They vote at Kimanis on Saturday, 18 January 2020…

First sight may be of a gorilla and not an orang utan…

Friday, 17 Jan 2020

BEAUFORT: “Tatap” and “ubah balik” are the two oft-used words a trader hears among her customers at her food stall in Kampung Ambawa Kelatuan in the Kimanis parliamentary constituency.
Tatap is a Sabah slang for “definitely” and ubah balik is “change back”.

The locals supporting Parti Warisan Sabah are saying “tatap” as in, it is for sure the Sabah-based party will win the by-election.
The Barisan Nasional hardcore fans are repeating “ubah balik” to urge those who voted against the coalition to support it again.

“Half of my customers are saying “tatap” and the other half are saying “ubah balik.”
“This by-election will be a close fight, ” said the shop owner who did not want to be identified.
It is 50-50 in Kimanis where voters will show their support for “tatap” or “ubah balik” in the ballot boxes tomorrow.
It is a straight fight between Datuk Karim Bujang (Pakatan Harapan-allied Warisan) and Datuk Mohamad Alamin (Barisan’s Umno).

However, Prof Hamidin noted that despite Umno’s disintegration, its machinery in Kimanis was working well.
A factor working in Barisan’s favour is in the Warisan’s candidate himself. Karim, who was a five-term assemblyman of Bongawan (the other state seat in Kimanis), is seen as “muka lama” (someone familiar) in the constituency, he said.
Another pull factor for Barisan, said Prof Hamidin, is the PSS issue, especially among the Kadazandusun voters.
“Even if people are drawn to PSS, not many understand it. It is a very emotional subject. It can be a determining factor on the margin of winning, ” he said,
It is a close fight in Kimanis with a “tatap” advantage for Warisan.
But, Barisan’s “ubah balik” has really latched on unto the hearts of many.

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