Propaganda: Facebook video accusing Mahathir and his cronies of trying to topple the BN government…

Watch with a suspicious mind. Clearly, this is BN UMNO PROPANGANDA.



New ‘global investigation outfit’ targets Najib’s critics

Published 12 Dec 2015, 7:51 am

A mysterious new online entity dubbed Open Source Investigations (OSI) which poses as a “global investigative outfit” is gaining attention as it targets opponents of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

Its Facebook page , which was set up on Dec 3, has garnered more than 3,700 likes within a week.

On its sleek-looking site, which appears well-funded, it claims that OSI comprised of “investigative journalists, researchers, fact-checkers, activists, and data experts who have teamed up to provide in-depth research behind political stories”.

“By supplying non-partisan and precise analyses and investigations, OSI Group website is a source of information that makes citizens more aware of how politics affects their lives,” it said.

At first glance, the portal which had posted nine stories since it started on Dec 2, appear to cover a host of international issues.

However, closer scrutiny found that all of its “investigative” pieces on international topics were taken from secondary sources such as the Huffington Post , The Daily Beast , and Insight Crime .

The only contents that appear to be exclusively created by OSI are all related to conspiracies to overthrow the head of a government, specifically Najib.

Among the individuals it targeted include Sarawak Report editor-in-chief Clare Rewcastle-Brown, The Edge Media Group owner Tong Kooi Ong, and business tycoon Francis Yeoh.

Aside from alleging conspiracy among individuals who were responsible for the publication of damaging information about Najib, which include the 1MDB scandal and the RM2.6 billion in his personal bank accounts, OSI also dedicated a full article on the nature of conspiracy.

“Conspiracy theories cannot rationally be combated as the arguments they are built upon may refer to real event, are abusively interpreted,” it said in one of its articles.

On its Facebook page, OSI claimed it was set up in September 2015. It is not known who its backers are.

The saga of 2$Milion bribeHow they planned to topple the government!

What the **** is going on? Vincent Tan, YTL and other ‘cronies’ of Mahathir’s are accused of donating tons of money to PKR for GE13.

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