Video: Teacher lines them up and slaps them. In China, of course.

Published on Mar 22, 2016

Shocking moment teacher lines up students and slaps them one by one because they didn’t do their homework On March 17 Ms Lan was filmed hitting the students in Jingyang, China She smacked each boy in the face while she lectured them over their error Other students looked on as the ninth grade students helplessly took a hit

A disturbing video has emerged from China showing a female teacher slapping her students for allegedly ’not doing their homework.’

Seven students lined up in a row in front of a blackboard as the teacher slapped them one by one, reports, and affiliation of the People’s Daily Online.

The disturbing footage was captured at a school in Jingyang County on March 17. After it was shared online, the teacher, identified by her surname Lan, was reportedly suspended.

In the video, the ninth grade students – all boys wearing a blue black and white uniform – line up next to each other as Ms Lan slowly walks past them up and down.

The boys stands in front of the blackboard as Ms Lan, wearing a red dress, hits them one by one whilst verbally disciplining them at the same time.

Other students remain in the classroom sitting at their desks as the boys are being assaulted.

In the 32-second long video Ms Lan hits three students in the face and she is reported to be saying as she does this: ‘What reason do you have for not finishing your homework? What is your excuse?’

According to Xianyang China Daily News, a school official called Hu Xiaozhang said: ‘The students did not do their homework, so the teacher hit them.’

Ms Lan has reportedly been teaching at the school for 22 years and has been described as an exemplary teacher.

Hu said the she was anxious that the students were not doing as well as they had the previous years.

She was angry that her students had not finished their homework on time. The seven students handed her a blank exercise book which made her even more angry, leading to the incident.

Speaking to reporters Ms Lan said: ‘There are just 60 days before the middle-school exam, and the students with this attitude makes me very anxious.’

She has admitted to hitting six of the students.

Even though she was trying to teach the students discipline and respect, some of their parents were not happy with her behaviour.

A parent, named as Mr Yan, said: ‘There are many ways to educate students, scolding the students is not necessarily the best way to get good results.’

After the video was posted online the Jingyang government responded and said that incident needed to be investigated immediately.

The County Board of Education said the students involved will be sent to hospital for medical examination, and the school will be held responsible.

Ms Lan was suspended to be made an example of, in the hope that this type of incident will not be happening again.

Teacher in China lines students up and slaps them one by one for not doing homework

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