The Call to BOYCOTT Chinese products: UMNO against Malaysia!



The Politics of Bread, Sugar and other UMNO Businesses in Malaysia: Crony Companies



The new Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism Minister is turning out to be a minister for UMNO Malaysians even though he says, “We are a ministry for Malaysians.”

Blogger: This Minister lacks wisdom. Instead of publicly announcing that any boycott by UMNO of so-called pro-Pakatan Rakyat firms works against unity, he gives in to their “right to do so”.


Jaringan Melayu Malaysia deputy president Omar Salleh claimed Kalimullah was the largest shareholder of AirAsia and that he should apologise to the Malays for Azran Osman’s outburst.

“We want to know whether Kalimullah influenced Azran Osman to think negatively about Utusan, to the extent that he can make a statement against his own race. We fully support the Umno veteran’s call for a boycott of AirAsia and AirAsia X,” Omar said


Utusan picks on Kalimullah for defending AirAsia X CEO
1:41PM May 22, 2013

Continuing its tirade against budget airline AirAsia, Utusan Malaysia today focused its sight on businessperson Kalimullah Hassan, who came to the defence of AirAsia X chief executive officer Azran Osman Rani.

Kalimullah, formerly group editor-in-chief of New Straits Times, in defending Azran Osman against Utusan Malaysia’s racist front page headline, tweeted “Only the bigots will find comments like that of Azran Osman offensive. He is a true Malaysian.”

“I wonder sometimes under which rock some of these Utusan personalities crawled out from. Must be a real sank [sic] dark place,” Kalimullah said in his tweet.

Following this, Malay rights group Perkasa described Kalimullah’s tweet as an example of a Malay who has forgotten his roots. Perkasa’s information chief Ruslan Kassim said Kalimullah could not talk about “who are the true Malaysians” as the businessman had obtained various projects from the government.

“We remind Kalimullah not to forget his roots. Or is he one of those who can be described as a Malay who often forgets,” Ruslan said in a statement to the Umno-owned daily.
Gerakan Reformasi Rakyat Malaysia president Ramlan Abu Bakar called on Kalimullah to explain his ties with Azran Osman, as what was reported by Utusan was related to the rights of the Malays according to the federal constitution.

Ramlan said there was no issue for which Utusan Malaysia could be described as racist.

Suara Anak Muda 1Malaysia president Armand Azha Abu Hanifah wants Kalimullah to view the daily’s report on a wider scope and not be prejudiced and label it as racist.

Utusan today also reported a call by the civil service trade union federation Cuepacs for civil servants to boycott AirAsia.

Utusan picks on Kalimullah for defending AirAsia X CEO


Malay Mail

AirAsia defends ‘painful’ decision

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 – 15:50

AirAsia Berhad has defended its action of barring 14-monthold Mariam Sofea Mohd Reza and her mother, Izan Suhaila, 36, from boarding a flight from Ho Chi Minh to Kuala Lumpur on Saturday.

In a statement, AirAsia said the child was denied entry onboard flight AK1455 as she was infected with chicken pox and the matter was confirmed by a Vietnamese airport doctor who declared her unfit for travel.

The airline company said Mariam Sofea was not fit to fly as the medical report showed she was travelling three days after early symptoms appeared and was found to have a fever, watery eyes, runny nose and rashes on parts of her body.

AirAsia CEO Aireen Omar said the airline’s ground representative provided necessary assistance to the mother and child and made arrangements to fly them, and two accompanying adults, for free once the child was medically fit to take to the air.

“We have also offered them hotel and transportation arrangements. However, the guests confirmed they had the necessary assistance to extend their stay in Ho Chi Minh City,” she said.

Aireen said AirAsia was adhering to global health regulations and standards in which a guest with chicken pox may only travel five days after the first symptoms or rashes appeared and must possess a valid medical certificate or doctor’s letter to confirm they were fit to travel.

Free Malaysia Today

Racism has reached ‘dark and sinister’ levels

Raymond Tombung | May 21, 2013

The call to boycott Chinese businesses and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s silence show continued desperation and fear among the BN leaders, says Sabah STAR.

KOTA KINABALU: Calls by Malay-Muslim groups to boycott Chinese businesses is bad enough without Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s arrogant retort for the 51% voters who voted for the opposition to leave the country if they are unhappy, said Bingkor assemblyman Dr Jeffrey Kitingan.

Compounding this ‘dangerous levels’ of racism is Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s silence, he added.

“The Prime Minister needs to speak up against these calls, lest the BN (Barisan Nasional) and Umno is continued to be seen as supporting extreme racism in Malaysia.

“His continued silence in the face of this increased racism, anti-Chinese activism, and heightening of the Malay supremacy is shocking.

“He dearly needs to speak up against it to show the world that Malaysia is a mature democracy that is model of progress, wisdom and social harmony,” said Jeffrey, who is also Sabah State Reform Party chief.

Alluding to recent racially intoned rantings by the Muslim Consumers Society and the Muslim Consumers Association Malaysia (PPIM), Jeffrey said if left uncontrolled it “will lead Malaysia into turmoil and anarchy”.


Utusan escalates attack on AirAsia
2:15PM May 21, 2013

Utusan Malaysia has expanded its criticism of AirAsia X chief executive officer Azran Osman Rani to the low-cost carrier itself, dedicating one full page to negative reports today.

The Umno-owned newspaper quoted several individuals including Consumer Association of Subang and Shah Alam president Jacob George and Malaysia Muslim Consumer Association activist Mohd Mustaffa Hamzah in a report headlined ‘AirAsia censured’.

NONEThis was a reference to the case of Izan Suhaila Mohd Ali, 36, and her 14-month-old daughter Mariam Sofea Mohd Reza who were not allowed to board an AirAsia flight at Ho Chi Minh airport in Vietnam to return home last Saturday.

AirAsia had explained that it followed international guidelines in rejecting the duo as a doctor had diagnosed the baby with chicken pox.

The rival Malaysian Airlines, which later flew the duo back, claimed that another doctor confirmed that the baby could be taken on board the aircraft as she had recovered from the disease.

Another report headlined ‘AirAsia’s excuse disputed by consumers’ quoted posts by Internet users on the airline’s Facebook webpage, rebutting its explanation.

Describing the airline’s treatment of the mother and child as “inhumane”, the daily cited a blog posting by TV3 journalist Mazidul Akmal Sidek who slammed AirAsia group chief executive officer Tony Fernandes for defending his employees.

Utusan escalates attack on AirAsia


Monday, 20 May 2013 10:12

Free-for-all racism breaks out in Malaysia: Najib has started a fire that will engulf himself, Umno!

Written by  Tony Pua

Instead of a “national reconciliation” pronounced by the Prime Minister on the night of election, what we are witnessing today is the “national aggravation” of race-relations by all UMNO and BN-related machinery, particularly the Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia and Umno’s team of bloggers and cyber-troopers.

The situation, with absolutely no restraint from UMNO President, Datuk Seri Najib Razak himself, is spiralling out of control, worsening race-relations to its lowest ebb in recent decades.

Utusan Malaysia takes a completely racist position when defending UMNO over BN’s worst ever electoral performance in history, placing the blame squarely and entirely on the Chinese community. The newspaper kicked off its tirade with the inflammatory headline “Apa lagi Cina mau?”. It has since on a daily basis, inundated its readers with racist quotes from UMNO and NGO leaders chiding the Chinese for being ingrates such as the quote from Dr Mahathir who claimed that “the Chinese has rejected the Malays’ hand of friendship”.

Utusan Malaysia has gone on to attack the CEO of AirAsiaX, Azran Othman who had gone on record to say “I am Malaysian. I am anti-racism. I am disgusted by Utusan’s editorial stance.” Utusan Malaysia now accuses Azran of being “anti-Malay”, “having forgotten his roots” and an ingrate towards presumably Umno and Utusan, for contributing for his achievements today. It has become shocking how those who stand against racism are being vilified in the mainstream media owned by Umno and Barisan Nasional.

Boycott the Chinese

Now the Umno-owned media are playing up the call to boycott “Chinese-owned” goods and services by Umno bloggers, cyber-troopers and Umno-linked NGOs. Muslim Consumers Association Malaysia (PPIM) for example, had recently called for consumers to boycott or at the very least buy goods sold by Chinese companies last.

Pakatan Rakyat call upon all Malaysians to not only frown upon racist calls – whether to boycott “Chinese” goods, or to discriminate against “Malay” companies – but to stand up against racism because regardless of whether the goods were produced by Chinese or Malays or Indians, we are all Malaysians.

Hence we call upon the Prime Minister to demonstrate his sincerity in “1Malaysia” by breaking his silence and condemn the racist developments in the country before his reign becomes recorded in history as the one which caused Malaysians to be the most racially divided.

Tony Pua


Malaysian Insider

‘Racial’ boycott will spook investors, stall economic reforms, warn business experts

By Boo Su-Lyn and Md Izwan
May 20, 2013KUALA LUMPUR, May 20 — Putrajaya cannot turn a blind eye to the call by Malay groups to boycott Chinese businesses as the campaign risks derailing the government’s economic transformation plans that could further slow down Malaysia’s growth, corporate leaders and an economist have warned.

The Malay and Chinese Chambers of Commerce, as well as economist Yeah Kim Leng, said the federal government needs to step in immediately to arrest the campaign they separately described as “unhealthy, childish and racist” from gaining ground and further spooking foreign investors even as Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew just by 4.1 per cent for the first quarter of the year due to the political overhang resulting from delayed elections.

“It will not just give impact in our country, but potential investors will also reconsider this kind of race issue in the market and businesses,” Yeah, who is chief economist at RAM Holdings Bhd, told The Malaysian Insider.

“For businesses, they will suffer the boycott. The result could dampen the national income, and dampen growth, make a lot of people lose job opportunities,” he said.

Yeah also cautioned that such a boycott had far-reaching results than the proposers may have first imagined as the discriminatory campaign would eventually affect all ethnicities.

Unless steps were taken to strongly “discourage” the instigators of the boycott, investors still wary over the “politicisation of businesses” may choose to explore opportunities elsewhere and this would affect Malaysia’s foreign direct investment (FDI), he said.

‘Racial’ boycott will spook investors, stall economic reforms, warn business experts



Malik slams NGOs over ‘boycott of Chinese goods’

The Malaysian Muslim Consumer Association (PPIM) has been criticised for urging others to boycott halal products by Chinese-owned companies.

State executive councillor for Islamic affairs Abdul Malik Kassim (right) described such proposals as “immature, racist and childish”.“I see the action as trying to punish the Chinese community for supporting Pakatan Rakyat in the just-concluded general election,” said Abdul Malik in a press conference.“Supporting any parties is not a crime against any law that such action should be taken against them,” he added.Abdul Malik was referring to the action by a group of 20 NGOs who on Tuesday held a media conference to urge Muslims to boycott several products by Chinese Malaysian companies which they claim funded Pakatan in the polls.In response, Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Hasan Malek said he plans to meet the NGOs, but would not be able to stop the boycott.Abdul Malik said as the NGOS should be merely defending consumer issues, while PPIM used to be very active in speaking about “halal-haram” or health matters of goods and products.However, the NGO seem to have shifted from its original causes when it started to urge a boycott which is political in nature, he added.“It seems PPIM has become another Perkasa,” he quipped, referring to the vocal Malay rights defenders.

“Just as the awareness of consumers and producers has increased towards halal and haram issues, along comes PPIM to give a bad image about Islam,” said Abdul Malik.

Malik slams NGOs over ‘boycott of Chinese goods’




Umno vets calls for AirAsia boycott
3:01PM May 19, 2013

A group of Umno veteran members have reportedly called for its party members to boycott the budget airlines AirAsia and AirAsiaX.

This follows AirAsiaX CEO Azran Osman Rani’s outburst against Utusan Malaysia over its allegedly racist headline two weeks ago ‘Apa lagi Cina mahu?’ (What more do the Chinese want?)

The group’s secretary Mustapha Yaakub reportedly claimed yesterday that Azran’s admonishment of Utusan was tantamount to belittling his own (Malay) race at a time when Malays are under pressure from many parties.

“Azran’s statement is really disparaging to the Malays. Since AirAsiaX would not punish him, then Umno veterans will do so by boycotting AirAsia and AirAsiaX.

“To us, Azran is the poster-boy of a Malay who has forgotten his race. This is the Malay that is said to be an ingrate.

“It is individuals like this who cause the Malays to lose their identity to the extent of being willing to pawn the dignity of their race,” Mingguan Malaysia – the Sunday edition of Utusan – quoted Mustapha saying today.

Meanwhile, Mingguan Malaysia columnist Awang Selamat said Utusan will shun any advertisements from AirAsia until Azran apologises.

“Without Air Asia, Awang Selamat will not have any problem. Furthermore, the value of the advertisement given is very small, lower than advertisements for herbal and hair treatment,” said the writer, who always refers to himself in third person.

Awang Selamat is understood to be a pseudonym for Utusan editors.

Umno vets calls for AirAsia boycott



Malaysian Insider

No Air Asia ad till CEO apologises, Utusan says

May 19, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR, May 19 — Claiming AirAsia advertisements to be cheaper than hair and herbal products, Utusan Malaysia’s Awang Selamat has told the Umno-owned paper to stop taking the airline’s ads until its chief executive apologises for criticising the broadsheet’s racist piece.

In its Mingguan Malaysia weekend edition today, columnist Awang Selamat — the nom-de-plume for the paper’s collective editorial voice — said AirAsia should be thankful that the Malay paper had never written or criticised the budget airline with any negative articles.

“Let the company’s advertisement go to another paper, but not Utusan.

“Without Air Asia, Awang Selamat will not have any problem. Furthermore, the value of the advertisment given is very small, lower than advertisements for herbal and hair treatments,” it said.

The columnist also compared Asia’s biggest budget flier to Malaysia Airlines (MAS), and described the national carrier as having better service and a strong nationalist spirit.

“To those who serve we are polite, especially the Malaysian airline whose service is better and thick with nationalism,” it said.

AirAsia’s chief executive Azran Rani Omar had come under the right-wing daily’s hammer after criticising Utusan on his Twitter account for what he reportedly saw as a racial instigation in the aftermath of the May 5 polls.

He was also reported to have criticised Malay group Perkasa for its hardline stance as an irrelevent organisation that had caused Malays to be myopic.

In response, the paper had published daily views from Perkasa leaders, the Muslim Consumers Society of Malaysia and pro-Umno activists who slammed Azran, branding him “arrogant” and a Malay who had  forgotten his roots.

Perkasa’s acting president Datuk Abdul Rahman Bakar who had rallied to the paper’s defence blasted Azran, saying the latter could not have climbed up to his present position without the “Malay power fought for by Utusan Malaysia”.

“Has Azran never though that the licence issued by the government to Air Asia is because at first the airline was owned by Malays?” Abdul Rahman was quoted as saying in one such report.


Malaysian Insider

Chinese businessmen say boycott on community’s products “racist”, will hurt economy

By Boo Su-Lyn
May 19, 2013

The Chinese community is being vilified for Barisan Nasional’s poor showing in Election 2013. — File piKUALA LUMPUR, May 19 ― The call by pro-Umno bloggers and Muslim groups for a boycott of Chinese businesses is racist and will harm the country’s economic growth, according to businessmen from the community.

Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) expanded by 4.1 per cent in the first quarter of the year as a result of weaker exports and slower growth in public spending, compared to 4.7 per cent in the same quarter in 2012 and 6.4 per cent in the last quarter of 2012.

“How can you say boycott? Who loses? The government and Malaysia are the ones that will lose out,” Chen Kien Keong, chairman of the Tea Trade Association of Malaysia, told The Malaysian Insider yesterday.

“The priority now is the economy… so few people also pay income tax,” he added.

Only 10 per cent of the working population in the country pays income tax.

Khoo Kah Jin, president of the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Car Dealers and Credit Companies Association, said the call for a boycott of consumer goods produced by Chinese companies was “racist”.

“If they boycott Chinese brands, (the) Chinese can boycott Malay brands ― where does it end?” he told The Malaysian Insider.

“Politics is politics. This is all consumer items. How can you boycott? Leave politics aside,” Khoo added.


Malaysia Chronicle

PPIM wrote on its website that Malaysians who love peace and harmony must boycott “DAP products” like Massimo bread, Old Town White Coffee, the Pappa Rich restaurant chain, Cap Sauh wheat flour and 99 Speedmart.

Pro-Umno blog,, called yesterday for a “Buy Malay first! Buy Chinese last!” campaign and listed several products sold by Muslims and by “DAP allies”.

The predominantly Chinese DAP opposition had been accused of instigating Chinese voters to turn their backs to the BN.

The minority race make up about 30 per cent of the country’s 28 million population but is seen to hold great economic clout.

The list of products sold by “DAP allies” includes Isomax Isotonic drink, Malta beverage, Buruh brand cooking oil, as well as the EconSave supermarket, while the list of products sold by Muslims includes Gardenia brand bread, Saji brand cooking oil, Cap Bidara brand wheat flour, as well as the Mydin supermarket.

Other pro-Umno bloggers involved in the campaign are,,, and


The Unspinners

Guna kuasa membeli ajar Cina DAP angkuh

Jurucakap NGO berkenaan, Datuk Nadzim Johan berkata, mereka bukan mahu bersifat rasis memboikot produk-produk berkenaan, namun sudah sampai masanya rakyat sedar dan bangkit.

“Adakah mereka dianiaya? Selama selepas merdeka siapa yang kaya? Bukan Melayu yang kaya, namun kita tidak pernah mempersoalkannya. Kenapa bangsa lain nak mempersoalkannya pula?”  dakwanya dalam satu sidang akhbar di Jalan Tun Ismail di sini hari ini.
Dalam pada itu, Nadzim berkata, pemboikotan yang dilakukan terhadap beberapa produk itu juga mengambil kira kepentingan kesihatan rakyat negara ini.

“Ada produk yang kita kesan mempunyai kimia yang boleh merosakkan kesihatan dan tidak ramai yang tahu mengenai perkara berkenaan,” katanya.

Setakat ini, ada lima produk yang akan diboikot oleh gabungan NGO Islam dan akan ditambah dari semasa ke semasa.
Senarai penuh produk yang diboikot oleh NGO-NGO Islam itu boleh didapati dengan melayari laman web Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM) di

SENARAI BARANGAN MILIK ORANG ISLAM1. Roti Gardenia (Syed Mokhtar Bukhary)
2. Bihun Jati Bernas (Syed Mokhtar Bukhary)
3. Minyak Masak Tiara (FELDA)
4. Minyak Masak Saji (FELDA)
5. Susu Manis Pekat Saji (FELDA)
6. Susu Manis Cair Saji (FELDA)
7. Magge Sajimee Saji (FELDA)
8. Mayonis Saji Mayo Saji (FELDA)
9. Marjerin Pelangi (FELDA)
10. Sos Cili Pelangi (FELDA)
11. Sos Tomato Pelangi (FELDA)
12. Jem Peanut SunBear (FELDA)
13. Sardin Agromas
14. Sardin Pertima
15. Kopi Hang Tuah
16. Bihun Sufi
17. Mi Kuning Sufi
18. Kuey Teow Sufi
19. Garam Sufi
20. Sos Lada Hitam Sufi
21. Sos Cili/Tomato Sufi
22. Kicap Masin/Manis Sufi
23. Tepung Goreng Sufi
24. Minyak Masak Sufi
25. Telur Cap Sufi
26. Ubat gigi Najwa
27. Ubat gigi Halagel
28. Garam Halagel
29. Tepung gandum Cap Bidara
30. Tepung gandum Faiza
31. Jus minuman Safina
32. Syampoo D’herbs
33. Mydin
34. MyMart (kedai keluaran Mydin)
1.Tepung Gandum Cap Sauh
2. Sri Murni Minyak Masak
3. Sri Murni Nugget
4. Marina Nugget
5. Marina Tuna
6. Aminah Hassan Sos Cili
7. Aminah Hassan Sos Tomato
8. Aminah Hassan Bihun
9. Roti Massimo
10. PowerRoot Ali Cafe
11. PowerRoot Oligo Cereal
12. PowerRoot 9SPOT ISOTONIK
13. Malta
14. NutriMalt
15. Teh Cap Masjid
16. Teh Guru Cap Masjid
17. Pau Ahmad
18. Old Town White Coffee
19. Pasaraya EconSave
20. Pasaraya KK mart
21. Pasaraya 99 SpeedMart
22. Minyak Knife
23. Minyak Buruh
24. Minyak Naturel
25. Minyak Daisy
26. Drinho ALL DRINKS
27. Isomax Isotonic
28. HomeSoy
29. Farm Crows Butter

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Minister to meet ‘boycott Chinese products’ NGOs

Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Hasan Malek plans to meet with the 20 Muslim NGOs which have called for a boycott of products made by a number of Chinese Malaysian companies.

Commenting on the action by the NGOs, Hasan said he respected the stand of the group because as a neutral body, it had freedom of expression.

“Every NGO has the right to express an opinion and this ministry does not want to be involved… because our function is to protect the interest and rights of the people,” he said.

NONEHasan, however, said he would call for a meeting with the representatives of the NGOs concerned in the near future to discuss the matter in detail.

At a media conference on Tuesday (left), 20 Muslim NGOs called on Muslims to boycott several products by Chinese Malaysian companies which they claim funded Pakatan Rakyat in the 13th general election (GE13).

Minister to meet ‘boycott Chinese products’ NGOs


‘Boycott pro-Pakatan Kuok firms’ | Free Malaysia Today

Free Malaysia Today

Boycott pro-Pakatan Kuok firms’

K Pragalath | May 14, 2013

It accuses the tycoon of funding Pakatan Rakyat and practising racial discrimination.

PETALING JAYA: The Muslim Consumers Association today called for a boycott of five businesses owned or partly owned by tycoon Robert Kuok, accusing him of racial discrimination.

Nadzim Johan, who heads the association, said the boycott would affect the Pappa Rich and Old Town White Coffee restaurant chain, Sri Murni oil, Marina fish products, Massimo bread and two flour brands produced by a Kuok company.

“It’s a selective boycott,” he said, adding that the action was endorsed by several other NGOs.

He accused Kuok of siding with Pakatan Rakyat in the recent general election and “contributing” to the deterioration of race relations.

“We have information from staff of certain companies that their companies have provided funds for Pakatan,” he said.

Nadzim appeared to be blaming Kuok and Pakatan for what he said was a souring of relations between the Malays and the Chinese.

“We spoke to former Malacca chief minister Mohd Ali Rustam who worked closely with the Chinese community. He said that during his election campaign they don’t even look at him,” he said.

He added that the boycott was also intended to prevent PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim from “further inciting the rakyat” and DAP from making use of Chinese Malaysians to “obtain power”.

Nadzim also accused the Kuok companies of practising racial discrimination and manufacturing products that are dangerous to health and not in full compliance with halal requirements.

“Papa Rich is certified halal, but it buys ingredients from suppliers who do not have the halal certification. Old Town discriminates by giving their franchises only to the Chinese,” he claimed.

He alleged that the flours produced by Kuok’s mills use the poisonous benzoil peroxide as a whitening agent.


NGOs urge boycott of ‘Chinese pro-Pakatan’ firms

A group of Islamic NGOs are urging the Malay community to boycott several products and companies belonging to the Chinese, which they claim are funding the opposition in the 13th general election.

Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) chief activist Nadzim Johan said the actions by such companies have caused disunity in the country.

Hence, he said during a press conference this morning, the NGOs wished to “send a signal to the companies concerned not to misbehave”.

Among the products and companies in the firing line are two restaurant chains, a supermarket chain, as well as popular bread and flour brands.

Meanwhile, in a joint statement that was later distributed, the NGOs stated that the boycott is a simple but effective way of curbing PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim from further “inciting the rakyat” and the DAP from making use of the Chinese community to “obtain power”.

NGOs urge boycott of ‘Chinese pro-Pakatan’ firms


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