Political analyst Kamarul Zaman Yusoff who was stared down by Dr Mahathir, resigns…

13 May 2018

Lecturer who received ‘death stare’ from Dr M resigns

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Political analyst Kamarul Zaman Yusoff, who became an internet sensation after receiving a “death stare” from Dr Mahathir Mohamad prior to becoming prime minister, has resigned as the director of Universiti Utara Malaysia’s (UUM) Institute for Malaysian Political Analysis (Mapan).

“I cannot deny that wherever I go, unknown people who recognise me as the ‘academic who (supposedly) wet himself in front of Mahathir during a Sinar Harian forum on March 22′ will tick me off,” he said in a Facebook posting today.

Kamarul said his name has also been associated with many critical writings against Harapan, which ended BN’s 61-year rule in the May 9 general election.

“(In light of this), to facilitate all quarters, I hereby voluntarily resign my position as the Mapan director of UUM, effective May 14, which is the first working day after the 14th general election,” he said.

Following the general election, Kamarul said he had received many queries about his position for being critical of Mahathir.

He added that other people in UUM had also begun to question him.

“I would like to apologise openly to everyone at UUM who were not comfortable because they think my critical actions against Mahathir and Harapan had affected the university’s reputation,” he said.

Kamarul stressed that the opinions he had expressed were his personal views.

He also denied being partisan to Najib, pointing out that he had on occasions also criticised the previous BN government.

Kamarul further denied that he failed to conduct any research during his tenure at Mapan.


23 March 2018


He who laughs last, laughs best!

They held a discussion on whether Mahathir was too old to be Prime Minister again and in walked the subject of their discussion. He sat right down in front of them in a front seat.


1mil views for ‘face looks like he downed mothballs when Dr M arrives’ clip

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A clip featuring political analyst Kamarul Zaman Yussof’s reaction before and after Dr Mahathir Mohamad gatecrashed the Sinar Harian forum in Shah Alam yesterday has garnered more than one million views.

The video showed how the Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) professor, who initially appeared to be confident and vociferous in his criticism of the former premier, purportedly squirming in his seat when Mahathir and his wife Dr Siti Hasmah Ali arrived and sat in the front row.

Kamarul Zaman was one of three panellists discussing if Mahathir, 93, is too old to be prime minister again.

In a Facebook posting this morning, the analyst denied that he felt intimidated by Mahathir’s presence.

The clip was posted on the Kelab Che Det Facebook page with the caption, “Tengok muka prof ni bila Dr M datang macam kena telan ubat gegat. Kah kah kah. Sebelum tu bukan main lagi kutuk Dr M kan…. (The professor’s face looks like he had swallowed moth balls when Dr M arrived. Prior to that, he did not hold back on his criticism of Dr M).”

The clip started with Kamarul stressing on mental health as an important factor for a prime minister candidate, arguing that cognitive abilities, including conceptual reasoning, memory as well as processing speed, decline with age.

He then proceeded to cite several examples with regard to Mahathir’s statements, which he claimed showed how the nonagenarian’s cognitive abilities had eroded.

When Mahathir arrived, the clip featured a caption at the bottom which pointed out that Kamarul remained seated while the rest stood up and asked if he was “terkejut (shocked)”.

The moderator then told Kamarul Zaman that he could interact directly with Mahathir and the latter could respond.

At this juncture, the professor, who appeared to be fidgeting in his seat, laughed and replied, “I am okay.” He then appeared to be at a loss for words, and a subsequent caption read, “Why the stuttering. Hahaha.”



I did not wet myself when Dr M turned up, analyst chides critics

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GE14 | Political analyst Kamarul Zaman Yusoff has hit back at those who claimed he was intimidated by Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who made an unexpected appearance at a forum in Shah Alam, where he was one of the panellists discussing if the former premier is too old to be the head of government again.

Kamarul Zaman claimed that it was Mahathir who should have been braver.

“There are widespread allegations on social media accompanied by photos which portrayed me as being meek by his side, as though I had peed myself in fear as soon as Mahathir arrived at the forum. This is untrue.

“Mahathir’s attempt to show his courage by challenging me to criticise him to his face on social media is amusing, because if he was really brave he should have answered Sinar Harian‘s invitation to be part of the forum from its onset as a panellist, not appear halfway…

“I had hoped for a question from the audience that would have allowed me to criticise Mahathir to his face; unfortunately, the opportunity for the audience to speak was closed in a manner that I was told was unfair,” he added in a Facebook posting this morning.



Ada forum bertajuk, “Adakah Tun M terlalu Tua untuk jadi PM?” Saya hadir. I’m here guys. Say it to my face.



‘Say it to my face’ – Dr M gatecrashes ‘too old to be PM’ forum

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GE14 | Dr Mahathir Mohamad gatecrashed a forum assessing whether he is too old to be prime minister at the age of 93.

The former prime minister received a standing ovation when he arrived midway into the Sinar Harian forum at the Karangkraf Complex in Shah Alam.

He was given a front row seat and an opportunity to address concerns about his physical and psychological health.

On Twitter, Mahathir wrote “There is a forum on whether Tun M is too old to be PM. I am present. I am here guys. Say it to my face.”

Before Mahathir arrived, panel member and political analyst Kamarul Zaman Yusoff had listed many reasons why the Pakatan Harapan chairperson was unfit to be PM again.

However, he seemed to soften his stance after Mahathir’s arrival.

“I just want to ask a simple question, Tun (Mahathir). You said in a 2016 speech that you did not want to be PM of the Opposition won in GE14. What made Tun suddenly change your mind?” he asked the former prime minister.

To which Mahathir replied that he had made the decision after Harapan component parties pushed him to it.


‘Not senile yet’

Addressing the crowd, Mahathir explained that he had always maintained an active and disciplined life, staying away from overeating or being sedentary.

“My age has had an effect, but if your lifestyle is good and you are lucky not to have any serious illnesses (then you are okay).

“It is wrong to assume because you are 93 years old, then you can’t run to be PM. I still can.

“In fact, many people can still think (well) even when they are 100 years old.

“As far as my health is concerned, saya belum nyanyuk lagi (I am not senile yet),” he said.

In response questions on his willingness to helm the country again, the Pakatan Harapan chairperson reiterated how he had been “forced” to run for PM because he was seen as best poised to lead the charge against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

“We all agreed (that we need to topple Najib) and since I have more experience in the administration as a former PM… they felt that I should lead,” he explained.

Mahathir was accompanied to the forum today by his wife of six decades, Dr Siti Hasmah Ali, who dismissed concerns about her husband’s health and offered her full support for her husband’s efforts.


12h12 hours ago

I wish i was there….RT Please. 😂😂



Dr Mahathir, a politician with scrotal gumption

The Malaysian Insight

LOVE him or loathe him, you have to hand it to Dr Mahathir Mohamad – he is not afraid of facing his critics.

Just today, as pundits and his critics discussed and debated his age and fitness to be prime minister again at 93, the former prime minister calmly walked in and sat in the front row.

The organisers were surprised. Sure, they did invite him but no confirmation came through that he would turn up to listen to the panellists made up of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) academic Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff, psychologist Dr Mat Saat Mohd Baki and fitness coach Kevin Zahri Abdul Ghaffar.

Even his wife, Dr Siti Hasmah Ali, came for the forum and sat next to him while listening to the surprised panellists.

“It is wrong to assume that just because you are 93 years old, you can’t do the job,” Dr Mahathir told the panellists today.

“Many people who live up to 100 can still think and use their brains,” he added. – March 22, 2018.


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  1. Doris Looi says:

    What on earth is death stare

    • weehingthong says:

      Death Stare
      A gaze, glare or glower that is meant to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. Originated from Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster, it is most often portrayed in an image of him with something other than cookies, making quite the angry face.
      One of the most common ways to preform the Death Stare is just shooting the glare at someone, but for the most effect, it’s best to turn your head S-L-O-W-L-Y and pair the glare with a very prominent exhale. Maybe even some harsh whispering.
      A common form of defense used by a Calum, a Vanessa or an Amber. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Death%20Stare

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