Mahathir has a great deal to answer for…


“Let’s do away with Anwar,” said Mahathir, and the New Straits Times replied, “Yes, Sir!”

They failed, didn’t they?


A cautionary tale from ex-NST boss

COMMENT Former New Straits Times group editor-in-chief A Kadir Jasin’s disclosure that it was Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad who personally ordered the consignment to political oblivion of Anwar Ibrahim by the NST after the latter was decapitated in 1998 brings to an instructive close the case against politically-aligned ownership of media outlets.


A cautionary tale from ex-NST boss


Therefore, he said, people should not expect the mainstream media to change following the 13th general election, since this would require the Umno president’s consent.


Kadir: Dr M had ordered NST to ‘erase memory of Anwar’



Then-prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad instructed New Straits Times to “do away with” his former deputy Anwar Ibrahim following his sacking in 1998, said the daily’s former group editor-in-chief A Kadir Jasin.

“His (Mahathir’s) feeling was that we should try to do away with Anwar. Maybe we should try to erase the memory of Anwar,” Kadir said.

NONEKadir (left) said he had responded that this was nearly impossible because the daily had developed Anwar, for the past 16 years, as Mahathir’s successor on the PM’s instructions.

It would be impossible to change tack overnight, so Kadir said he proposed to simply ignore Anwar as a public figure.

“Of course, this could not be accepted because in Umno, they believe that you have to use all your might and your power to destroy Anwar. I think it did not quite work out,” he said.

He was speaking at a seminar at Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) Malaysia today on the role of the media in elections.

Kadir, who served as New Straits Times group editor and New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd group editor-in-chief between 1988 and 2000, said this when illustrating his point that Media Prima, which now owns the New Straits Times group, is answerable only to the UMNO President.

Kadir: Dr M had ordered NST to ‘erase memory of Anwar’


Malaysia Chronicle

Sunday, 09 June 2013 18:16

UNGRATEFUL DR M: Don’t forget it was the Chinese voters who saved your skin in 1999!

Written by  Lim Kit Siang

Former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has shocked and outraged many Malaysians with his recent conduct where both during and after the 13GE, he had been one of the most extremist and racist voices in the country.

In the evening of his days, Mahathir should be a model Malaysian instead of being a stereotypical racist, seeking to pit the Malays against the Chinese.

Immediately after the May 5 general election results, the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak talked about the need for a programme of “national reconciliation” but if there is an independent study and investigation into the speeches and statements made during and after the 13th General Elections, I have no doubt that it would be found that all the racist and chauvinist utterances, inciting racial conflict and hatred, emanate from the Umno/Barisan Nasional side whether from the UMNO/BN leaders or from their mouthpieces whether official or unofficial, like Mahathir himself.

If all the racist and chauvinistic appeals, trying to incite communal distrust and discord, whether during or after the 13GE, emanate from the UMNO/BN side, how can the UMNO/BN leaders have the temerity of trying to put the blame of worsening racial relations on Pakatan Rakyat?

Don’t forget , it was the Chinese voters who saved you in 1999!

In the 1999 general elections, it was the Chinese voters who saved Mahathir and UMNO from the Barisan Alternative comprising DAP, Parti Keadilan, Parti Rakyat Malaysia and PAS when Anwar was first sacked as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister and jailed in Sungai Buloh prison.

Why didn’t Mahathir accuse the Chinese voters at the time of trying to oust the political power of the Malays and to dominate politics in Malaysia?

Mahathir should stop undermining all his advocacy of Vision 2020 and Bangsa Malaysia in his final 13 years as Prime Minister from 1991-2003, as he should be a model Malaysian if he is sincere and serious about his Vision 2020 and Bangsa Malaysia concept.

I would urge Mahathir to put national and Malaysian interests above his petty personal interests and considerations.

Lim Kit Siang is the DAP adviser & MP for Gelang Patah

UNGRATEFUL DR M: Don’t forget it was the Chinese voters who saved your skin in 1999!


Mahathir claims that the Blackout505 rallies are “largely attended by the Chinese” and is “mainly a Chinese affair”.

Is that true? At the Ipoh Blackout Rally, the crowd was predominantly Malay!

Click o the link and see for yourself.
There is an album of 200 photos.




Is it racism only when non-Malays involved, Dr M?

COMMENT Umno’s so-called ‘Demolish and Destroy DAP Brigade’ (DDD) – as exposed by Gelang Patah MP Lim Kit Siang – has continued its non-stop inflammatory propaganda to cast the DAP as a racist party.

This DDD brigade led by none other than former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad now claims that the proof of DAP being a racist party is that the Chinese voted for DAP, and the Chinese turnout at the recent Pakatan Rakyat rallies were high.

This accusation must rank as among the biggest piece of gibberish coming from the 88-year-old former Umno president.

NONEWhen Malays voted overwhelmingly for Umno in the past, it was never “racism”. When a 100 percent Malay crowd holds weekly protests against the Pakatan Rakyat government in Penang, it is not “racism”.

When Chinese voted for MCA in the past, that couldn’t have been racism. When Chinese in large numbers voted for PAS and PKR in the May 5 general current election, PAS and PKR were not accused of racism.

When Malays increased their support for the DAP candidates in the same election, Mahathir accused DAP of spreading “propaganda” that influenced educated Malays into perceiving the BN government as corrupt.

However, when the Chinese also voted strongly for DAP, that is proof of DAP’s “racism”. When many Chinese turn up at Pakatan events, that is, beyond any shadow of a doubt, Chinese “racism”. What type of senile, perverted logic is this?

Mahathir and his DDD brigade should perhaps look up the dictionary on the definition of “racism”. defines racism as “a belief… usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others” or “a policy, system of government, etc, based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination”.

Objective is to brainwash the Malays

By this definition alone, it is proof that the real racists of this country are Umno, Mahathir and his DDD brigade.

In fact, the multi-million ringgit DDD brigade has, through influential blogs and the Umno mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia, completely rewritten the definition of “racism” to fit their own political objectives. Their objectives are to brainwash Malays and Malaysians into believing “anti-racism” as “racism”, and “racism” as their birthright.

Where else in the world can you find a party like Umno calling for “ketuanan Melayu” or supremacy of the Malays as its sole raison d’etre being able to dispel all notions of its racism?

TONY PUA is DAP national publicity secretary and MP for Petaling Jaya Utara.

Is it racism only when non-Malays involved, Dr M?



Dr M: Rallies prove ‘Chinese racism’ in GE13
12:42PM Jun 6, 2013

The demographics of those who turn up at the post-general election protest rallies nationwide is proof of “Chinese racism” in the polls, said former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

chedet mahathir blog 210508In a blog post today, Mahathir said that this is because the rallies are “largely attended by the Chinese” and is “mainly a Chinese affair”.

This, he said, will result in further racial polarisation in the country, with the Malays being further sidelined economically and politically.

“Within the country and abroad, Chinese youths wearing black shirts and masks made up most of the demonstrators. Usually Malays make up the majority of the demonstrators,” he said.

He said the lack of Malays at these rallies could also be linked with alleged “disassociation” by PAS leaders with the demonstrations which he claimed are meant to overthrow the government “Arab Spring style”.

In fact, he said, it is PAS which lost out the most in the last polls, while DAP was the biggest winner having “succeeded in destroying the collaboration… between the different races as exemplified by the BN coalition”.

“This pact clearly benefited the chauvinist Chinese in DAP most, while PAS, the most Malay of Pakatan parties benefitted the least, winning only 21 seats against DAP’s 38 and PKR’S 30,” he said, noting that this was despite PAS contesting the most seats.

He said this shows that the DAP is pushing for the Chinese “who already dominate the economy” to also control Malaysia’s politics.

“It is clearly racist and reject inter-racial sharing of power and wealth as advocated by the BN. Racial polarisation has become more pronounced as a result. It will become more so in the future,” he said.

Dr M: Rallies prove ‘Chinese racism’ in GE13


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