Cosmetic tycoon Vida offers daughter RM2.1m Mercedes SUV if she loses weight and becomes fair-skinned…


Friday, 10 Jul 2020 02:53 PM MYT


KUALA LUMPUR, July 10 – Cosmetics tycoon Datuk Seri Vida has offered to buy a Mercedes SUV for her daughter, Cik B.

But on the conditions that Cik B loses weight and becomes fair-skinned.

The incident came to light after Cik B shared a screenshot of her conversation with Vida on her Twitter yesterday with the caption asking “How to lose weight?”

In the screenshot, Vida was seen sharing a photo of a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 which cost around US$511,000 (RM2.1 million) and asking Cik B if she was interested in it.

However, as the conversation went on, Vida then proceeds to give Cik B an ultimatum where she would buy the massive SUV for Cik B if only Cik B manages to lose weight and becomes fair-skinned.

Cik B then cheekily replied to her mother’s ultimatum with a sticker of Vida flipping the middle finger.

Cik B later clarified in her tweet that the sticker was taken from a video of her mother where she accidentally scratches her forehead using her middle finger.





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