Cronyism in Malaysia…

1 September 2018


In the past 2 days, there have been attacks on the PH govt for including Petron as a fuel provider for govt vehicles. 

1 Don’t throw stones yet! Petron will not be the sole provider of fuel but a provider: It will join Petronas and Shell…

2 Is Petron owned by Mirzan Mahathir? Not if you look at the List of Directors…

Mahathir and his son Mirzan are accused of having shares in Petron.


Even today, several people are accused of being Mahathir’s cronies.

1 Vincent Tan, YTL and other ‘cronies’ of Mahathir’s were accused of having donated tons of money to PKR for GE13.

2 Question: Why is an old video of Vincent Tan being circulated especially among pro BN chat groups?

3 Propaganda: Facebook video accusing Mahathir and his cronies of trying to topple the BN government…

4 These 4 tycoons bankrolled Dr Mahathir’s plot. Really?

1 September 2018

Dr M and I share views on cronyism, Anwar says on eve of sacking anniversary


KUALA LUMPUR: Anwar Ibrahim said he shared the views of Dr Mahathir Mohamad who today defended himself against charges of cronyism, on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the PKR leader’s dramatic sacking on the back of allegations of cronyism and nepotism against the government.

Speaking to reporters after addressing the Congress on the Future of the Bumiputera and Nation which was officiated by Mahathir this morning, Anwar said he was firm in his stance against cronyism, especially in the manner contracts were awarded.

But Anwar said he shares the views of the prime minister, with a slight difference in “emphasis”.

“I don’t think there is a difference in contention here, just a different emphasis, between the cronyism label on those who are successful, and cronyism where those with political connections get contracts,” he said.

Mahathir during his keynote address at the congress today questioned critics of affirmative action policies to help Bumiputera businessmen.

He said those labeled as cronies were actually those who were successful.

“In truth, many get opportunities but don’t succeed. But because they don’t succeed, they are not seen as cronies. From every 100, maybe four or five succeed. They become famous and are labelled as cronies,” Mahathir said.

Anwar said he also shared Mahathir’s criticism of those who abuse the approved permits (APs) to import vehicles.

He said his reconciliation with Mahathir 20 years after their fallout was fated.

“Allah decided that two of us should come together to save Malaysia from abuse of power,” he said.

Anwar said despite not holding any post in the government, he was constantly in talks with Cabinet members.

“The spirit of comradeship is unique, the ministers even have good access to me,” he said.

“Mahathir has given them the green light to consult me if needed.”

Earlier in his speech, Anwar warned PH against corrupt practices, saying the r

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