Ad5-nCoV is China’s Covid-19 vaccine being developed in Wuhan…


Oxford University is ahead…


Both the Oxford University vaccine and China’s Ad5-nCoV use an aborted foetus.

There are at least 120 vaccine candidates. This article covers some of them:


In unblushingly doting praise of China the Great…

*Check the articles after the WhatsApp message.

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The Adulation begins:

Thank you, China. 🇨🇳☀️👍

the Lancet just published a report confirming that China’s Covid-19 vaccine is “safe” and “induces rapid immune response.”*

President Xi Jinping earlier promised that when the Chinese developed Covid-19 vaccine is ready – China will make it a global public good to ensure that even poor people worldwide can benefit.

This will no doubt anger money grubbing large Western pharmaceutical firms who are hoping to make a killing if they manage to develop one. So expect to see more Sinophobic rants from the West.

Again. Thank you, China. 🇨🇳👍☀️

The world wish you speedy success*.

“The Lancet, a respected medical journal in the UK, published the results on Friday saying it is “safe” and “induces rapid immune response.”

The research injected the potential vaccine into 108 volunteers.

They were divided into three groups, each taking a different dose of the vaccine.

The vaccine, classified as “recombinant adenovirus type-5 vectored” (Ad5-nCoV), acts as a natural infection and is especially good at teaching the immune system how to fight the virus.

During the next 28 days, no serious reactions were found, meaning the vaccine seemed to be tolerable by humans.

Also, antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 started to surge two weeks after the injection and reached its peak on day 28.

The vaccine “warrants further investigation,” the paper on The Lancet concluded.

A phase-2 clinical trial has started with 508 volunteers involved.

The trial was conducted by a team led by Chen Wei, a biology professor from Academy of Military Medical Sciences and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.







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3 Responses to Ad5-nCoV is China’s Covid-19 vaccine being developed in Wuhan…

  1. E Lye says:

    Which ones do not use aborted foetal cells?

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