The Atlantis Report in June 2020 predicted that America would be in chaos, societal and economic meltdown: It has not happened.


There is no economic meltdown.


Please be aware that the Atlantis Report is into conspiracy theories.

The Atlantis Report
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2020 has been quite an experience so far.

America in Chaos , Societal and Economic Meltdown. Can you imagine where we’ll be in another six months?

Everything that could go wrong went wrong. As if the coronavirus and the worst unemployment numbers in history were not enough.

Outrage spills across America, The nation’s largest cities are exploding with rage. As angry protesters take to the streets and attack police and destroy property. America today is in chaos, with Mass protests, looting, arson attacks, looting, vandalism, and violence spreading from coast to coast.

Amidst what is one of the worst health and economic crises ever. This is not going to have a happy ending.minneapolis riots, twin cities riots, george floyd .

Economic turmoil, Mass unemployment, Civil unrest, Corrupt, uncaring Government, manipulation of the food chains, and add a pandemic in. This is the perfect storm. minneapolis protest, demonstration, police, Derek Chauvin, national guard, Jacob Frey, mayor Jacob Frey, looting, target , We all getting played to turn against one another, wonder who that is.

Add into the equation; food shortage, natural disaster, solar minimum, heatwave, locusts attacks. There will be a lot more rioting, looting, and civil unrest as The U.S. economy continues to collapse. What we have seen in the city of Minneapolis is only the start. Social unrest and protests are unfolding across all major US cities.

Our country is so profoundly divided. These are not peaceful protests; This is chaos. This is part of the agenda to justify the implementation of military martial law. This has been the plan from the get-go. Everything Going According to Plan.

This is what happens once people realize that looting is systemic and starts at the very top. People are Fed up, and this country has lost any economic integrity or a sense of purpose. Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

America is coming apart, as we have riots, much like what we saw happening in Hong Kong. The White House is now suggesting the military may be sent in.

Trump tweeted: ‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts’: quoting Miami police chief’s notorious 1967 warning. Trump and Pompeo called Hong Kong rioters “freedom fighter.” While American protesters are called thugs. Smack of fullest hypocrisy and hegemony nature of the US unassumingly as a policeman in other countries’ internal affairs.

What the CIA did in Hong Kong, is coming around to haunt us at home. This is called Karma. After years of fomenting revolts and rebellions in other countries with zero regards for the people who live there, time for the US to have a taste of their own medicine.

Why is America sending troops to quell their own rioters immediately after a day of protests and is making a huge fuss to prevent China from sending in their own troops for Hong Kong protests? Definitely double standards here.SHOW LESS


Mother Jones

YouTube Creators Cash In on Coronavirus Fears

“People are just hungry for information.”


A YouTube channel called the Atlantis Report has started to churn out conspiracy-mongering coronavirus videos with titles like “Is Coronavirus part of the Bio warfare being waged against China using Drones?!” and “The Wuhan Coronavirus, A Bio-Weapon stolen from Canada And Intentionally Released in China!?”

The channel’s three videos on the coronavirus, which have collectively racked up hundreds of thousands of views, are even odder than their titles. One video offers a mishmash of conspiracies about the virus that, beyond being baseless, are contradictory. It presents a theory that the virus was engineered by bankers and elements of the anti-Trump deep state, but also that it would benefit Trump’s reelection bid, providing him a biological excuse for any economic collapse that may come before Election Day. It also speculates that the virus will kill off the elderly, reducing Social Security expenditures—even though older voters are a critical component of Trump’s base.

The Atlantis Report videos seem to be narrated by a computer generated voice, and make small but consistent grammatical errors that a native English speaker would be unlikely to make, all overlayed on sometimes unrelated stock footage.

The videos’ description section provides links to a donation page on an a blog associated with the channel called “Financial Armageddon” and to an Amazon affiliate program that gives the person who made the link a referral fee for any purchases then made.

YouTube Creators Cash In on Coronavirus Fears


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