Are you flying? The BAN on the Samsung Galaxy #Note7 spreads…


17 Oct 2016

Malaysian user reports first case of Note 7 fire


PETALING JAYA, Oct 17 — A Malaysian user has reported what could be the first case of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fire.

Robson Ng shared his experience on Facebook yesterday.

Tagging Samsung Malaysia, Ng said the phone caught fire at 4am while he was driving home with his wife on a highway,

Sarcastically thanking the company for the experience, he said: “I had the opportunity to prove to my wife I am able to handle just about any emergency situation, i.e. able to be in control while having Note7 smoke & fire in the car…”

In a statement on Wednesday, Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn Bhd urged all pre-order owners of Samsung Galaxy Note7 to power off their devices immediately. The option of a refund or exchange for the Samsung Galaxy S7edge will be available for pre-order owners provided they returned their Samsung Galaxy Note7.

Refunds will be done via bank transfer for a total of RM2,879.10 (pre-order price), and users can also ask for a refund of original Samsung accessories purchased from Samsung Experience Store and participating retail partners with proof of purchase.

AirAsia bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on all its flights via

16 Oct 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 banned from Air Berlin, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines flights Read More :

. also prohibits the onboard all flights. Anyone found in possesion will be denied boarding.


JUST IN: and group bans Samsung on board all flights from 12.01am, Sunday.



Samsung Note 7 ban enforced on Australia’s four major airlines – SBS

Passengers carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones onto U.S. flights could now face fines or possible prosecution 🔓



Lol had to plead us to keep Samsung note 7 off and away in the bag before departing LHR



Canada, US ban Samsung Note 7 from all flights

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