OutSyed The Box: Ancaman Sebenar Sekolah Cina – Orang Melayu Makin Tak Percaya Sekolah Kebangsaan



Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Ancaman Sebenar Sekolah Cina – Orang Melayu Makin Tak Percaya Sekolah Kebangsaan

SJKC continue to attract parents of all races good alternative to national schools
18.7% of pupils in Chinese schools non-Chinese.

521,053 pupils enrolled in 2019
97,466 of them non-Chinese
77,537 bumiputra14,072 Indian 5,807 other races
marks an increase from 2014 (79,521 of 571,315 were non-Chinese)
My comments :  I think the real number is over 20%. 

In 2011 there were only 4%  Malays in Chinese schools.

By 2019, in just EIGHT years this has increased to 19%. 
An average growth of 1.9% per year.
In another 10 years there will be almost 40% Malays in SJKC.

One out of every five students at a Chinese school is a non Chinese, most likely Malay. This makes the Chinese schools the most racially mixed up schools in the country. More Malay parents are realising that sekolah kebangsaan have become pusat pengeluaran anak dunggu. So they send their kids to Chinese schools.
Watch out for step 2.

Step 2 is the khat is actually a backdoor entry for the ostards into Chinese schools.They will say Chinese teachers cannot teach khat. Even Malay teachers who are geography or maths graduates cannot teach khat.They will say only the ostards can teach khat.It is a back door entry for the ostards into Chinese schools.

Why? Because 100,000 Malay kids are now enrolled in Chinese schools.100,000 Malay kids in Chinese schools are escaping the clutches of the ostards.

Syed Akbar Ali at 5:03:00 PM


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