Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang’s regular press conference on April 28, 2020…



This is circulating on WhatsApp. It looks poorly written and poorly edited.

Very comprehensive rebuff to Donald Trump and Pompeo of USA. Do finish reading.
(If you had already read this, just delete).

Geng Shuang’s answer to the American reporter’s words at the reporter’s retrograde meeting really showed the Chinese national spirit and China’s status as a great power in the new era! It is indeed worth reading.

     At a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, some reporters asked Geng Shuang this way: US President Trump said that the United States still wanted to send its own investigators to China to investigate the epidemic-related situation, and said that the United States has always been Negotiations in China. Trump said that if China had deliberate responsibility for the spread of the virus, it would have to bear the consequences. In addition, two U.S. members of Congress initiated a bill in Congress requesting that U.S. citizens and local governments be allowed to sue the Chinese government for the spread of the global epidemic caused by China ’s misleading WHO. Do you have any comments?
Geng Shuang’s answer is: Viruses are the common enemy of all mankind, and may appear at any time and anywhere in the world. Like other countries, China has been attacked by the new coronavirus. It is the victim, not the perpetrator, nor is it a “collaboration” of the virus.

In 2009, H1N1 flu was first diagnosed in the United States and broke out in a large area, spreading to 214 countries and regions, resulting in the death of nearly 200,000 people. Has anyone asked the United States to compensate? In the 1980s, AIDS was first discovered in the United States and spread to the whole world. I do not know how many people caused pain. Has anyone sought blame from the United States? In addition, a few days ago, Ma Kaishuo, a professor at the National University of Singapore, said in an interview that the financial turmoil in the United States in 2008 and the collapse of Lehman Brothers eventually turned into a global financial crisis. Does anyone ask the United States to bear the consequences?

The United States must understand that their enemy is a virus, not China.
Geng Shuang’s answer is very clear. It is very clear that China is the victim of the new crown virus, not the perpetrator, nor the “collusion” of the virus. If Trump and Pompeo were not guilty of geriatric madness, then they should know that China is not the one that was allowed to be trampled on by the “eight-nation coalition.” China is not Iraq, Venezuela, Syria, or you. Come whenever you want, check if you want. China is not guilty, but you are not qualified, nor are you qualified. At the early stage of the epidemic, we took the initiative to invite WHO and Chinese experts to conduct a joint inspection in the epidemic area, and proposed preliminary inspection results on the outbreak and spread of new coronavirus. The investigation request made by Trump is purely unreasonable and is a manifestation of hegemony. They have overridden the United States over international organizations and over all mankind, and it seems that only they can be trusted. But is the United States really credible? Iraq and Venezuela are a lesson. And their performance in the United States is also well known. In the current epidemic, American politicians are not concentrating on organizing the fight against the virus, but dumping the pot everywhere; instead of telling the truth to the American people truthfully, they are bragging about themselves every day, but actually killing people and building their own president with the corpses of the American people throne.

We have to warn Trump that if we want to calculate China’s abacus, it is best to think about it again. Because 1.4 billion people will not agree, China’s 2 million army is not a decoration, but the Great Wall of China’s steel. China’s Dongfeng missiles are not used to rake, but to fight dog jackals. China’s nuclear submarines are not used to travel on the seabed, but to combat uninvited guests. Chinese nuclear weapons are not used to frighten anyone, but from the guard. Anyone who wants to taste something, think about it, you tell me.
We want to warn Trump that if China wants compensation, it will count from the time when the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded China, until the cases that Geng Shuang just proposed are counted together. You will compensate China’s and the world’s historical old accounts first.

We want to warn Trump that if we want to investigate the epidemic in China, please explain clearly how many people died of so-called flu in the United States in 2019 due to New Coronary Pneumonia. Clear, first explain the condition and whereabouts of the five patients who participated in the Wuhan Military Games, first explain the reasons and consequences of the sudden closure of Fort Dietrick’s biological laboratory, first explain why you behaved at the beginning of the outbreak It’s so plausible, but the result is counterproductive.

We have to warn Trump that when China suffers from an epidemic, you are so fortunate and gloating, and you have put all the despicable means to the ground, and you want to put China to death. Your heart is known to everyone. The Chinese people will not forget, nor will the world. There is a famous old saying in China, and sooner or later you will have to pay back. Sooner or later this account will be calculated by you.

We have to warn Trump because your arrogance, ignorance and selfishness have wasted the window period that China has made a huge sacrifice to the world, and the American people have been infected with nearly one million people and more than 50,000. Human life comes to pay for you. Your blood debt owed to the American people will surely come to you.
Self-doing cannot live.
Trump, please do it yourself.


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