In Singapore: Fierce food deliveryman gets 4 weeks’ jail…


13 JULY, 2020

SINGAPORE — A 30-year-old food deliveryman was sentenced to four weeks’ jail on Monday (July 13) after pleading guilty to repeatedly hurling vulgarities at two safe distancing enforcement officers and throwing objects at them during the Covid-19 circuit breaker period.

Muhammad Adimin Kemton was not wearing a face mask when the officers spotted him leaving a shop near Block 18, Upper Boon Keng Road on April 26.

He told them that he did not have a mask and was only buying a few items before heading back home, the court heard.

He told officers he would just put on his friend’s mask, to which one of the officers replied that his friend would then not have a mask on.  

Angered by this, Adimin began verbally abusing them and then stormed off to buy a packet of disposable masks at a nearby store. 

After his purchase, he confronted the two officers and hurled more abuse at them. 

In one of the six short video clips of the infraction that were played in court, Adimin could be seen yelling: “Eh, what you want, what you want? Take some more photo, take ah take ah (sic)” as he walked towards the officers.

He also shoved one of his newly-purchased masks in the Ministry of Health officer’s face and charged at the other victim, a safe distancing ambassador from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

After throwing a used ice cream stick at the SFA officer, he picked it up and threw it at her once more while shouting numerous Hokkien vulgarities.

A while later, he threw the packet of masks at the MOH officer’s face. 

He will begin serving his sentence on Aug 3 and remains out on bail of S$10,000.



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