Singapore: Baby found alive at bottom of rubbish chute; baby dumping is rare in Singapore…


Excerpts from:

SINGAPORE – Police are searching for the parents of a baby boy who was found alive in a rubbish chute at Block 534 Bedok North Street 3 on Tuesday (Jan 7) morning.

Apart from making their rounds on every floor of the block, the authorities are also contacting owners of vehicles parked at the open-air carpark near the block to ask for footage captured by their in-car cameras.

One such driver, Mr Ng Kok Khim, told The Straits Times: “I received a call from the police asking if they can access the footage from my in-car camera. The officer said it was to assist in the investigations of a case but he didn’t give any details of the case. At first, I thought maybe someone hit my car.”

Mr Ng said he parked his car at the block at 8am on Tuesday and headed to the market opposite where he runs a retail shop.

The baby boy was found in a bin at the bottom of a rubbish chute at the block.

His condition is stable, and there were no visible injuries, said the police.

The child was in a blood-stained tied plastic bag and discovered among other bags of rubbish and food packaging when cleaners tried to clear the bin between 8am and 9am. The baby appeared to be a newborn.

Mr Patwari Shamin, 24, a town council cleaner, told reporters that he was taking out rubbish from the chute bin when he and his colleague found the crying baby in a bag with blood in it. He then informed the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC).


SINGAPORE: An abandoned baby boy was found alive in a bin chute at an HDB block in Bedok North on Tuesday (Jan 7).

The police told CNA it received a call for assistance at about 9.10am at Block 534 Bedok North Street 3.

“A baby boy was found at the said location. Paramedics attended to the baby at scene,” the police said.

There were no visible injuries on the baby, who is in a stable condition, said the police.

The baby was discovered by a town council cleaner in the chute on Tuesday morning, according to a Facebook post by Member of Parliament (MP) Pritam Singh.


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