thefts

Angry community leaders and members of the public are demanding the authorities do more to combat the snatch theft scourge plaguing the Klang Valley.

“The authorities, such as Kuala Lumpur City Hall and Selayang Municipal Council, should look into placing guardrails and CCTV at hotspots to deter snatch theft, particularly in Kepong,” said Kepong community centre head Yee Poh Ping in response to an incident outside a morning market in the township, which left the victim fighting for her life in intensive care (ICU).

Yee advised the public to been on the alert when leaving their homes or workplace.

Reader tienguan believed that the current judicial process was too lenient. “Introduce capital punishment for snatch thefts and robberies.”

It was reported that Gombak police chief Ali Ahmad had said a 43-year-old housewife had driven to the market at 10am on Friday for breakfast.

“She parked her car on Jalan 12 Desa Jaya and crossed the road to the market when two men on a motorcycle rode up to her and snatched her handbag.

“The victim is understood to have fallen on the pavement, suffering severe injuries to her head, waist and shoulder,” Ali was quoted as saying.

He had said the victim lost her identification documents and RM200 in the attack.

Passers-by took her to a nearby clinic before she was admitted to the ICU in Selayang Hospital. She was later transferred to Sungai Buloh Hospital.

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2 December 2015

Got another one! Good job!

Plucky passer-by rams snatch thief
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By PHUAH KEN LIN – 1 December 2015 @ 7:10 PM

GEORGE TOWN: A snatch thief’s attempt at grabbing a handbag was foiled by a plucky passer-by today.

Northeast district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mior Farid Altrash Farid said in the 11am incident, a 35-year-old woman seated at a roadside eatery had placed her handbag on her thighs while dining.

A thief, who was riding on his motorcycle spotted the handbag and snatched it.
“A passer-by saw the incident and sprung into action. “He rammed his car into the motorcycle. The impact threw the snatch thief off his machine,” said Mior Farid.

The suspect was then apprehended by members of the public and handed over to the police.

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27 November 2015

Motorist knocks down snatch thief
By PRIYA PUBALAN – 27 November 2015 @ 3:40 PM
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GEORGE TOWN : A 39-year-old suspect was arrested during a snatch thief incident at Lebuh Chulia here, yesterday.
In the 2.30pm incident, the suspect was caught after a motorist blocked his vehicle causing him to fall to the ground.
The motorist then caught him with the help of the public.
“The victim was waiting for her friend when the suspect attacked her, in an attempt to snatch her handbag. ”
The victim fell down and injured her face. At that point of time, a motorist who had witnessed the incident stepped in and blocked the suspect with her car causing the latter to lose control of his motorcycle and fall on the ground,” he said today.
Mior said the victim sustained injuries on her right hand, right knee and a broken tooth. “The victim is seeking treatment at Penang Hospital.

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7 November 2015

Top cop slams bias claim by Chinese daily

Top cop slams bias claim by Chinese daily

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Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar today slammed Chinese daily, Sin Chew, for purportedly claiming that police were biased in their actions against crime.

Khalid took to his Twitter account to hit out at the paper, which carried an article about his men’s swift action in apprehending suspects in a snatch theft case, whose victim was a personnel in the force.

“Tiada pilih kasih dlm tindakan @PDRMsia terhadap jenayah ragut. Akhbar ini jgn lah cuba mengapi api kan pembaca!” the IGP said in a caption with a screenshot of the offending article. (Translation: “There is no prejudice in the police’s action on snatch theft cases. This newspaper should not incite readers”‘).

Sin Chew had put up the story on its Facebook account with a caption reading: “Yet another snatch theft case, but this case was solved swiftly.”

Malaysiakini reported that the daily later apologised to the police over the post, but said it was not its intention to suggest police were biased in the case.

“The status was not meant to question whether police were biased in its investigation. It was to show the positive attitude of the police in handling the case and highlight their efficiency.

“This was proven when police solved many important cases in a short period of time recently,” it said. – November 7, 2015.

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5 November 2015

A woman walking home alone after dinner was stabbed to death by snatch thieves.

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Snatch thief stabs woman to death

5 November 2015 @ 12:48 PM

Snatch thief stabs woman to death

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JOHOR BARU: A 44-year old woman from China was found dead when she was stabbed in her back by a snatch thief during a scuffle.

The incident happened at Jalan Ibrahim Sultan in Stulang Laut, here at 9.45pm last night.

The victim, identified as Du Wei Qing was on her way back home when two snatch thieves on a motorcycle grabbed hold of her bag.

However the victim refused to let go of her bag, prompting one of the thieves to stab her on her back before escaping with the victim’s bag. Du, who was bleeding tried to chase the thieves but succumbed to her injury and died at the scene.

σ゚ロ゚)σ 如果你目擊事發經過,請一定要協助警方破案!


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China Press Negeri Johor 柔佛州《中國報》's photo.



Tuesday June 23, 2015 MYT 6:53:23 PM

Aussie woman fights back snatch thieves

KUALA LUMPUR: A snatch thief’s luck ran out when he fell off a motorcycle in an attempt to steal the handbag of an Australian woman.

In the 10.15am incident, the 19-year-old suspect, who was riding pillion, targeted the foreigner who was walking with her husband in Jalan Conlay on Sunday.

The thief and his accomplice slowed down their motorcycle before grabbing the victim’s bag.

The 60-year-old woman, however, refused to let go of her bag and tugged back, causing the two to fall off their motorcycle.

Dang Wangi police chief Asst Comm Zainol Samah said the incident was witnessed by a patrol team who immediately arrested the man. The accomplice, however, managed to escape on foot.


S’pore woman in Bangkok foils thieves on motorcycle by holding on to bag

May 3, 2015 9:30pm

One moment she was taking photos of the famous Erawan shrine in Bangkok.

The next, she was being dragged by a pair of snatch thieves on a motorcycle.

Mrs Puran Kaur was taking pictures of the shrine with her husband’s handphone when her bag and the phone were snatched by someone riding a motorcycle.

The incident happened last Thursday (April 30), the day she was supposed to fly back to Singapore.

“My first instinct was to hang on to my bag,” the 52-year-old owner of Bollywood club Moshi Moshi told The New Paper.

“I looked up and all I saw was the back wheel of the motorcycle and the exhaust pipe,” she added.

She said she eventually let go after being dragged for about 100m from the pavement and onto the road.

She found her bag on the roadside later.

Amazingly, her husband’s phone was later returned to her by a Thai taxi driver.

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The Erawan Shrine in bangkok


Hindu Temples in Bangkok. Erawan Shrine)

Snatch thieves leave woman bleeding badly after beating her with rod in Puchong

A woman received six stitches to the back of her head after two snatch thieves on a motorcycle attacked her at Kinrara, Puchong in Malaysia.

During the incident, the attackers, two men on a motorcycle confronted the victim who was walking on the sidewalk before they attacked her.

District police chief Assistant Commissioner Razimi Ahmad who confirmed the incident said when the woman put up a fight, one of the suspects hit her repeatedly with the rod, causing her to fall.


Snatch cases
2012 Jan-Oct: 1,751
2013 Jan-Oct: 2,098

Malay Mail Online

Snatch thieves outnumbering cops, says lawyer

By Vanessa Ee-Lyn Gomes
Published: December 20, 2014 07:25 AM

PETALING JAYA, Dec 20 — The number of snatch thieves on the streets is larger than the number of police officers, according to criminal lawyer S. Selvam.

Selvam, who handles snatch theft cases, said the shortage of enforcement officers was the reason for the rising number of snatch thefts.

“A law can be in place but if there are no policemen on the streets, the snatch thieves will be there,” he said.

“It will be easier for them to prey on passers by.”

Sharing similar sentiments was criminal lawyer Afifuddin Ahmad Hafif, who said no form of punishment would reduce the crime rate.

“You can enhance the punishment for the crime but it does not mean people will stop committing the offence,” he said.

Asked if the suggestion by Gerakan Wanita chief Datuk Tan Lian Hoe to impose mandatory whipping as a stiffer sentence for snatch theft was practical, Afifuddin disagreed.

Malaysians Against Rape, Assault and Snatch Theft (Marah) founder Dave Avran said the organisation had been requesting mandatory whipping for snatch thieves for the last three years.

“The number of deaths from snatch thefts is worrying and the modus operandi can be quite aggressive,” he said.

He said whipping would be a good deterrent.

Woman sent flying after motorcyclist snatches her handbag in Malaysia


Snatch cases
2012 Jan-Oct: 1,751
2013 Jan-Oct: 2,098

Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation vice-chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said a high percentage of the cases were committed by drug addicts.

“I can say as high as 70 per cent of the snatch theft cases were committed by drug addicts or were drug-related,” he told reporters after opening ‘a fight against street crime’ programme here today.

It’s a 7-in-1!



KEMAMAN: Seven men who were high on drugs and believed to be the snatch thefts suspects were detained while they were in bushes behind a school in Jalan Air Putih, near Chukai, on Wednesday.

According to a source, the police team raided the scene following a public tip-off at 1.30pm.

The suspects aged between 16 and 27, were high on drugs during the incident and tried to escape the police team, however, they have been cornered and detained at the scene.

NEVER WEAR A SARONG TO COMMIT A CRIME: YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN IT MAY COME OFF! Or ride a bicycle to get away from snatching a hand bag!

This man lost his sarong while riding his bicycle from the scene of the crime!

He was caught not far from the location where he snatched the victim’s bag and was beaten up the villagers.

Free Malaysia Today

Make community policing permanent, says Lam Thye

November 24, 2013

Community policing can help fight crime provided the programme is sustainable.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation today called for the community policing programme to be made a permanent feature in every neighbourhood, especially in urban areas.

Its vice-chairman Lee Lam Thye said the programme, if successfully implemented, will result in reducing house break-ins, snatch thefts and other petty crimes.

“What is important is to ensure every community policing programme is sustainable and have lasting effect on the community,” he said in a statement here today.

Make community policing permanent, says Lam Thye


Saturday November 23, 2013 MYT 7:50:51 AM

Taman Sri Muda women in crime patrol

Sharing the reponsibility: Sunita (in red) and Chandra (in blue) on night patrol with the men of Taman Sri Muda.

Sharing the reponsibility: Sunita (in red) and Chandra (in blue) on night patrol with the men of Taman Sri Muda.

ARMED with the belief that the safety of their neighbourhood also lies in their hands, the women of Taman Sri Muda have joined their menfolk in the fight against crime.

Zone A Taman Sri Muda Rukun Tetangga (RT) formed the Crime Watch Patrol in March this year and a number of women are part of the team.

Their aim is to help the police in Taman Sri Muda fight crime which has seriously affected the neighbourhood.

Sunitha Jeganathan, 35, and her sister-in-law P. Mookayaa, 44, leave their young children at home with their parents and help patrol the streets every weekend.

The Sun daily

Snatch thieves caught within 10 minutes

Posted on 18 November 2013 – 09:08pm
Last updated on 18 November 2013 – 09:49pm

GEORGE TOWN (Nov 18, 2013): Police nabbed two snatch thieves within 10 minutes of being alerted by the public on the incident.

Southwest district police chief Supt Mohd Hatta Mohd Zin said a factory operator was walking to the bus stop at Bayan Lepas, Balik Pulau, when two men on a motorcycle rode up and snatched her bag.

“In the 9.30am incident today, the victim put up a struggle with the suspects but they got away with her bag.

Members of the public who witnessed the incident called the Bayan Lepas police station and gave the motorcycle registration number to the officer on duty. They also gave a description of what the snatch thieves wore.

“The information was relayed to a police patrol unit on the crime prevention rounds in the area which detained the suspects after a short chase. We want to thank the public for their help,” he said in statement texted to the media today.

Mohd Hatta said police also seized a pocket knife, a knuckle duster and a pair of pliers.

Snatch thieves caught within 10 minutes


Sunday November 17, 2013 MYT 3:24:42 PM

Snatch thief preys on helpless woman

KUCHING: A housewife lost her handbag to snatch thief at the parking lot of a commercial centre in Jalan Tun Jugah here.

The 60-year-old victim from Jalan Song told police that the incident occurred around 4.30pm on Friday.

She had just gotten into her car when a motorcyclist rode up and grabbed her handbag.

In her police report lodged in Simpang Tiga, she stated that she lost RM4,500, foreign currencies, bank book, mobile phone and personal documents.

Snatch thief preys on helpless woman


17 November 2013| last updated at 01:30PM

‘Ops Cantas should be launched against snatch thieves’

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) today suggested a full scale war should be declared against snatch thieves and Ops Cantas be launched against them throughout the country.

Its Vice-Chairman, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said snatch thefts occuring in various parts of the country was the bane of society and public enemy number one, besides the serious drug menace.

“Snatch thefts are now a daily occurence and what is most serious is the fact that several victims of snatch theft, cases mostly women, ended up dying.

“This is murder committed against the innocent public and should be addressed with the full brunt of the law,” Lee said in a statement here, today.

“A serious view should also be taken by the courts against snatch thieves brought before them,” he said — Bernama

Malaysian Insider

Anti-crime group calls for full scale war on snatch thieves – Bernama

November 17, 2013

The Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) today suggested a full scale war should be declared against snatch thieves and Ops Cantas be launched against them thoroughout the country.

Its vice-chairman, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said snatch thefts occuring in various parts of the country was the bane of society and public enemy number one, besides the serious drug menace.


“Snatch thefts are now a daily occurrence and what is most serious is the fact that several victims of snatch theft, cases mostly women, ended up dying.

“This is murder committed against the innocent public and should be addressed with the full brunt of the law,” Lee said in a statement today.

“A serious view should also be taken by the courts against snatch thieves brought before them,” he said

my Metro

Warga emas maut diragut


Oleh Suraya Roslan

SEREMBAN: Perjalanan pulang dua beranak ke rumah berakhir dengan tragedi memilukan apabila ibunya maut selepas motosikal dibonceng ditendang peragut di Jalan Tuan Haji Said, di sini, petang tadi.

Dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 3.55 petang itu, mangsa Jamariah Ahir, 64, maut di tempat kejadian akibat cedera parah di kepala dan badan manakala anak perempuannya, Norain Mohd Yusof, 23, cedera ringan di kaki serta tangan.


Sunday November 17, 2013 MYT 8:18:51 AM

Man who protected daughter from snatch thief succumbs to injuries

PETALING JAYA: A father, whose last act was to protect his daughter from a snatch thief, died.

Nung Wai Kwong, 52, had been in a coma for 17 days after stopping a motorcyclist from robbing his daughter on Oct 30.

They were on a motorcycle heading home to Pandan Perdana at about 11.40pm when another motorcyclist sped toward them. He tried to snatch Nung’s daughter’s handbag but they fought him off.

Nung’s motorcycle was kicked during the scuffle, causing father and daughter to fall to the ground. The motorcyclist sped off.

Nung was treated at a private hospital before undergoing surgery at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. He was readmitted to the intensive care unit of the private hospital after the operation.

Man who protected daughter from snatch thief succumbs to injuries


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