A case of sour grapes: MCA slams govt over hiccups in e-tunai Rakyat rollout | The Star Online

PETALING JAYA: The MCA has slammed the government over its lack of proper planning for the rollout of the e-tunai Rakyat initiative, which saw e-wallet systems overwhelmed by the response.

President Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong said that proper planning would have ensured that there would be no difficulty in redeeming the e-tunai Rakyat.

“I am not protesting that incentives are being given to the people. If not, of course I would have protested when the Barisan Nasional government introduced BR1M (1Malaysia People’s Aid) previously.

“However the main problem here is the system, ” he said.

Dr Wee added that many were left disappointed because they had trouble redeeming the RM30 e-tunai Rakyat.

“Some had been trying to register (to claim the RM30) since morning, only to have it approved in the evening.

“Some still have not managed to register until now, ” he said in a Facebook post on Thursday (Jan 16).

He also criticised Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng.

“After being heavily criticised on social media, the Finance Minister said he would meet with the three e-wallet operators.

“Perhaps Lim is trying to deflect the people’s criticism to them, ” Dr Wee said.

The e-tunai Rakyat initiative received more than 200,000 applications as of noon on Wednesday (Jan 15) when it was launched.

The scheme, which will run from Jan 15 to March 14, benefits Malaysians aged 18 and above who earn less than RM100,000 a year.

The RM30 can be used to purchase goods and services available through the respective e-wallet of the user’s choice.



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