Tony Pua: Today is the most disgraceful day I’ve witnessed in our Parliamentary history…




BY TONY PUA I haven’t been an MP for very long, only since 2008.

But today is the worst day in our Parliamentary history.

I will not be exaggerating to say that the institution of the Parliament has been thoroughly raped by the Executive today.

I’ve sat through the times when BN was in government. It was bad. But this is the absolute worst.

The Deputy Speaker became a tool of the Executive. He can’t even make proper rulings and relied on the Minister in the PM’s Dept to answer on his behalf.

The speaker of the House was sacked unilaterally for no reason, as if the Speaker is part of the executive arm when the Parliament is one of the independent pillars of our democracy (or what’s left of it).

Worse the Parliament standing orders require a 14 day nomination notice for the election of a new speaker and none was given. The executive bulldozed all parliamentary standing orders and conventions. A new Speaker was appointed immediately without a single vote taken.

The most laughable was when the new Speaker was taking his chair amidst the commotion – his first very stern words to try and return ‘order’ – “This is Parliament!!”

I almost fell off my chair. I couldn’t believe the irony of it. And the irony of the rest of his speech proclaiming the “independence of Parliament”. All with a straight face of course.

When YB Shah Alam mocked his speech, the Speaker’s very first executive action was to suspend Shah Alam for the rest of the day’s sitting. What a magnificent way to stamp your mark in Speakers’ history.

I couldn’t stand remaining in the House with the sheer nonsense that’s taking place. I walked out in solidarity with my Shah Alam comrade.

Today is the most disgraceful day I’ve witnessed in our parliamentary history. And yes, it was worse than even Najib era.


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