Ismail Bashmori praises China and bashes western media: What else from a China-lover?


Which media is more biased, Chinese media or Western media?Ismail BashmoriAnswered Sep 30, 2021 · Author has 238 answers and 2.4M answer views

I Googled “Chinese video games 2021” and after scrolling down forever I still couldn’t find a single game that China, the world’s largest producer of video games, released this year. It was all “news” articles about how China restricted gaming to 3 hours a week for minors, and how evil and totalitarian China is. Hundreds of articles about the same thing, which happened a month ago and is actually a good thing, all pushed to the top by Google. No wonder Google is banned in China.

Western media is only one facet of the garbage. It seems every institution of Western society is now wholly employed in filtering and presenting China through a Cold War lens.18.2K viewsView upvotesView 3 shares




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